About AhnyaLi

AhnyaLi is like a tree; she grows deep, deep roots through experience while spreading her curiosity and interest high into the light.  She practices reaching for the stars and grounds deep into Earth at the same time.

Her path of awakening started early.  And she learned through the contrast of trauma how to make everything an opportunity for learning and evolution.  She’s been there and knows the way back. Her naturally psychic nature is especially tuned to issues of health and solutions aligned in balancing the spirit, mind and body.

From a Street-kid to a practicing Jungian Psychotherapist to a Meditation Teacher, a Web and App Developer, a Business Consultant, an Artist and Author as well as a Horse Chiropractor, she weaves her Life in an ever-evolving pattern of living and sharing techniques for fulfillment and success.  Creativity flows and follows focus.  “This,” she says, “Is the magnetic power of the law of attraction.”

“Wisdom comes from listening,” she adds,  “Listen.  The answer is available as soon as the question is clear.”  Knowing how to listen and weave the meaning into inspired action – that is the magic.  AhnyaLi lives where magic is real.

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  1. Hey Anhalira, i am posting a reply today to ask a question in regards to one of your posts on Kyra’s website? Do you believe in Abraham Hicks? Your post was one of great insight into the lives of Esther and Jerry, and at the same time, was quite discomforting to me.
    I have been wrestling with whether or not their teachings are valid for years now. I have read all about how they are “scam artists” and just using this knowledge to make money and deprive innocent people. However, part of me cant deny the validity of Abraham’s teachings. They talk about love, admitting where you are and being able to move up from that, living a life of joy and happiness where you prosper as well as those around you prosper. It is those types of teachings that drew me in to begin with. I have had major successes with these teachings, as well as some major failures. So, from your personal knowledge, and in your humble opinion, is Abraham, what Esther channels, real? I am in desperate need of some answers. So please, whenever you get this, if its not to much trouble, email me back?



  2. Elliot,
    Your question about Abraham Hicks intrigued me, and I wanted to reply.. I’m not sure what the email reply from Ahnalira said, but I believe the information that Abraham Hicks, and thousands of others are providing has always been and always will be available. For example, Hicks, was not the first to talk about the law of attraction. In the early 1900s Dr. Ernest Holmes, Christian Larson, Charles Haanel many others wrote about it. They referred to other writings from centuries before, and in some cases thousands of years prior (Upanishads).
    Different people hear things in different ways. Some feel better if it is from trance channelers, some want it from gurus, others from websites. It is not the messenger, but the message that is important.
    You said, you are desperate to know if Hicks is real. Perhaps the question might be: does this information further my personal and spiritual growth? Information is everywhere, but what is your personal experience using it? Take what works for you and leave the rest, and know your path is guided from within.

    1. Happy day, Larry
      Thanks for taking the time to participate here πŸ˜€

      Indeed, the Teacher Within always lets us know what rings best and true for our own evolution. Personal experience always guides us true, doesn’t it? I heard someone say the other day, “Your best teacher is your last mistake.” Ding, ding, ding! πŸ˜‰
      Blessings on your day,
      ahnalira recently posted..Consumed By The Dragon – Awakening

  3. Ahnalira, it is said that there are no coincidences, if true, I found your website at the right time. Thank you for sharing your experience while working for the Hicks. I found myself being drawn more and more into their “philosophy” in spite of all the “but why” questions in my mind, and in my gut. I bought their books, and told myself to “find a happy thought” in even the most trying of circumstance, because after all I was “creating my own reality” right?
    Your explanation of what is going on pulled the blinders from my eyes, and I am disappointed in myself that I did not pay attention to my normal discernment. I thought I had a built-in shit detector, but I’m just as vulnerable as all the cult followers that have come before me.
    Thank you, I feel as though a weight has been lifted, and I’m free to be me again.

    1. Happy day, Philamena
      I did much the same for many years, and I do understand wondering, “Why did I unplug my ability to discern?” It’s funny, isn’t it, what catches us and reels us in?

      It’s been 3 years for me now since I came up for air and decided to stay on land. No regrets. Sometimes I’ll read a quote on Facebook and think, “That’s nice.” I know better now, though, than to attempt to disconnect or cover up my authentic experience. It is my true “teacher.”

      I am happy to hear that sharing my experience supports your awakening, too πŸ˜€
      Blessings on your day,
      ahnalira recently posted..Ocean of Emotions – Awakening

    2. Hi
      I went into abe while I was in a very difficult situation in life and felt that I was falling , so abe was my guidance in a stupid way for about 3-4 weeks almost a full month I was into watching abe but a voice in me always said hold up but why cant we do what we want ??? why do I always have to shift vibrations why cant I get up and walk away from that job that person that relationship why do I have to stay there and suffer …why ? why ?why ?

      so I started research and found out in a day that abe is truly using us at our worst moments and to further mu research I joined the abe hicks forum I didn’t comment much I just read through but one little thread about a person being treated badly came up and my advice was do not stay there for them to treat you that way but instead move and find better people , this was not taken well by other posters as they said I had not found joy lol and that I had to work from there on the vibration .. pardon but I was pretty happy myself and my life is AWESOMEAMAZINGLY EPIC I meet the best people I run in the best circle my life is filled with fun fun fun and all sorts of good and interesting experiences but that is actually teaching me what I want and like and what I should put my foot down and say no to lol which abe doesn’t promote sadly .

      NOTE ;- this is not to bash her she can teach whatever and people can follow whatever peace and power to all but I feel if I am going to move forward in life and have fun truly I need to listen to me .

      I cut all abe stuff out today and even deleted my profile on that bull forum . I feel the emotions I want and don’t have to become a robot for a good life .

