Deeper into Dispenza System–Energy Centers

Dr. Joe Dispenza teaches a meditation/system of learning, healing, and evolving that begins with the physics fact: all form comes from energy as its source. This energy is a combination of electrical and magnetic frequencies that combine in a balance, creating form–bodies, things, circumstance. Dr. Joe states, “The electrical pulse sends the thought, and the magnetic frequency carries the emotion that magnetizes an experience.” Heady stuff, right? This statement defines the law of attraction very simply as: We are create what we are–what we think and feel…. not what we desire.

A powerful adjustment to the current new age teachings, right? If I am sick and want wellness, I won’t attract wellness while I feel sick… I’ve got to find feelings that are resonant with wellness to attract it. This concept holds true for all of the wishes we have for something different than what we experience to occur. The natural question that arises from this understanding is: How do I shift my thoughts and feelings so that I am attracting what I want? Good question. Let’s talk about that as it relates to energy centers first.

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Blew My Wig Back–Joe Dispenza retreat experience

unified field

This accounting is my personal truth. For me, the exploration into neuroscience, biochemistry, and quantum physics applied through meditation exercises led me into multidimensional territory and interdimensional encounters. Healing miracles. Some reading it, will find resonance in my experiences and revelations to enhances their own breadcrumb trails into these frontiers. Others will want more quantifiable evidence than a subjective accounting like mine before making the leap into belief. Either way, I hope all y’all enjoy the storytelling.

For the sake of brevity, I won’t go into long explanations of my ‘health journey.’ Some of you already follow along with my writings on the topic, and–for those of you who don’t and have questions–please feel free to post in the comments. I will do my best to clarify. The first part of this telling will be more like cliff notes than an in depth summary (Again, feel free to ask for clarification in the comments if you more to connect the dots.) In the second half–the part that includes my coherence healing–I will offer a deeper dive and an occasional ‘sidebar’ note to add context. If you want to stay just within the telling of the experience, you can skip the sidebars ; >)

OK, here we go….

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What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?

Spiritual healing, Abadiania, John of GodA couple of months ago, my husband was stung by multiple bees at the base of his brain and on his arms and feet.  He passed out and couldn’t move for several moments, then got himself into the house… his entire head looking like a giant hive (no pun intended :P).  I went to my pantry and pulled out my cannabinoid-acid tincture (anti-inflammatory), vitamin C (anti-oxidant), and proteolytic enzymes (to break down the venom in his blood.)  I dosed several grams of C, multiple handfuls of enzymes, and a full ounce of tincture over the course of an hour or so…. and watched as the his body returned to normal before my eyes.  What might have been even more relevant is that he had been doing a detox protocol that included negative ion foot baths and ozone therapy for six months before this incident occurred, lending him increased resilience to deal with an event that literally took his body down.

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Waving From The Wilderness

spiritual healing, medical intuitiveHere I am!  Been out in the wilderness finding my way back to Life for five months now.  Many indigenous cultures send their people out into the wild to survive or die as a spiritual practice.  The win, if they survive, is often a shift into a more expanded consciousness.  My tribe–composed of many multi-dimensional and elemental forms of life like dragons and faeries–follows the same practice, apparently…

The path into this wilderness quest was determined twenty five years ago in Egypt when I chose to drink the “local” water offered to me by our taxi driver.  Water infected with a parasite called schistosoma mansoni.  One might say, indeed, I actually walked out into the quest that day… and just didn’t recognize the path I chose until twenty five years later 😛 Continue reading “Waving From The Wilderness”

Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol

terpenes, medical cannabis, John of God, meditation, psychic surgery, spine injury, diabetes, ho'oponoponoHow do you know that a detox protocol is a good idea for you? When you have a health goal that seems stalled regardless of your effort, chances are the biochemistry of your body is compromised by environmental toxins, heavy metals, and/or pathogens.  If you have a chronic health condition that compromises your vitality, it’s likely your body needs help detoxifying the debris from daily metabolism.  If, like me with autoimmune hepatitis and autoimmune encephalitis, you find yourself in the midst of a health crisis…detoxification may be your lifejacket back to shore.

For me, the process of discovery led me through at least 50 hours of medical lectures and conferences to develop an understanding of how I could detoxify my severely compromised body safely.  This is what I learned…and am learning ; >) Continue reading “Ahnalira’s Detox Protocol”

Conscious Cannabis Cultivation Puts the “Medical” into Cannabis

medical cannabisMany refer to cannabis as their “medicine.” Do you?  If so, it’s important to assess the quality of cannabis you use for medicinal purposes.  The same people who have health conditions that benefit from medical cannabis are also the people who have a need for clean medicine–medicine that is free of environmental toxins like solvents, pesticides, and synthetic fertilizers.

