In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignmentThere is an Hawai’ian practice called Ho’oponopono. Its premise is absolute 100% personal responsibility. If I observe it, I am responsible for it. If I experience it, I am responsible for it. If you are upset with me, I am responsible for it. If I feel love for you, I am responsible for it. If I am upset by something someone does – whether to me or another – I am responsible for it. Absolute responsibility. In the purest form of Ho’oponopono, the only relationship that is real is the relationship with Self, and the only solution is to dissolve the resistant thoughts and feelings that inhibit love.

As well, there is a current idea based on mathematical probabilities that the slightest action by anyone impacts everything. A butterfly fluttering in one area of the world creates winds in another. An act of violence in Africa impacts the quality of relationships in China. A gesture of kindness ripples through the stratus and touches many more souls than the person being helped. And every action everywhere is influencing something somewhere. Continue reading “In the Midst of a Ripple – Ho’oponopono and The Wings of a Butterfly”

Now – It’s Where Law of Attraction Happens

It’s true. I’m a hippie, tried and true, from ‘the day’. I read Be Here Now and carried it alaw of attraction, ho'oponopono, spiritual awakeninground like my bible for years. I got that – if I could immerse myself fully in the present moment, moment to moment – I’d be enlightened… I just couldn’t ‘get’ how to translate the concept into my experience.

Recently, I’ve come to understand that it was my idea of what “NOW” is that was flawed. I thought “NOW” was my moment to moment experience. Now, I realize that the present moment is actually the state of my thoughts and feelings… what I am experiencing is the result of the thoughts and feelings in my past. Continue reading “Now – It’s Where Law of Attraction Happens”

Sanctuary for the Divine – Physical Well-being Re-defiined

self esteem, physical well being, law of attraction, ho'oponoponoOur bodies are sanctuaries for the Divine. I read that yesterday, and it stopped my mind in its tracks.
┬áThat’s a good thing.

I’ve tended to think of my body and other peoples’ bodies, as I believe most of us do, in terms of function and size and shape; measuring always how it could do better, look better, feel better. For most of my Life experience, how I measured myself to this criteria determined my sense of esteem and confidence on this playground called Earth.

My body is a sanctuary for the Divine. Continue reading “Sanctuary for the Divine – Physical Well-being Re-defiined”