What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?

Spiritual healing, Abadiania, John of GodA couple of months ago, my husband was stung by multiple bees at the base of his brain and on his arms and feet.  He passed out and couldn’t move for several moments, then got himself into the house… his entire head looking like a giant hive (no pun intended :P).  I went to my pantry and pulled out my cannabinoid-acid tincture (anti-inflammatory), vitamin C (anti-oxidant), and proteolytic enzymes (to break down the venom in his blood.)  I dosed several grams of C, multiple handfuls of enzymes, and a full ounce of tincture over the course of an hour or so…. and watched as the his body returned to normal before my eyes.  What might have been even more relevant is that he had been doing a detox protocol that included negative ion foot baths and ozone therapy for six months before this incident occurred, lending him increased resilience to deal with an event that literally took his body down.

Without a pantry chock full of quality supplements and a protocol that supports his body’s resilience, this would have been a life/death emergency room experience.  I count my lucky stars.  Right?

AND I am even more convinced that we can empower ourselves to greater levels of resilience and vitality through conscientious attention to supporting the innate intelligence of the body to heal.  To that intention, I’d like to share how I stock my healthcare pantry in the hope that I can support your health journey as well…

First, the key to vitality is voltage.  Yep, our bodies–it turns out–are considered alive or dead based on voltage.  Voltage translates into pH; the higher the pH, the more voltage is running  through the cells and tissues of the body.  Indeed, for the cells of the body to function, they must have a voltage of negative 20 to 25 millivolts…aka 7.35–7.45 pH.  In addition, in order for any cell to replicate and replace old cells, the millivolts must be negative 50… or 8.35 pH.  The first item for a healthcare pantry: pH test strips or pH meter so you can test your voltage.

The more processed foods, sugar, meat, alcohol, carbs in general we eat, and/or  the more chronically unwell we feel, the more acidic the pH is.  Test your pH.  For most of us, the next question will be “How do I get my pH more alkaline?”  Here’s a list:

  • Exercise.  Muscles are battery packs.  The more we exercise them, even moderately, the higher our body’s voltage.
  • Eat vegetables–way more vegetables.  They are alkalizing.
  • Eat less animal protein (Protein, in general, is acidic and animal protein is the most concentrated form) and eliminate sugars and processed foods.
  • Use some form of micro-current therapy regularly.  For me, that’s the negative ion foot bath that puts a low current of negative ions through the feet, reconstituting the negative charge of the cells.

medical cannabis, cannabinoidsThe next “must have” component to my healthcare pantry is high CBD medical cannabis tinctures.  Not only might the cannabinoid-acid formula save a husband’s life on occasion, the cannabinoid tinctures promote homeostasis throughout the systems of the body and generally support emotional balance, decreased pain, and systemic homeostasis of hormones and immune system.  Foundational, imho.

In addition to high quality (and by that I mean organic, non gmo) food sources, supplements that are free of fillers, dyes and other chemicals give the body all of the building blocks to make good use of that cell-repairing voltage.  I won’t attempt to make a general list  for anyone without a personal consultation–everyone’s needs are different.  I can promise you, though, that today’s commercial food sources are grown in deficient soils–even when grown organically–so you may as well give your body what she or he needs to thrive, right?  You may not need all of them ALL the time, but it could be a lifesaver to have them available when you do.

My final “staple” for my “healthcare pantry” is ozone therapy.  There is deep science from Germany, Russia, Japan, and Cuba proving that the application of ozone increases oxygen bioavailability, stimulates stem cell regeneration, glutathione production, and immune system efficacy…  all foundational in supporting a healthy function across all systems.  A Godsend for many with debilitating conditions that allopathic medicine is unable to effectively treat, ozone therapy is also an excellent “pre-conditioning” tool to increase resilience and the body’s ability to recover from trauma.  Just ask my husband.

medical cannabisThis is my healthcare pantry.  I realize this is a general overview, and that each item deserves it’s own article, if not book ; >)  I trust that you will post questions if you have them, and I would love to read about what’s in your healthcare pantry to some new tips.  In the comment section below, please.

Thank you.  I love you.

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11 Replies to “What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?”

    1. Well… you are pretty cute in that photo, Alan!
      But overall that bee sting situation was really frightening. I’m so glad Ahnalira has a well-stocked pantry of health care needs!

    2. This is a picture taken in Abadiania right after you underwent a spiritual intervention at the Casa… it is the closest image to what your head looked like after the bee stings that I could find 😛 I guess the bees and the entities produce a similar result ; >)

  1. Hi, When i am searching on Google about health care,I reached your site. I love your article! Your article is very helpful for me. Keep it up! and thanks for sharing.

  2. Great! This article is very helpful. You’re right when you say processed food can give us unwell feeling, and in having a bad eating habit, it may cause diseases. So, when I read this article, I gain knowledge on how to have a good eating habit.

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