Of course, it’s cheaper and easier to cultivate cannabis using synthetic chemicals.  Better profit margins and less expensive for consumers.  In a recreational market, that’s a choice people can assess for themselves.  In a medical cannabis world, however, the trade-off to go cheaper is a much higher cost to the (already compromised) health of the user.  And  that’s why it matters.  If you, like me, are among the group of people who call cannabis our medicine, it’s relevant that the medicine we put into our bodies–and the bodies of people and animals we love–fully support healing and health. Right? Continue reading “Conscious Cannabis Cultivation Puts the “Medical” into Cannabis”

CBD from Hemp or Cannabis–What’s the Difference?

CBD, medical cannabis, hempChemically, CBD is CBD is CBD.  Even if you call it by it’s scientific name, cannabidiol, it’s still the same chemically whether it comes from a hemp or cannabis.  But that’s where the “sameness” ends.  In other words, the plant source makes the difference that matters.

Let’s start with hemp.  Hemp is amazing.  It’s nutritious, can be used as a fiber for clothing or paper, is strong enough to build structures, and has the awesome ability to clean up toxic land by absorbing the toxicity up through the root system.  Indeed, it’s this awesome toxicity absorption ability that makes hemp CBD a potential risk.  Unless the hemp is carefully sourced, the potential for toxic chemicals and/or metals to be found along with CBD in the tincture or topical or edible is relatively high.  And that’s a concern for people using CBD for medical reasons who want clean medicine.  The first concern is aggravated by the reality that CBD grows in hemp in lower concentrations, requiring more hemp for the same amount of CBD produced in cannabis… increasing the risk of heavy metals or toxic chemicals finding their way into the medicine as well. Continue reading “CBD from Hemp or Cannabis–What’s the Difference?”

Cannabinoid-acid? What’s It Got To Do With Medical Cannabis?

medical cannabis, cananbinoid acid, cannabinoid-acidWho thinks–or thought until I asked the question–that cannabis grows THC and CBD?  Join the club…a lot of us familiar with the substance but unfamiliar with the science think, or thought, that.  It’s the logical assumption to make.  But it’s not accurate, and it matters when the topic is medical cannabis.  Cannabinoid-acids.  That’s the topic for scientific accuracy today.

It matters because medical cannabis is about the science–the ratios, if you will–of all the components in the plant and how to mix them for the most efficacious results.  So, let’s talk a little science, shall we?  The cannabis plant grows cannabinoid acids.  Cannabinoid acids are biochemically different than cannabinoids because of the acid attached to each molecule.  This acid stops the cannabinoid from fitting into the endocannabinoid system receptor sites.  This doesn’t mean that cannabinoid acids are lacking in therapeutic value.  Quite the opposite.  THC-A is proven to be twice as effective as an anti-inflammatory as corticosteroids are, and CBD-A, combined with CBD, is more effective for more types of epilepsy than CBD by itself.  These are just two well established actions; the research into cannabinoid acids continues to show promising results in additional areas like the treatment of psoriasis and other skin conditions and more. Continue reading “Cannabinoid-acid? What’s It Got To Do With Medical Cannabis?”

Which Cannabinoids Provide the Right Type of Relief?

medical cannabis, cannabinoidsNow that the endocannabinoid system is a proven science (click here to read more on this,) and you’ve assessed your own body’s health to determine that you can benefit from supporting your body with phyto-cannabinoids, the next topic to cover is which cannabinoids offer relief for which conditions… and in what ratios.

Yep, it’s a hefty topic.  Let’s break it down into understandable chunks that we can further investigate at deeper levels in following articles.  So, the first level to explore are general truths about which health conditions are proven to be supported by phyto-cannabinoids.  Let’s get started. Continue reading “Which Cannabinoids Provide the Right Type of Relief?”

Endocannabinoid Tone, Medical Cannabis, and Nutrition

medical cannabis, cannabinoids, endocannabinoid toneDr Ethan Russo, known for his ground-breaking work using medical cannabis with patients suffering from AIDS, Cancer, and Krohn’s Disease, posits that disease is the result of poor endocannabinoid tone.  I covered this topic generally in the article Assess the Health of Your Endocannabinoid System, and today we’ll dig a little deeper into the nutrition component of Endocannabinoid Tone as well as the role nutrition plays in the phyto-cannabinoid support medical cannabis offers.

The endocannabinoid system is pervasive throughout the body, both on the outer and inner membranes of every cell, and functions in all tissues and systems throughout the body.  Indeed, recent research suggests that even the microbiome in our guts is responsive to the signaling of cannabinoids. Continue reading “Endocannabinoid Tone, Medical Cannabis, and Nutrition”