Care and Feeding of Dragons:

Confessions of a Diabetic

Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within

“I want readers to feel inspired and empowered to fully realize their own potential by reading about mine,” Koan says. “And I would like them to find tips (bread crumbs, if you will) that make it easier for them to find their path to fulfillment.”

Care and Feeding of Dragons
Care and Feeding of Dragons


“When I died,” Ahnalira Koan begins…a head-on automobile accident and a near-death experience that resulted in the onset of type 1 diabetes, her life took a turn she didn’t expect. Amid the struggles to assimilate her health changes, she found herself on a journey of awakening. Transforming her personal tragedy into opportunity, Ahnalira learned how to embrace her fear of the “dragon within” and make it into, not only a friend, but a teacher as well. All of us are evolving, and the more consciousness we can bring to the process, the more we can expand, explains Koan in her groundbreaking new book, BEYOND The Law of Attraction to Align Within…Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confessions of a Diabetic.

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Consumed by the Dragon:

Recipes for Transformation

Consumed By The Dragon, Recipes for Transformation by Ahnalira Koan
Consumed By The Dragon, Recipes for Transformation by Ahnalira Koan

Change is inevitable. Evolution is inevitable. Transformation occurs when change and evolution are developed consciously through creativity, intention, metaphor, and trust. “Recipes for transformation” is a metaphor for the process of applying conscious intention to life changes. Making life a conscious and creative process is a synonym for living a transformative life.

If the above statement rings true for you—if it resonates within you as meaningful—then this book may serve you well as a stepping stone on the path of your evolution. If you are interested in living the fullest and most fulfilling life possible, if you are drawn to the metaphor of dragons, if you are undergoing personal change and want to understand and make the changes have valuable meaning in your life, if you are on a spiritual quest to awaken the connection with Spirit and live a Spirit-filled life…if any of the above statements are true about you, then this book can be a resource and even, perhaps, a source of breadcrumbs on your “awakening path.”

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