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John of God, spirtual healing, awakening, healingIt’s less than three weeks now until I head for the highlands of Brazil and another immersion into The Casa de Dom Ignacio where John of God translates the healing energies of multiple entities.  This will be my third visit this year, and I am eager!

In the first two visits, I was blessed with profound spiritual experiences that helped me shift and open to healing on many levels.  On the physical level (where the low hanging fruit is one Casa guide told us), the injuries to my spine – both from two fractured vertebrae and a high speed car accident many years ago – show the most significant difference as I note from each trip, the nerve pain is less and less and my general flexibility in movement is more and more.  I see more stability in blood sugar levels and lower insulin requirements.  As well, extra weight seemed to literally melt away after the second visit, in particular.

Emotionally, some relationships fell away and some relationships got so much easier than I had ever imagined possible.  The relationships that matter most to me are flourishing, I am very happy to say.  I am at ease within my skin in new ways that enhance my appreciation and enjoyment for Life.

Mentally, I am able to shift gears and integrate new ideas with more ease.  The flow of creativity moving through me is greatly enhanced as a result – the byproduct being greater productivity and clarity of purpose.

Spiritually, I feel open and clear and willing.

So, I return.  Ready for the next step in the unfolding adventure of awakening and becoming.  I feel the energies moving and shifting within me already as I sense the entities helping me to prepare – to align in the possibilities of what this trip has in store for me.

John of God, healing, spirtual surgery, healingDecember 5th – December 17th, I will be in Abadiania immersed in the flow of love and light and letting myself be forever transformed by it.  I welcome you to join me with your intentions for healing and awakening.  I am happy to make prayers to the entities for anyone with a willingness and clear request.  I will, of course, write and vlog here as the experience allows.  You can email me at ahnalira@ahnalira-connectedcounsel.com .  Together, we journey into more and more refined frequencies of love and light.

I love you.  Thank you.

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  1. I am eagerly anticipating my first trip to the Casa de Dom Ignacio. It seems to me the entities have been helping me since I made plane reservations for this trip, months ago.

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