Teach By Example–Awakening

awakening, teaching, teacher, teach by exampleIt’s a natural impulse to share what we learn.  The inspired excitement of a new insight expands to connect–to reach out and teach. Like the effervescence of boiling water, new understanding bubbles and rises and pops and transforms.  If we could see the energy that comes through us in the moment of a new realization, I believe we would see the shifts like steam rising from the roiling water, mingling with the steam of each other’s new awareness.

If we could see this, would it impact how we communicate?  Would we be less focused on the sharing of our own wisdom and more interested in absorbing the wisdom of those around us?  Would our focus shift more to experiencing the resonance between our insights and less on the wisdom of our personal insight? Continue reading “Teach By Example–Awakening”

Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections

John of God, Casa Dom Inacio, spiritual healingSitting in Frutti’s in our familiar corner amongst now-familiar faces sipping a spicy chai latte, this is our final evening in Abadiania.  The time for reflection has come.  A Casa volunteer told us this morning that this past two weeks has been the busiest time EVER at Casa de Dom Inacio–thousands of people engaging the entity incorporated in Medium Joao daily.  I imagine that the people who came a decade ago, or have been coming for many years, could speak eloquently about the changes within the Casa system in their time.  I am only three years into this exploration; for me it is apparent that the Casa is more organized and streamlined in how the crowds are managed, and I see that the sessions last hours longer even so.

One of the first changes I noted was the intent of the Casa volunteers to keep the main meeting/waiting room quiet.  “Shhhhhhhh,” they would remind the crowds when chatter created a rising hum, “Silence is prayer.  Please.”  I liked that.  I found the silence to be a buoyant support into connection with the energies.  It was in this peaceful quiet that one of the entities made direct contact with me on the first morning. (see: A Blessing Shared)  A connection that transformed the experience for me. Continue reading “Final Day of Trip Six–John of God Reflections”

Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God

soul awakening, spiritual consciousnessI underwent my first spiritual surgery of this  trip yesterday afternoon.  One would think (Well, at least I would) that I could expect a certain pattern to the spiritual surgeries after ten of them.  It wasn’t a surprise when the Casa volunteer invited people from the 2nd time line to volunteer for a spiritual surgery.  Certainly, we’ve seen that happen a few times before this.  Alan and I considered and decided that, since it was our first day back to see John of God after a year’s absence, we wanted to go before Medium Joao and the entity to received a more specific direction.  What was unusual for me was that–right after we opted to wait–I felt the presence of an entity touch my mind.

“What does that feel like?” you may wonder.  It feels like love.  Conscious and aware and gentle like a soft breeze.  Some say they can tell which entity is which and know who is engaging them.  Not me.  I don’t mind, though.  Love is love is love, right?

I felt the touch, and I heard, “Would you like my support?  I can help you.”

“Yes!” My response was immediate and whole-hearted.

And then it began.  In retrospect, my spiritual surgery experience started right there and then in the front hall/meeting room. Continue reading “Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God”

A Spider’s Story – How Life Works

art, weaving worlds, spider, teacher withinBy my art desk, there is a window.  Six months ago, I noticed a large spider
weaving her web on the other side of the pane.  Day by day, she built a
net across the window as I wove colors into fabric a few feet away.  I developed a fondness for her; a sense of kinship as we created in silent harmony together.  A pane of glass maintained our clear boundary as we wove side by side – each in our own world.  After a rain, I exalted with her on a good ‘catch’ day and cheered for her as she succeeded in stashing a large ‘spider’ wealth of small flying creatures in her web.

Several months passed of our weaving camaraderie when she surprised me with a baby – one itsy bitsy identical reproduction of herself. Continue reading “A Spider’s Story – How Life Works”

Nature – The Infallible Teacher

Nature, learning, teacher, law of attractionLearning is the skill with which we are born.  From the moment (and perhaps even before) of first consciousness, we are gathering and integrating information.  Early on, our minds begin to formulate questions and seek answers.  It is a continual process, from figuring out how to take that first breath and throughout every experience of life.  And so, by association, do we have teachers all throughout our lives.  Whether by default or intention, there is always someone or some experience adding to the information we integrate to evolve.

Think about this:  In whatever circumstance we find ourselves engaging or whomever we find ourselves associating, the type of teacher/teaching  is defined. Continue reading “Nature – The Infallible Teacher”