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John of God, Dr Augusto, Casa de Dom Inacio, spiritual healingToday is the seventh day since the spiritual surgery I experienced last Wednesday.  It has been a profoundly deep week into the exploration of healing for me.  For the first time in all of the spiritual surgeries I’ve undergone, I felt “post-surgical.”  I was reminded of the days right after spinal surgery when my one goal was to be able to get up and walk the halls of the hospital.  I was not as weak this week as I was right after the spinal surgery, but I did ask Alan to wheel me in the wheel chair often, walking for very short periods then resting when I felt my vitality deflate.

During the daily crystal bed, Dr. Augusto came available for interaction.  He did energetic adjustments and reassured me of the over all success of the intervention even though I was experiencing physical symptoms that felt more like dis-ease than ease.  During one conversation, he gave me this insight:

Healing is vibrational–causal.  Being cured is the elimination of symptoms.  One can be cured without being healed; that is a short-term solution.  One can be healed and not cured.  This is a spiritual solution.  To experience the benefits of both being healed and being cured, focus on being healed.  Bless the symptoms as part of the healing.  In the blessing, healing becomes the cure.

As well during this post “surgical” time were many trance dreams–dreams that were beyond the scope of dreaming and touched upon multi-dimensional spaces and places.  Dr. Augusto was present there, too, helping me sort through and understand the energetic meaning of the places and spaces I explored while my body slept.  I cannot yet articulate the understanding I got from these adventures except to say, “There is much happening in the ethers around our physical awareness, and it is important to maintain a clear intention in the changing currents.  We are–all of us–in the midst of many diverse energies, and our thoughts and feelings and actions are quite vibrationally magnetic in these shifting currents.”  For me, as usual, the practice of ho’oponopono (see: I Walk the Line of Ho’oponopono ) helps clarify and be attentive to a clear field of vibration.

Tonight, I will receive the final energetic healing to “remove the stitches” of the last week’s spiritual surgery.  Tomorrow, I will return to the Casa and John of God to discover what happens next.  It is an adventure that continually brings me deeper into alignment with All I Am.  I feel very blessed by the opportunity and appreciate very much your interest.

Thank you.  I love you.

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  1. If you have other resources or references that may help people heal through Ho’oponopono and Huna, please leave a link in the comment section for us to all access and, thus, from which we can continue to heal and grow.

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