Life’s Mission–John of God

awakeningDo you ever ask yourself, “What is my life’s mission?”  A worthy question in my humble opinion.

I ask myself on a regular basis.  Sometimes, the answer seems very concrete–actionable, if you will.  And, sometimes, it is etheric–seemingly abstract and intangible in the day-to-day of living. I asked myself again today.

I am recently returned from Abadiania, Brazil where I spent the week with John of God.  Undergoing a spiritual surgery, I am in the middle of the forty day integration period.  As my guide from this trip, Vinicius Turki (see Trips To John of God) reminded me, the “work” is done after the spiritual intervention–during this forty day cycle where my choices determine how much of the entity’s transmission is able to integrate into my being. Continue reading “Life’s Mission–John of God”

Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing

loving our bodies, healing, leadership, creative process, awakeningMy new theme for all the writing here is: Come live in the rainbow with me, friends, and become the full spectrum light you are.  And, as usual, it’s through my personal journey of becoming that I gather these words to share.

To catch everyone up:

I traveled to Casa de Dom Inacio seven times over the course of four years. When I made my prayer requests for the healing of physical conditions (type 1 diabetes, spinal injuries, and hepatitis C) before every spiritual intervention, I didn’t fully understand that what I would receive from the entities there would be emotional and spiritual healings (see: Reflections from John of God) rather than the immediate release from physical imbalances.  OK…so that’s not exactly true–hepatitis C went into remission after the second visit, and my insulin requirements went down by half over the course of all the visits.  It was, however, during the next to last visit to the Casa, when the entity, Dr. Augusto, told me to get lab work done (see: Final Day of Trip 6) that I began my journey of healing the physical body. Continue reading “Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing”

Reflections–John of God

John of God, spiritual healing, spiritual intervention, Abadiania
Crystals mined from the lode underneath Casa de Dom Inacio and blessed by the entities

It’s that time… the last day of our spiritual adventure with John of God and Casa de Dom Inacio.  Here we sit, in Frutti’s, sipping our cool drinks on a “96 degrees in the shade” day and letting the culmination of the journey integrate.

Yesterday morning, I went to the Casa de Dom Inacio prepared to stand in the line that would allow me the opportunity to thank John of God and the entity as well as hear from the entity what my next steps would be.  I thought I knew all of the possibilities that could happen…but I was surprised.  Medium Joao, incorporating Dr. Augusto, came into the front meeting room (where we wait for our line to be called) to do several physical interventions.  After he finished, he talked to several people (in Portuguese so I don’t have a clue what was said…just that one of the people he engaged was in tears by the time they were done)  Then he looked at me and spoke to the volunteer next to me.  The volunteer came directly to me and guided me into the group waiting for a spiritual intervention. Continue reading “Reflections–John of God”

Abadiania Update–John of God

John of God, meditation, spiritual healingIt’s Tuesday, and we have been here one week.  Today, I complete the spiritual intervention process that began last Wednesday morning.  That’s right–even though the seclusion ended after twenty four hours, the intervention continues for a full week.  Then, on the seventh night (tonight,) I will make a prayer before going to sleep–in a white nightie–and the entity will complete the process.  In the morning, I’ll drink a glass of the blessed water that will have been “charged” by the entity during the night.

Tomorrow I would typically go through the Revision line–eight days after spiritual intervention or first day returning to Casa de Dom Inacio.  In the revision line, we go before John of God to determine if there is anything further needed to complete the spiritual intervention from the past week.  However, these days folks in the revision line are given the option of volunteering for another spiritual intervention… guess what I’m going to do? Continue reading “Abadiania Update–John of God”

A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God

John of GodSundays are quiet in Abadiania.  Many leave after the last session on Friday or Saturday to catch their flight back to where ever in the world they reside.  Locals, brought in large tour buses during the week, are long gone as well after the Friday afternoon session ends.  Abadiania, in other words, is a sleepy village on Sunday…and Sunday is a great day to go to the Sacred Waterfall 😉

Located “down the dirt road” from the Casa de Dom Inacio, the Sacred Waterfall is known for spontaneous healings that occur under its very, very cold current–a place where entities like to “chill” and offer assistance to those of us that get permission from John of God to make the trek. Continue reading “A Sacred Waterfall Day in Abadiania–John of God”

