Medical Cannabis For Pets? Yep.

medical cannabis“Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system.”  When I first started looking into using medical cannabis for myself, that’s what the research said.  It wasn’t until I’d achieved such remarkable results using medical cannabis for my intractable pain that I started to notice my four-legged family members in their own discomfort and wanted to bring them relief, too.  This article is their story.

I started with my 17 year old hound, Jebadiah.  In 2012, when Jebbie was 12 years old (and had already lived what most would call a full dog’s life,) he got in a fight with a brown bear…and lost.  He dragged himself home, and it took several months before he could stand on his hind end–and, even then, it was both back legs working as one.  It was no wonder to us that, as he aged, his back end was a source of pain and decreasing mobility for him.  He had also developed glaucoma–his eyes were clouded over, and he moved like he couldn’t see very well, if at all.  When I started to give him an infused-oil medical cannabis tincture, it was primarily–I thought–to give him relief in his last days… Continue reading “Medical Cannabis For Pets? Yep.”

Life’s Mission–John of God

awakeningDo you ever ask yourself, “What is my life’s mission?”  A worthy question in my humble opinion.

I ask myself on a regular basis.  Sometimes, the answer seems very concrete–actionable, if you will.  And, sometimes, it is etheric–seemingly abstract and intangible in the day-to-day of living. I asked myself again today.

I am recently returned from Abadiania, Brazil where I spent the week with John of God.  Undergoing a spiritual surgery, I am in the middle of the forty day integration period.  As my guide from this trip, Vinicius Turki (see Trips To John of God) reminded me, the “work” is done after the spiritual intervention–during this forty day cycle where my choices determine how much of the entity’s transmission is able to integrate into my being. Continue reading “Life’s Mission–John of God”

Changeless Perfection–How Life Works

spirituality, Mystery, meditation, shamanismHow cool would that be?  Infinite bliss–heaven on earth, right?  All good things in all ways throughout all time. I know that’s what I thought I was aspiring toward thirty some years ago when I was first introduced to the idea that I could create the experiences I wanted by focusing my mind to think the “right” thoughts.

And I was diligent.  Dedicated.  I wrote affirmations daily.  I studied and researched the new age thought movement with passion.  I visualized.  I practiced care with the words I chose to speak.  I even wrote my graduate thesis on how perception influences experience.  I was a bona fide expert on the topic…but it didn’t stop my car (with me in it) from being rear-ended on an icy freeway that resulted in a head-on collision with a concrete wall the same week I submitted that thesis.  All of those affirmations and all of that research didn’t stop me from developing a head injury and type 1 diabetes because of that car crash.

Still, that accident didn’t change my belief that–if I could alter circumstances with the power of my mind–I could live in a state of well-being and happiness that would create changeless perfection.  Rather, my beliefs led me down a path of thinking I must have created the accident.  That’s the other side of the logic in believing that I can create heaven on earth with my thoughts.  And the belief that I created bad things happening to me while I was trying to create good things…well, that belief led me through years of attempting to figure out how to align myself with all good things even as I lived with sucky things (aka type 1 diabetes) and felt powerless to change them (aka type 1 diabetes.) Continue reading “Changeless Perfection–How Life Works”

Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe

awakening, teaching, teacher, teach by exampleLet’s talk science for a moment.  Proven fact: every emotion solicits hormones and neurotransmitters to evoke a host of chemical actions.  The blood fills with these “chemical feelings” and every cell in the body “reads” the chemical message to determine their course of action.

Of course, the cells cannot extrapolate one kind of fear from another.  The chemicals don’t tell them whether a predatory animal is attacking or whether there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover the mortgage payment.  The message is the same.  On the level of biochemical interaction, so is the response in the body.

And it’s a good response.  It’s kept our species alive through the ages.  It’s an appropriate response to a life-threatening situation.  However, when anxiety/fear becomes an emotional norm–when angst of one form or another is the steady stream of chemicals flowing through our blood to direct cellular activity–then our bodies never get the opportunity to restore and regenerate.  Never feel safe to take care of their needs.  Inevitably, dis-ease results. Continue reading “Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe”

Emerging Awakened

john of god, spiritual awakening
All I Am embodies love and lives the multi-dimensional experience.

Deep and quiet.  That’s what I am.  While the world around me shops and bakes and prepares to celebrate, I go deep and quiet.  Solstice approaches, and I abide.

