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This complete set of 2 meditations provides the techniques to align and integrate our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies into a harmony that promotes vitality and well-being as well as opening pathways for inspired Guidance and healing. Each meditation enhances the use of the other. The first guided meditation, Refresh and Renew, teaches the technique; and the second guided meditation, Flow and Align, applies it. Both of them can be used while awake as a meditation practice or while falling asleep to enhance lucid dreaming and self-hypnotic suggestion. The set includes:

Refresh and Renew
Ancient Hawaiian Kahunas used a technique called Ho’oponopono to keep themselves open to a clear flow of love between themselves and others. In this guided meditation, easy to follow relaxation techniques open awareness to the subtle energy body. The guided meditation teaches the powerful techniques of ho’oponopono to refresh and renew the emotional and mental fields into vibrations of acceptance, freedom, and love. Whether you are learning to meditate or are experienced in the art of meditation, Refresh and Renew is a valuable guided meditation that enhances well-being and expanded ability to love.

Flow and Align
Building upon the concepts of the first guided meditation, Refresh and Renew, this meditation continues the exploration into the subtle energy fields. Enhancing awareness of the subtle energy body and the ability to maintain a clear and open emotional/mental body, Flow and Align opens the way for the more refined energies of light and love to influence the mental, emotional, and physical bodies. This guided meditation develops and evolves our ability to access Guidance and restore alignment and well-being among the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Flow and Align is an excellent tool for both healing unresolved patterns and expanding conscious awareness.

In addition, the App has several advanced features:
•Use this meditation as a wake-up alarm, to start the day aligned into the wellbeing of an open and relaxed state.
•This guided meditation can also be used when falling asleep; it facilitate lucid dreaming and insights upon awakening.
•The Align Within guided meditation also includes a Notes Journal to write down immediate insights upon completion of the guided meditation or awakening.
•You can put the meditation into repeat or loop mode, so you can listen to it over and over again.

Ahnalira’s training as a Meditation Teacher with Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer ensures a high quality guided meditation; her instructions are easy to follow, and the quality of her voice enhances relaxation. This App contains both meditations of the Align Within series.

This app will download two 30MB mp3 files to your Android device when it is first opened. We recommend that you have an SD Card for this reason.

*If you would like to purchase the digital MP3 version for $2.99 ; please contact us by emailing .

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  1. Happy First day of winter;-)
    Good morning! ‘Something’ brought me your material, and reading through your experiences I can agree, there’s a certain lack of ‘love’ in the teachings of Abe.. And it’s never talked about either. Humm. For me I need this element, and I need it reinforced at times. I recently picked up the book-The Power, exactly what I needed along the path of LOA. So much to say, thank you for your input on Abraham. It really helps:) They have brought my consciousness to an unknown level over the years and for that I’m extremely thankful for. But I think I’ll jump off the train and see what else will float my boat. I see you have a few apps. Where I a good place to begin? For a while I was movin an groovin on the Abe guided breathing med’s… And believe the structured breathing excerizes to be pivotal.. Do you offer something similar?? Please let me know as I’m excited about another magic carpet ride!

    1. Happy day, Jayzer,
      The page you are on is exactly the App I would recommend as a great place to begin. All of the meditations use breath, but this set builds its foundation on weaving and expanding conscious awareness into our subtle energy fields through the awareness of breath and the pulsing flow of blood through the body. The first meditation of the set, Refresh and Renew, teaches the technique. The second meditation, Flow and Align, applies.

      The Meditations of Awakening set has a slightly different focus to build conscious awareness and alignment throughout the personality. The fourth meditation in that series, Weave Wings, applies that conscious alignment to ride the grid of light that permeates all Life, opening to the ability to create in the subtle energies.

      Enjoy the adventure.. and, if you feel moved to, come back and let me know how it works for you:)
      Best regards,

  2. Hi Ahnalira!

    I wanted to share with you this review that I put up on Amazon related to your wonderful guided meditation set APP. As with all of your products it was of the highest quality and so well thought out and put together! I am so glad that I tried them and I will continue to work with them to gain deeper and deeper clarity into myself and others. I so appreciate YOU and what you do. All the best, Alex
    While I am a very spiritual person, as a child I was taught to pray prayers and simply missed the boat about meditation. It is very difficult for me to sit quiet and not have my brain run on and on. As part of my commitment to find greater spirituality and inner peace in stressful times I thought I would give a guided meditation a try. I have read Ms. Koan’s book Care and Feeding of Dragons: Confession of a Diabetic: Beyond Law of Attraction to Align Within and found it to be so helpful for me in shifting the way I view things, that I was very happy to find that Ahnalira also did guided meditations with a focus of helping the meditator to release old hurts and patterns and gain more peace.

    This is exactly what I was looking for and so I set about finding quiet time to listen to the meditations. They were indeed amazing! Ahnalira Koan has a wonderful voice and energy for guiding the listener into a state of restful peace and openness. She speaks of things that are understandable to all, and because you can understand what she is saying and explaining at each stage of the game, you trust her and you trust the process of release, finding deeper levels of relaxation and release than ever before possible.

    I am so very happy that I have been blessed to experience her meditations and reap the benefits of them. I highly recommend them to anyone who wants to gain a more profound sense of peace and gratitude in their lives and I will continue to use them to deepen my own sense of peace and spirituality.
    alex recently posted..A Fork in the Road…Taking the road less traveled.

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