Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections

John of God, Casa Dom Inacio, spiritual healingSitting in Frutti’s in our familiar corner amongst now-familiar faces sipping a spicy chai latte, this is our final evening in Abadiania.  The time for reflection has come.  A Casa volunteer told us this morning that this past two weeks has been the busiest time EVER at Casa de Dom Inacio–thousands of people engaging the entity incorporated in Medium Joao daily.  I imagine that the people who came a decade ago, or have been coming for many years, could speak eloquently about the changes within the Casa system in their time.  I am only three years into this exploration; for me it is apparent that the Casa is more organized and streamlined in how the crowds are managed, and I see that the sessions last hours longer even so.

One of the first changes I noted was the intent of the Casa volunteers to keep the main meeting/waiting room quiet.  “Shhhhhhhh,” they would remind the crowds when chatter created a rising hum, “Silence is prayer.  Please.”  I liked that.  I found the silence to be a buoyant support into connection with the energies.  It was in this peaceful quiet that one of the entities made direct contact with me on the first morning. (see: A Blessing Shared)  A connection that transformed the experience for me.

With the direct communion with Dr. Augusto (who I later learned to be the entity that made contact,) the spiritual surgeries I underwent were exponentially more potent.  Throughout the post-surgery seclusions and during the times I meditated on the crystal beds, I felt “schooled” by Dr. Augusto as he made refinements in my energy field.  Much of what he showed and transmitted to me is beyond words to express; I did my best in previous articles.  What I can add here is that it took my personality to the edge of what I could easily integrate and stretched my beliefs to the point where sometimes my personality mind wondered if I might just be making it all up.  Faith and trust were the only stable support for expansion into the unknown, I found, as I traversed new territory in realms beyond my comfort zone…on all levels–physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

Yesterday, two things happened that took me right to the brink of where I could go and maintain a graceful acceptance.  First, during the crystal bed, Dr. Augusto directed me (He has quite an authoritative air for a non-physical entity :P) to see an MD after the forty day post-spiritual surgery integration period.  He told me to get a full physical work up.  Those of you who know me–even a little–know that I have eschewed doctors for decades, preferring to manage my own health choices through research and alternative solutions.  Still, he offered his help and I accepted it…so I agreed.

Then, I received a communication from someone who had a very strong and negative opinion about John of God.  Euphemistically, one might call him a skeptic.  He’d read my book, (Consumed by the Dragon–Recipes for Transformation,) and–while he thought my story was an interesting read–he had many disparaging things to say about John of God and what he was about.  As I read his words, I felt distress in my solar plexus.  I spent the rest of the day doing ho’oponopono periodically and wondering if I should respond or refute some of the obvious misunderstandings he opined…

This morning, we sat in the current room–four hours of riding the wave of energies to support Medium Joao and the entities.  Four hours of experiencing refined frequencies of love and light coursing through my being, illuminating and clarifying and assisting my personal spiritual journey in addition to welcoming my focused support for the entities’ work.  Four hours without a potty break or an opportunity to get up and stretch.  Intense and intentional bliss for four hours.  A long time for the personality, a timeless moment for the soul.  I felt immense gratitude for the many years I spent in Awakening the Lightbody seminars, meditating through the day.  It turns out all experience has a cumulative benefit, n’est-ce pas?  AND I received this blessing from Dr. Augusto regarding the skeptical missive I’d received:

Every perspective is valid.  Every person walks their own journey and must follow their own heart’s path.  Every path leads Home.

soul awakening, spiritual consciousnessThe current washed through me and the love filled me with understanding and I no longer felt any angst or need to embark on a discussion to defend or refute.  The freedom I felt lifted me into an even deeper faith and trust, and the struggle I’d been having with my own beliefs regarding the experiences I was having dissolved.

And now, here I sit.  The last evening on the last day before heading home to my “real world” where I will bring the energies and let them spread into the intentions and activities of my day-to-day life.  How I will be transformed by them is the mystery and the blessing and the adventure that I eagerly embrace.  Thank you, my friends, for coming with me on this journey of awakening and becoming.  Your interest and caring and support are more nourishing and nurturing to me than words can express.  Until the next time..

I love you.  Thank you.

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9 Replies to “Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections”

  1. Regarding your skeptic: I myself am a little wary of the path you’re treading right now. While I followed you head-long into Abraham-Hicks because it resonated deeply within me and I could see for myself the obvious good that philosophy did for you, the path you’re following now has me raising my eyebrows. I’m unsure and a little skeptical myself.

    Having said that however, I can calmly stand by and watch, knowing that this is either going to work for you splendidly or you’ll immerse yourself in the experience then cast it aside if it stops working for you; better off for having had the experience and gaining the knowledge.

    I think this skeptic is more reflecting of his own values rather than yours. I’ve found in this life that what we say, what we think, even what we see, is a mirror to who we are rather than what we are observing. I think you’ve chosen wisely to acknowledge and then release. We learn more and more how to do that as we age and grow, don’t we?

    I’m enjoying your reports immensely!

    1. Hi Andrea,
      Back in the 70’s when I was refusing to get vaccinations for my son and espousing a “whole foods” diet with little to no sugar in it as the best way to prevent illness, I was a walking, talking target for skeptics, too. I guess I just roll that way 😉

      That said, I have to chuckle when you write:
      “…knowing that this is either going to work for you splendidly or you’ll immerse yourself in the experience then cast it aside if it stops working for you; better off for having had the experience and gaining the knowledge. ”
      because that’s exactly what happened with Abraham-Hicks. Several years ago 😛 I wrote about the whys and wherefores in my second book, Consumed by the Dragon–Recipes for Transformation, if you are interested in knowing more of the details.

      One of the nuggets of wisdom I claimed from that experience is never encourage followers and always encourage people to listen to and attend their own “Inner Whisper.” If, by my writings and meditation recordings, I build bridges that spark that connection or inspire insights that enhance that connection, then my mission as a teacher is fulfilled 😀 In other words, I am on my own heart’s journey, listening to the whisper within as my teacher and encouraging others to do the same. That would be the kind of leadership interests me–someone who does that even better than I am able…until I learn it and go looking for another “room” to explore ; >)

      My next book will be about leadership “faerygodmother-style” so I thank you for prompting a response that helps further clarify my thoughts on the topic.
      ahnalira recently posted..Insights–John of God

  2. What an excellent experience and what profound insights you gained. You know, as I think on it, isn’t diving in, exploring, playing, using what we find and discarding the rest -and then moving on to the next adventure what we DO as humans to grow? Of course one can find a practice or a path or series of beliefs and settle in and if that feels right, then it is perfect–for them. You remind me to keep that beginner’s mind and to go and play with the energies and experiences and new friends this life has to offer. Why not? This trip will surely feed you on multiple levels for a long while. Thank you for sharing.

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