Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?

law of attraction, field of awareness, ho oponoponoEver since my first visit to John of God in February, 2011, I’ve made ho oponopono a practice to clear the energy of attachments holding me stuck in counter-productive patterns.  At first, I found myself going Within multiples times during every day to release feelings and judgements and projections as well as dissolve projections and judgments held against me in currents of light and love.  My strong desire to be a vessel open to the flow of love through me inspired me to practice and keep practicing until – whatever situation or relationship had me in loop of hard thoughts and feelings – disappeared, leaving only a current of love and appreciation.

As you might imagine, I practiced a lot!  And I saw results.  As my vibration shifted through the practice of ho oponopono, the law of attraction came into play.  The situations and circumstances I called to me reflected the diferences in my vibration.  I found myself leaving relationships and work associations that no longer matched my evolving energies.  I found myself attracting new projects and friendships that evoked more of the paradigms into which I was Becoming.

At a certain point, I began to discover aspects of myself in all of the dynamics projected outward.  I realized the harsh judgments and feelings I thought were directed to people and conditions in my past and present Life were truly judgments and feelings I harbored about parts of myself.  It was potent and shifteded my focus toward the integration of these aspects who’d been hiding behind the projections on other people. 

A new understanding emerged: Love myself; forgive myself; and let the let the ‘middle man’ off the hook.  As soon as I let someone off the hook, I feel free.

Indeed, let everyone off the hook, myself included.

ho oponopono, law of attraction, forgivenessCould it be this simple?  Give everyone a break; let it go.  What ever it is.  Because the need to nurse a grudge or hold someone’s toes to the fire for justice or take a righteous stance against someone’s mis-step is exactly what binds and separates us from the free flowing currents of love.  Step back just far enough to remember it’s all a projection of the movie we create in our minds and choose to forgive.  Choose to love.

And if it doesn’t feel that simple, then do ho oponopono until it does.

I love you.  Thank you.

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7 Replies to “Could Ho oponopono and Law of Attraction Be This Simple?”

  1. I’ve been practicing it ever since the cruise my darling ~ and I do feel it working~ Thank you (and Camilla) so very much for this gift.

    1. It’s magical to me how well it works! I am two weeks back from my second dip into the energies of Casa Dom Ignacio, and this process is taking me to whole ‘nother level! Next trip is December 5th – 17th. Wanna come?

  2. Whatever energy that you feel that directs you to post these blogs, so many times they resonate with me in a big way. This in itself is an amazing connection, which shows the deepness of who you are. And, this is not new to me, because I have been blessed to be able to appreciate the value of your counsel over the years.

    I must tell you, many times this counsel comes in the form your blogs, and will, quite literally, be an answer I need.

    This blog will be a focus of my thoughts and prayers tonight.

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