      1. Catherine, thanks for your comments.

        I understand. It’s an interesting dichotomy, isn’t it, to listen to a teaching that says to trust your feelings…but then tells you which feelings are appropriate to feel?
        I appreciate your ability to discern that very subtle nuance…it took me many years to figure that one out πŸ˜›

        I agree, too, that the law of attraction exists… just not as means to control reality. Just as I respect gravity but don’t attempt to manipulate gravity to make my experiences happen the way I want, I respect the understanding that everything vibrates and–in vibrating–evokes a response from other vibrations. I just don’t attempt to control it with my personality to manipulate outcomes. Law of attraction, right? It’s a great understanding.

        Best wishes on your amazing life journey πŸ˜€
        ahnalira recently posted..Leading Through Resonance–Creative Leadership

  4. Ahnalira, thanks for your website. Can you please address a question that I’ve never seen explained clearly.
    The Law of Attraction…O.K. I understand that we can create circumstances by the quality of our ‘vibrations’ but how do we explain the horrific cruelty to innocent animals and children who are not creating these abuses by their
    trusting thoughts.
    I’ve never seen a satisfying answer to this troubling question.
    Esther Hicks seems not to deal with this question.

    Thank you, hope you recover from the low thyroid condition with the
    right treatment.

    1. Happy day, Philomena,
      I am happy to share my experience with what “law of attraction” is.

      I would say, first of all, that–while I used to believe that I created circumstances by the quality of my vibration–my understanding has evolved…

      I believe that the “teachings of Abraham” are focused inaccurately on “creating the world we want to experience.” Rather, what life teaches me is that Life happens, and the power of consciously altering our vibration is in our response to the happening. In other words, horrific cruelty, as well as inexplicable tragedies, are not created in the powerful mind of an innocent child, but they do happen to innocent children.

      No child–or adult for that matter–makes bad things happen to them because of how they are vibrating. That is a misunderstanding of how the law of attraction works, in my opinion. Yes, the law of attraction describes the very real power of resonance, and by consciously choosing to bring our vibrations to a resonance with well being, we are far more adept at dealing with the shifting sands of change and events that are inexplicably tragic and are part of the free will in life–and by resonating with the vibration of well being, we are more inclined to interpret events in harmony with the vibration of wellbeing…but that isn’t the same thing as altering the events and circumstances themselves. See how that is?

      Make sense?
      ahnalira recently posted..Leading Through Resonance–Creative Leadership

  5. Hola Ahnalira, thank you for responding so quickly!
    I’ve read and re-read your explanation, however I still have some difficulty understanding the ‘science’ or concept of creating circumstances.
    Would it be possible for you to give some examples, I’m more of a ‘hands on’ learner, and your personal graphic illustration would resonate more with my right-brained grasp of the answer to the question.
    Sorry for being so tiresome, I’ve just recently liberated myself mentally
    from the Abraham-Hicks ‘cult’, but their influence is endemic throughout the ‘New Age’ teachings, simply put I just want to understand
    the power of mind over matter.
    Your recent diagnosis of an almost nonexistent thyroid, due to an accident
    in another body part was very interesting, and your explanation of the
    John of God advice is puzzling too. You’d think he could heal something as non-life threatening as a low thyroid, but you seem satisfied with the
    Sorry for rambling on, I do appreciate your patience with us seekers of truth.
    I was given three books written by an American woman called Annalee Skarin who claims to have made her ‘transition’ without dying bodily.
    Hard to know what to believe, but being a sceptic closes off the mind, however being too open-minded could make your brains fall out!
    Regards, Philomena.

    1. Happy day, Philomena,
      What I am saying is that there is no science of creating circumstances–that the idea that we can is a misunderstanding of the truth about the law of attraction. I further believe that the idea of “creating circumstances” only appeals until we realize that controlling circumstances is a desire that limits our ability to fully experience and love what our life is, ever changing…and actually prevents us from developing our full potential of response-ability.

      To give you a concrete example: I believe that Hurricane Sandy was a phenomenon manifest through so many variables that no person–child or adult–called/created the experience for themselves. It was (and still is for some) a devastating tragedy, right? Nobody living through that ordeal deserved to be asked why they created that in their lives. What they deserved was to be helped through it. “Why” it happened was really a moot point for the people living through it. That said, “how” they dealt with living through the ordeal was VERY relevant and, I believe, ultimately defined the quality of their experience as well as what they learned from living through it. This is my concrete example πŸ˜‰

      The question you ask regarding why the entities didn’t just heal my thyroid rather than sending me into the world of allopathic medicine is one I also asked myself. On the other side of it, I understand the value of that choice: I carried within myself judgments toward medical technology that prevented me from loving the people involved in allopathic medicine. These judgments held a place in my being that didn’t allow love to flow through me. I learned, by having to deal with doctors and tests and medications to not only love the people involved, but to also respect them. I learned to love myself, perfectly imperfect as I am, by learning to love all that I Am–even when some of who I am isn’t healed…just treated. I received a far more powerful healing than I would have if I had just “been healed.” See how that is?
      Ahnalira–doing my best with you to keep all my brains tidily in my head πŸ˜‰
      ahnalira recently posted..Teach By Example–Awakening

  6. Ahnalira, thanks for giving me clarity on my incessant questions!

    Your answers definitely resonate with my thinking/feeling, and make more sense spiritually, bad things happen to good people, and that’s a fact.
    How we deal with the circumstance is what counts.

    Looking for a cure for a thyroid problem through Naturopathic means,
    led my spouse on a dead-end frustrating, expensive journey, it was a
    regular G.P. who didn’t “specialize” in this symptom, but was able to see the whole picture, that got him back on the road to good health again.
    Gracias. Philomena.

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