Changeless Perfection–How Life Works

spirituality, Mystery, meditation, shamanismHow cool would that be?  Infinite bliss–heaven on earth, right?  All good things in all ways throughout all time. I know that’s what I thought I was aspiring toward thirty some years ago when I was first introduced to the idea that I could create the experiences I wanted by focusing my mind to think the “right” thoughts.

And I was diligent.  Dedicated.  I wrote affirmations daily.  I studied and researched the new age thought movement with passion.  I visualized.  I practiced care with the words I chose to speak.  I even wrote my graduate thesis on how perception influences experience.  I was a bona fide expert on the topic…but it didn’t stop my car (with me in it) from being rear-ended on an icy freeway that resulted in a head-on collision with a concrete wall the same week I submitted that thesis.  All of those affirmations and all of that research didn’t stop me from developing a head injury and type 1 diabetes because of that car crash.

Still, that accident didn’t change my belief that–if I could alter circumstances with the power of my mind–I could live in a state of well-being and happiness that would create changeless perfection.  Rather, my beliefs led me down a path of thinking I must have created the accident.  That’s the other side of the logic in believing that I can create heaven on earth with my thoughts.  And the belief that I created bad things happening to me while I was trying to create good things…well, that belief led me through years of attempting to figure out how to align myself with all good things even as I lived with sucky things (aka type 1 diabetes) and felt powerless to change them (aka type 1 diabetes.) Continue reading “Changeless Perfection–How Life Works”

Tell Me What You Want–How Life Works

spiritual healing, meditation
Tell me what you want.

It’s been a few months since I put fingers to keyboard in the hope of communicating something fresh–something to inspire and activate your sense of wonder and wellbeing.  I just reread my last article (Emerging Awakened) and–it’s true–I come new and “naked” and open.  So, tell me what you want.

I am listening.  These days, that’s most of what I “do.”  I listen.  To thoughts, to words, to the sound of silence, to the brilliance of others…  And–in the listening–somewhere in the vastness that is MIND, dots connect into lines that become answers and understanding.  From both directions.  And the shapes–or blocks of thought and feeling–that emerge are woven into the weft of All I Am.

I would love to listen to you and discover where it leads.  Tell me what you want.  These days, that’s how my life works. Continue reading “Tell Me What You Want–How Life Works”

Pondering Leadership – How Life Works

awakening, avatar, worship, leadershipI was offered a complimentary astrology reading recently.  I have a variety of feelings about astrology:  On the one hand, it makes sense to me that the configuration of planets at the moment of my emergence into physical form would somehow reflect a vibratory resonance to the nature of my own personality quirks.  On the other, I don’t understand how planetary formation can open the book into foretelling my future…or my past, for that matter.  In this regard, I give full trust only to my own sense of “truth” and “rightness” of any conjecture made by the passing of planets through my “orbit.” But, hey, a free reading…I’m willing to give my time for the possibility of an opening into new insights and deepening understandings.

So, I listened, and it was all very entertaining.  Who doesn’t love a block of time just about themselves?  I know, right?  Like finding out that I have, not only the same birthday as Edgar Cayce, but also the same rising sign and moon in the same sign as him.  I don’t really know what it means, but it’s pretty cool, right? There was one area, though–and that’s really what this article is about–that engaged my mind to a new level of reflection.  Continue reading “Pondering Leadership – How Life Works”

Welcome Change – It’s How Life Works

awakening, change, how life worksOne way or another, change happens.  Change, as some philosophers say, is the only constant  I don’t know about you… but with 59 years on the planet, I’m still coming to terms with this.

Let go and let God.  Easy for someone else to say about my Life.  I’m the one with the vested interest, and the uncertainty that — by the very nature of change has to accompany it — tends to make me a little nervous.  OK, nervous is a euphemism.  Anxious.  Change makes me anxious.  There I said it. The changes I like are the changes in which I am control.  Like changing what I eat for breakfast.  That’s a change I can embrace easily because the “unknown” factors are manageable to the part of my mind that craves predictability.

However, evolution requires change.  Continue reading “Welcome Change – It’s How Life Works”

Creativity as Prayer – Law of Attraction

prayer, creative nature, creativityIn our culture, people comment, “He’s a creative type”.  As though it’s an attribute like intellectual or witty.  I have come to the conclusion that to be alive is to be creative.  From the moment conscious awareness begins, we are translating the world around us, interpreting experience and birthing ideas to explore through our senses.  To live, in other words, is to create.  Instead of classifying a person as a type who is creative, I am more inclined to say, “This is a person who is in touch with their creative nature.”