I am coming to an end.  The “me” that you’ve known for as long as you’ve known me… is coming to an end. This isn’t the first time I’ve changed characters in a movie.  Not the first time my orientation from one moment to the next blinked into a new paradigm and transformed my “being” in the world.  I spent two years living on the streets of Chicago and Toronto as a teen and returned to society reshaped.  I lived through death in a head-on car collision and found myself back in this world reconfigured.  I’ve survived more than a few health crises…and been transformed through them

It is the first time, though, that I am doing it softly–consciously–as one in the awakening process who chooses to claim “awakened.”

I am stepping out of old roles like old clothes.  Feeling the loss of each memory in every well-worn item, yet recognizing the need to let go.  Indeed, it’s been a year-long purge of my closet–layer by layer, my most recent identity stripped away.  If I am to walk naked for awhile, so be it.

The shift so many of us anticipated in 2013 is coming for me now.  I feel it.  It is only days or breaths away.  And I go deep and quiet in preparation.

Continue reading “Emerging Awakened”

Saturday Morning in Abadiania–John of God

Abadiania-Day5-001Where to start?  How about: Bless this day 😀

Yesterday was the final day of the Casa series for the week.  Alan was just coming out from his seclusion from a spiritual intervention so we did crystal beds (“banhos de cristal”) in the morning and joined the Current (“Corrente”) room to meditate during the afternoon session.  The crystal bed for me was a blissed trance state lasting for forty minutes.  No words–just deeply relaxed in a total sense of well-being.  Sweet, right?

The Current room was potent for both Alan and myself…a continuation, I intuit, of our spiritual interventions. Continue reading “Saturday Morning in Abadiania–John of God”

Abadiania, Day 3 of Trip 7–John of God

John of God, spirtual awakeningDay two disappeared into post-spiritual intervention seclusion.  Let me tell you about it, shall I?

The Casa was overflowing yesterday (Wednesday) morning, all of us eager and excited in the already very warm October day.  John of God invites people who feel the call to come in for a spiritual intervention now without having to stand before him and receive a directive…though, of course, this is still an option.  It’s all about following the inner voice of guidance. I was in the revision line, and when they called for people in my line to volunteer for a spiritual intervention, I felt the call 😀

My requests for this spiritual intervention were:

  • to embody love and live the miracle
  • to heal damages done to spine and spinal cord through injuries and surgeries
  • to heal autoimmune conditions, type 1 diabetes and hashimoto’s

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BLAU_N~1I found her in the closet.  Wedged back into the corner, knees pulled against her chest, she hid her eyes behind small hands.  Hoping, perhaps, that I would not see her if she could not see me.  It was an old closet–dusty and filled with long forgotten things stored for long forgotten reasons.

There she was.

I clambered over and around boxes to get to her.  I squeezed into the small space beside her and gathered her into my arms, holding her head close to my beating heart.  “I found you,” I whispered.

“I think my heart is broken,” she mumbled into my sweater, “It hurts.”

I rocked her gently.  “It’s ok,” I soothed, “I found you.  I’m here.  It’s ok.”

For a timeless long time, we sat together rocking.  Then, she turned her big, sad eyes to mine, “Am I safe now?”

And I answered, “We’ll stay here–together–until you know you are.”


Where does your vulnerable, small self hide?  Have you searched yet?  Continue reading “Found–Awakening”

Shedding Skins–Awakening

Casa Dom Inacio, John of God, spiritual awakeningI don’t know where to start.  I’m not sure where the beginning is.  We change by increments until–at some point–change changes us…and we are transformed.  And transformation no longer recognizes the path of its creation.  Is that what happened to me?

Shedding Skins.  That’s what I thought I was doing.  I thought, like a snake, I was simply outgrowing my skin…sloughing it away through different stages of my life so that new skin could emerge.  As a child, I watched garden snakes lie quietly as their bodies made small, rippling motions that pushed the old skin away.  I wondered if it was painful (I think it was.)  And I was mesmerized by the brilliance of their new, fresh scales emerging.  I watched them slither away when done, and I collected the discarded skins…I was fascinated by shedding skins! Continue reading “Shedding Skins–Awakening”

Solstice Renewal–Awakening

awakening, evolutionFor many, this day goes by in a flurry of shopping lists and gift wrapping.  For many, this day means nothing more than a marker for a how many days are left before the more celebrated holiday of Christmas arrives.

For me, Solstice is the main event.

Please don’t misunderstand–I honor and respect the traditions of all religions.  I do my best to understand the underpinnings of their meanings and ceremonies.  I do my best to open myself to the gifts of all spiritual practices…  My heart, though, belongs to Solstice because–for me–I find the renewal of Spirit most evident in nature.

When I want to hear the whisper of wisdom from the Source of all life, I go into nature and listen.  Continue reading “Solstice Renewal–Awakening”