Solstice Renewal–Awakening

awakening, evolutionFor many, this day goes by in a flurry of shopping lists and gift wrapping.  For many, this day means nothing more than a marker for a how many days are left before the more celebrated holiday of Christmas arrives.

For me, Solstice is the main event.

Please don’t misunderstand–I honor and respect the traditions of all religions.  I do my best to understand the underpinnings of their meanings and ceremonies.  I do my best to open myself to the gifts of all spiritual practices…  My heart, though, belongs to Solstice because–for me–I find the renewal of Spirit most evident in nature.

When I want to hear the whisper of wisdom from the Source of all life, I go into nature and listen.  When I want to settle myself and find calm in the agitation my personality mind can sometimes engage like a hamster wheel… I go into nature to reclaim stillness.  When my heart is heavy and despairs of the human condition, I go into nature and am uplifted by the cooperation and collaboration of the wildlife there.  When I feel an absence of love in my heart, nature always fills my love cup until it spills over into my thoughts and actions.

In harmony with Earth and Her cycles is where I connect with that which is called God.  Which I am inclined to call the Will to Good.

And so, today is Solstice.  Today is  the shortest day of the year, and that may be all you find if you search the term on Google.  However, for me, Solstice is about faith: the faith of the bird who sings for the dawn while it is still dark.  The faith of community who comes together to share their stores of food, trusting the return of warmer and longer days to grow a new harvest.  Solstice is about trust.

Today,  I will share the blessings of what my orchard provided into the wild forest to help sustain nature.  I will count the many blessings that came to me through the previous year, both through the expansion of learning and the bestowal of beneficence.  Today, I will let die and release that which no longer serves the Will to Good through me and sit in the stillness of winter while the new seeds of awakening await the warmth of Spring’s sunlight to germinate.

Spiritual awakening, John of GodThe space of stillness is sacred.  Silence is prayer, and faith is the blanket that warms us through the dark, cold days of winter.  Winter.  Sacred for its opportunity to rest in the stillness of silence and prayer.  I abide in the currents of nature’s cycle, awakening through Her renewal.

Happy Solstice, my brothers and sisters in life.

Thank you.  I love you.

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