Creative nature.  What is that?

I envision the creative nature as the conduit between Source and personality.  Creative nature facilitates the communion and flow of Source’s inspired awareness.  Creative nature opens the mind and heart to new possibilities and nurtures receptivity.  When the conduit of creative nature flourishes, the personality basks in the joy of each moment as each moment brings insight and curiosity and interest and delight to the experience at hand.  Creative nature encourages us to reach and explore and discover.  When the conduit is connected and open to the flow of Source.

The conduit of creative nature flows in both directions. Continue reading “Creativity as Prayer – Law of Attraction”

Stars In Our Own Movie – how life works with law of attraction

law of attraction, ho'oponoponoRecently, when asked by a friend why a particular relationship ended, I answered, “They were making their own movie, and I was making mine.  At a certain point, it just became really clear that the role in which I was cast in their movie was out of alignment with the roles I play in my own.”

And that got me thinking.

We really are the stars of our own movies.  We are the main character that drives the story.  And as we engage the world around us, we are directors, writers, and casters of other players and their roles.  We film the movie as we interpret the events and relationships and situations in which we find ourselves.

For a minute, my mind was boggled as I attempted to stretch this idea across the expanse of my experience. Continue reading “Stars In Our Own Movie – how life works with law of attraction”

Memories – Law of Attraction in Action

law of attraction, visualization, creative power, memoryThink about it.  How much of our lives do we spend in the realm of memories?  Chatting with friends or ruminating privately.  Exploring with therapists the painful memories that stop us in our tracks when they surface or floating gently in recollections of laughter and love.  If we are truly forthright with ourselves, I bet we’d discover the vast majority of thoughts and feelings we have are either about the past or referencing/comparing to the past.

Interestingly, the part of the mind that visualizes and ruminates can’t distinguish between the timeline of past, present, and future.  It’s been proven through study after study. Continue reading “Memories – Law of Attraction in Action”

Secrets And Conscious Awareness – How Life Works

conscious awareness, openness, spiritual awakeningMost of us keep a few.  We call it our right to privacy or nobody else’s business.  We tell ourselves it’s too complex for other’s to understand; perhaps we fear the judgement that accompanies the lack of understanding.  Most of us believe we are successful at keeping some aspect of our experience a secret.  It’s the nature of the belief that we are all separate, distinct and engaged only through the five senses of our physicality, that lends power to the idea that we can keep secrets.

The good news is: this belief is as accurate as the belief that the world is flat is accurate.  The bad news is for the secret-keepers: in the subtle realms of emotion and thought, we are all connected; secrets are impossible. Continue reading “Secrets And Conscious Awareness – How Life Works”

Optimism Is A Choice

optimism, solution, spiritual practice
Everything changes

We live in  fast-paced and changing times.  It is
easy to get lost in fear of the unknown or feelings of being overwhelmed because things move so fast and something is always shifting.  The path into anxious thoughts is well-worn by most of us, so much so that we’re down that road before we realize we have a choice.

But we do.  We can train our minds towards optimism the same way we train ourselves to ride a bike or learn a new language or develop a new eating regime – with intention and practice.  I find that, the more I can maintain a positive and optimistic demeanor, the easier it is for me to find my way through every day feeling good about who I am and what I do regardless of the circumstances or conditions around in my life.

I believe we are – each of us – in any given moment either
part of the problem or part of the solution. Continue reading “Optimism Is A Choice”

A Spider’s Story – How Life Works

art, weaving worlds, spider, teacher withinBy my art desk, there is a window.  Six months ago, I noticed a large spider
weaving her web on the other side of the pane.  Day by day, she built a
net across the window as I wove colors into fabric a few feet away.  I developed a fondness for her; a sense of kinship as we created in silent harmony together.  A pane of glass maintained our clear boundary as we wove side by side – each in our own world.  After a rain, I exalted with her on a good ‘catch’ day and cheered for her as she succeeded in stashing a large ‘spider’ wealth of small flying creatures in her web.

Several months passed of our weaving camaraderie when she surprised me with a baby – one itsy bitsy identical reproduction of herself. Continue reading “A Spider’s Story – How Life Works”