Saturday Morning in Abadiania–John of God

Abadiania-Day5-001Where to start?  How about: Bless this day 😀

Yesterday was the final day of the Casa series for the week.  Alan was just coming out from his seclusion from a spiritual intervention so we did crystal beds (“banhos de cristal”) in the morning and joined the Current (“Corrente”) room to meditate during the afternoon session.  The crystal bed for me was a blissed trance state lasting for forty minutes.  No words–just deeply relaxed in a total sense of well-being.  Sweet, right?

The Current room was potent for both Alan and myself…a continuation, I intuit, of our spiritual interventions. Continue reading “Saturday Morning in Abadiania–John of God”

Abadiania, Day 3 of Trip 7–John of God

John of God, spirtual awakeningDay two disappeared into post-spiritual intervention seclusion.  Let me tell you about it, shall I?

The Casa was overflowing yesterday (Wednesday) morning, all of us eager and excited in the already very warm October day.  John of God invites people who feel the call to come in for a spiritual intervention now without having to stand before him and receive a directive…though, of course, this is still an option.  It’s all about following the inner voice of guidance. I was in the revision line, and when they called for people in my line to volunteer for a spiritual intervention, I felt the call 😀

My requests for this spiritual intervention were:

  • to embody love and live the miracle
  • to heal damages done to spine and spinal cord through injuries and surgeries
  • to heal autoimmune conditions, type 1 diabetes and hashimoto’s

Continue reading “Abadiania, Day 3 of Trip 7–John of God”

Abadiania! First Day of Trip Seven–John of God

John of God, Casa Dom Ignacio, spiritual healing, diabetes
Meditation garden at the Casa

Life got us to Abadiania safe and sound.  Tired and perhaps a little ragged around the edges after twenty-four hours of travel…safe and sound, though, nonetheless.

My blood sugars started dropping on the flight from Miami to Brasilia, and–by the time–we touched ground and climbed into the taxi for the hour and half drive to Abadiania–I was eating Lara bars non stop and could not get my blood sugar over 57.  This isn’t a new experience in Abadiania.  I’m just a little more prepared this time and started dropping insulin dosages right away.

Besides the dry, clear blue day, what made the biggest impression upon us as we drove through the Brazilian landscape is the amount of growth and building that is happening. Continue reading “Abadiania! First Day of Trip Seven–John of God”

Preparing For Pilgramage 7 To Visit John Of God

awakening, transformation, individuationIt’s been nine months since our last trip to Abadiania, Brazil.  A full gestation period.  As those who have been following my journey with John of God know–six visits I in the course of three years–our last trip was accentuated by a direct communion with one of the entities who works through Medium Joao, Dr. Augusto. (see: John of God Reflections)  His final instruction to me before leaving Abadiania was to get myself a full physical workup with lab work upon returning home.

And I did, discovering I was on the verge of a Myxedema Coma–a life threatening condition caused by severe hypothyroidism aka my thyroid had died two years previously during an emergency surgery. (see: Still Alive and Kicking)  Instead of “curing” me,  Dr. Augusto set me on a path of healing far more holographic than a simple physical cure…though, at the time, I didn’t understand that. Continue reading “Preparing For Pilgramage 7 To Visit John Of God”

Shedding Skins–Awakening

Casa Dom Inacio, John of God, spiritual awakeningI don’t know where to start.  I’m not sure where the beginning is.  We change by increments until–at some point–change changes us…and we are transformed.  And transformation no longer recognizes the path of its creation.  Is that what happened to me?

Shedding Skins.  That’s what I thought I was doing.  I thought, like a snake, I was simply outgrowing my skin…sloughing it away through different stages of my life so that new skin could emerge.  As a child, I watched garden snakes lie quietly as their bodies made small, rippling motions that pushed the old skin away.  I wondered if it was painful (I think it was.)  And I was mesmerized by the brilliance of their new, fresh scales emerging.  I watched them slither away when done, and I collected the discarded skins…I was fascinated by shedding skins! Continue reading “Shedding Skins–Awakening”