Stars In Our Own Movie – how life works with law of attraction

law of attraction, ho'oponoponoRecently, when asked by a friend why a particular relationship ended, I answered, “They were making their own movie, and I was making mine.  At a certain point, it just became really clear that the role in which I was cast in their movie was out of alignment with the roles I play in my own.”

And that got me thinking.

We really are the stars of our own movies.  We are the main character that drives the story.  And as we engage the world around us, we are directors, writers, and casters of other players and their roles.  We film the movie as we interpret the events and relationships and situations in which we find ourselves.

For a minute, my mind was boggled as I attempted to stretch this idea across the expanse of my experience. Continue reading “Stars In Our Own Movie – how life works with law of attraction”

Abadiania, I’m On My Way – John of God

John of God, spirtual healing, awakening, healingIt’s less than three weeks now until I head for the highlands of Brazil and another immersion into The Casa de Dom Ignacio where John of God translates the healing energies of multiple entities.  This will be my third visit this year, and I am eager!

In the first two visits, I was blessed with profound spiritual experiences that helped me shift and open to healing on many levels.  On the physical level (where the low hanging fruit is one Casa guide told us), the injuries to my spine – both from two fractured vertebrae and a high speed car accident many years ago – show the most significant difference as I note from each trip, the nerve pain is less and less and my general flexibility in movement is more and more. Continue reading “Abadiania, I’m On My Way – John of God”

Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?

law of attraction, field of awareness, ho oponoponoEver since my first visit to John of God in February, 2011, I’ve made ho oponopono a practice to clear the energy of attachments holding me stuck in counter-productive patterns.  At first, I found myself going Within multiples times during every day to release feelings and judgements and projections as well as dissolve projections and judgments held against me in currents of light and love.  My strong desire to be a vessel open to the flow of love through me inspired me to practice and keep practicing until – whatever situation or relationship had me in loop of hard thoughts and feelings – disappeared, leaving only a current of love and appreciation.

As you might imagine, I practiced a lot!  And I saw results. Continue reading “Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?”

John of God Vlog – Day 8; The Energies Build

Today at dinner, I heard people speaking German at one table and French at another.  A person went by on a bicycle speaking with an English accent.  Abadiania became an international hub overnight it seems.  Buses are bringing in groups of people as the moon builds to full, and the hum that is always in the air in Abadiania plays as a backdrop now to the voices that fill the town.

John of God, Abadiania, Casa Dom Ignacio, psychic healingTomorrow begins another cycle in The Casa with John of God.  We will sit in the Current room and meditate through the first session.  I’ve done this once before and experienced a series of unusual sensations along my spine.  I read and hear from others that the Entities are present and often do healings during the meditation.  I am willing.  I am also willing to support the healing of others as they engage with John of God and the Entities.  I am willing.

I love you.  Thank you.

John of God Vlog – Arrival in Abadiania

9000+ miles in in just under 17 hours; It’s a miracle of modern technology. We’re here! The 1.5 drive from the airport in Brasilia to Abadiania is a quiet time. Neither Alan or I have much to say after our red-eye flight so watch the Brazilian world go by in silence. Alan, I think, is sleeping with his eyes open. I am reflecting on the last time we drove this route and eagerly anticipating each marker along the road that I remember.

12 days we are here, and I am excited on so many levels: Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Arrival in Abadiania”

John of God For the Second Time

John of God, healing, health and wellbeing, AbadianiaOne week from today, we are heading back to Brazil for a 12 day immersion into the healing energies of The Casa.  Our first trip was in February of this year, just four months ago..  and I have been eager to return almost since we arrived home.  We stayed only for a week the first time, and this time we arranged for the full 12 days recommended by most Casa guides.  This will allow us two cycles of the John of God experience.

I was changed forever by our first experience: Continue reading “John of God For the Second Time”

Beyond Law of Attraction

law of attraction, ho oponopono, awakening, happinessLong before the term Law of Attraction made its way into Google searches, the idea of using positive focus to influence outcomes was gaining interest.  I wrote my thesis (so many years ago it seems like another life time) on the influence of perceptual bias as it relates to the results of a person’s goals.  I found study after study after study that proved visualizing success had as much impact – if not more – than practicing for success in sports.  I found reported ‘medical miracles’ that had in common with each other one significant factor – a positive faith/knowing on the part of the miracle’s recipient.

Long before the term Law of Attraction came into play, the law itself was evidenced and documented. Continue reading “Beyond Law of Attraction”

Make Peace with the Past to Change the Future – Forgive

Awakening, relationships, forgiveness, love, hooponopono, law of attraction“What’s done is done.”  That’s what my momma told me.  As a child, it was a concept bigger than my young mind could hold.  Now, with decades of experiences behind me I understand.

There are words spoken in anger, and meant only to express distress, that can never be erased.  They were said; and, reaching their target, linger long after the outburst.  There are actions taken – to get even – that create more animosity rather than settling any score.  There are the choices made that cause pain to others.  There are those of us bearing the scars of someone else’s choices that cause us to speak and act in hurtful ways.

The list is endless, and the cycle can repeat forever.

For many years, I sat in a rocker and listened to individuals and couples and families describe past pains and the way they felt stuck in the repetitiion of hurting.  I listened, and I watched as these patterns became the defining points of their personalities and character.  Over time, I realized that the clients who spent the most time reliving and thinking about the harm done them in the past took the longest to find solutions in their present circumstance.  And the people less inclined to delve and analyze were the easiest to help focus into the changes they desired.

They embody my mother’s early teaching: “What’s done is done.” Continue reading “Make Peace with the Past to Change the Future – Forgive”