Beyond Law of Attraction

law of attraction, ho oponopono, awakening, happinessLong before the term Law of Attraction made its way into Google searches, the idea of using positive focus to influence outcomes was gaining interest.  I wrote my thesis (so many years ago it seems like another life time) on the influence of perceptual bias as it relates to the results of a person’s goals.  I found study after study after study that proved visualizing success had as much impact – if not more – than practicing for success in sports.  I found reported ‘medical miracles’ that had in common with each other one significant factor – a positive faith/knowing on the part of the miracle’s recipient.

Long before the term Law of Attraction came into play, the law itself was evidenced and documented.

And then came the movement….  with me in the center of the pack…  following a teaching that made success sound as magical as Tinkerbell’s ability to fly:  Get happy.  Think happy thoughts.  If a topic disturbs the flow of pixie dust, leave it alone.  Continually turn the attention to a happier idea until we can get ourselves spinning in our vortex of happiness.  Within that vortex, we are magnetically attracting all of the events and circumstances and relationships that match feeling happy.  The simplicity of it attracted me!

Then I went to see John of God in Brazil, and I realized that simply turning away from an uncomfortable pattern and towards a happier thought did not shift the dissonance within; those energies remained in the background as a subtext in my Being and continued to influence my Life from behind the scenes.  In other words, they continued as part of the mix in my vibration, effecting my experience – albeit less consciously.

For me, the question became:  How can I spin in a happy vortex AND bring the loving light into these dissonant patterns that allows them to release and align with a conscious intent of integrated Well-Being?

hooponopono, law of attraction, happinessStanding in the question, gave me the insight to grasp the flaw in my understanding of the laws of attraction and the teachings I embraced.  As the teacher said, “Words don’t teach.  Experience teaches.”  And experience taught me that the true pixie dust in the power of happy thoughts is in bringing all aspects of Self into the light of love and appreciation.

I started using Ho oponopono (see Ho oponopono Made Simple) whenever I discovered a pocket of unease within myself.  I found the process to give me a sense of Grace, and the abiding peace within as a result led me into a richer, more vibrant happiness. 

Happiness, I discovered, found in abiding Grace has a depth and stability that spins a finely tuned vortex.  And a finely tuned vortex is a potent point of attraction.  The power of bringing consciousness and integration to all the aspects I Am awakened in me the answer to my question:

The process of acknowledging and integrating all aspects of who we are into an Awakened Self fosters a pervasive happiness that sustains its spin independent of the process.  The willingness to claim the subtexts of one’s vibration and bring the light of love and appreciation into the discordant patterns facilitates a shift that enhances the movement of happiness into more and more areas of our lives independent of the circumstances we live.  The result of loving and accepting all we are is an authentic happiness that connects into the attractive force of All That Is.

Beyond Law of Attraction is happiness for its own sake.

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6 Replies to “Beyond Law of Attraction”

  1. It’s important to be able to accept conflict, disagreement, and pain as part of life. Those elements will always be there. Ignoring them doesn’t make them go away. I think addressing them with kindness and good intentions is the best we can do.

    1. Yes. Bringing kindness and good intentions to bear is exactly, I believe, what brings Grace.

      After I wrote this article, I said to someone, “Acknowledging the dissonance is just standing in the question, “How do I feel better?” The question brings the answer, and that’s how we evolve.

  2. I think you have hit on an important piece of making law of attraction work.
    The Ho oponopono process is often a little too direct for me, though. I have often had to “stand in the question” sometimes even for a few days before I find a way to re-frame, or whatever else I need to do, in order to be able to truly feel the desire to love, and be love, and forgive both myself and any other involved person.

    1. The key, for me, is clearing the energetic pattern… kind of like pulling the weed rather than cutting off its top, if you know what I mean.

      Ho’oponopono is one technique, and I think there are as many ways as there are unique perspectives. I am exploring several of them now and will probably write on them soon; >)

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