John of God For the Second Time

John of God, healing, health and wellbeing, AbadianiaOne week from today, we are heading back to Brazil for a 12 day immersion into the healing energies of The Casa.  Our first trip was in February of this year, just four months ago..  and I have been eager to return almost since we arrived home.  We stayed only for a week the first time, and this time we arranged for the full 12 days recommended by most Casa guides.  This will allow us two cycles of the John of God experience.

I was changed forever by our first experience: I left one field of work to begin another, several relationships fell away, a few new ones started, and a few – long gone – returned.  It is as though a veil across my awareness dissolved, and I my ability to see clearly is heightened as well as my psychic and intuitive skills.  In the past four months, the axis of my world shifted.

And now we return for a full 12 days…

I am eager!  Now that I have a better understanding of how the system works, I can focus more deeply into the currents of healing and Spiritual renewal.  I will explore more deeply the subtle frequencies and how I can best align with them.  How exciting is that?!

John of God, psychic surgery, meditation, diabetes, hepatitus C, spine injuryI will be writing here about the experience, of course.  If you’d like to follow along, you sign up for email RSS feed delivery in the upper right hand corner of the page.  If you’d like for me to place a prayer for you with the Entities, send me an email at with your name, condition for prayer, and the city where you live (all requested by the entities with each prayer), and I will take care of the rest; >)

I love you.  Thank you.

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8 Replies to “John of God For the Second Time”

    1. Thank you, India:) It is truly my pleasure; it feels so good to give. I will make regular updates and – hopefully if the wifi is strong enough – upload video reports as well.

    1. Me, too, Marion! I’m going to give vloggin a while on this trip and then we may be able to ‘see’ the shifts through the video clips:). Be sure and sign up for email notifications when I post them if you haven’t already; >)

  1. Hi Ahnalira,

    I’m wanting to plan a trip there much in part to your feedback. Any tips on the best way to approach it from your experience thus far?

    Any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you.

    1. I do have a few… and I’ll probably have even more when I get back ; >)

    2. If you can stay 12 days or longer, do so… the longer you stay, the more immersion in the frequencies there, the longer lasting the results
    3. Having a guide the first time is a huge + The procedures are intricate, and most of the directions are given in Portuguese, so it really helped me to have someone who understood just what to do and when. I do have permission from the Casa to guide folks so if your schedule works out to go December 5th – 17th (the next time I’m going; >), and you are interested let me know. Otherwise, I can link you to pages that advertise different guide options.
    4. The Entities begin preparing you energetically as soon as you commit to coming (ie buy that plane ticket:P), and it amps up as the time nears. I can attest to this: more vivid dreams, unique body quirks, physical clearing. The more specifically and concretely (ie rather than a general “Please help me have good health”, focus on the specific area you are interested in bringing light/healing to) you hold your requests for help, the more powerful the experience with the Entities while you are there.
    5. Hope this helps!

  2. On April 26, I booked my trip to go see John of God in December. About three weeks later, I experienced the sequence of events which led me to believe that my intolerance to gluten is a major factor in the health problems I’ve been having for the last year and a half (actually, for the last three years). I think I see the touch of the entities here….

    1. It is my experience, too, Marion – as soon as you commit to the trip (and booking airfare is a definite commitment; >) the Entities begin to engage.

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