John of God – Morning of Psychic Surgery Day

My time for psychic surgery was in the afternoon session so I had choices for the morning.  I could join the first Current Room again; I could schedule more Crystal Baths; or I could approach John John of God, The Casa, ho'oponopono, meditation, psychic surgeryof God with another set of questions. 

Because my blood sugar dropped to the low 40’s during the night, I eliminated the Current Room because I didn’t want to potentially further stress my body before psychic surgery.  As I reflected between the Crystal Bed and visiting John of God again, I realized I did have a couple of strong and specific desires with which I would welcome help:

Please help me fulfill my desires as a teacher.

Please help me heal my relationship with my daughter.

I joined the 2nd time line and made my way through the Current Rooms – this time with an increased understanding and appreciation of the support there.  Approaching John of God, the energetic experience was quite different.  I felt a much softer radiance, and the power was more about depth than expanding waves.  Tranquilty and Peace were the words that best described the feelings I experienced approaching this time.

The Entity – through John of God – looked me in the eyes for long moment.  Then he read my questions.  He said (in Portuguese that was translated for me), “Yes, I will help you.  And you are welcome to be a Guide to the Casa for people from the US.”  We were done.

After every meeting with John of God – and every session in the Current Room – The Casa offers a bowl of vegetable soup.  The soup is part of the treatment and – as I understand it – blessed by the Entities.  I made my way to my bowl of soup and relaxed into the simple sweetness of the moment. 

Having both of my travel companions in their post-surgery seclusion still, I was gifted with several hours of silence before the afternoon session.  Immanuel had shared with us that it was a common occurence for the energies of the Casa and – especially – the psychic surgeries to bring up old issues and patterns for healing.  His suggestion was to forgive the situation/person and visualize cutting the chords of energy associated to whatever hard feelings existed. 

John of God, meditation, ho'oponopono, spine injury, diabetes, psychic surgeryWhat he said reminded me strongly of Ho’oponopono, an Ancient Polynesian practice aimed towards staying fully in the present moment with a clear field of energy.  It’s premise is:  I am 100% responsible for my every experience – no matter who or what or when or where.  A prayerful ceremony is used several times daily to clear the aka (energetic field) from any attachments to negativity with anyone or anything.  I felt very blessed to have studied ho’oponopono with Haleakula Hew Len in Hawai’i.  That was in the mid-90’s, and to have it in my repetoire for John of God felt like just a little more than coincidence…  but I digress

Stay tuned…  psychic surgery experience next!

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3 Replies to “John of God – Morning of Psychic Surgery Day”

  1. Thank you for your story. I had very similar symptoms to you, thyroid, myalgia and worse. The medical profession wanted to drug me up and remove my thyroid as I had developed multi nodular thyroiditis. Not a positive option for me, so I decided to attend John of God in Sydney, Australia for help. At the time I did not feel any difference, in fact I became very ill. But what was amazing was that met coincidently or probably to be more accurate, serendipitously some amazing practitioners that discovered that I had thyroid cancer as well as liver and pancreatic cancer. As frightening as it was, I was determined to get myself healthy again. I didn’t go to Brazil, I realized seeing John of God in Sydney was sufficient. I did however, order the passion flower capsules which are treated by the entities, the entity who blessed me also instructed that it was not necessary for me to travel to the Casa. I found methods to treat my body under the instruction of my marvelous practitioners. I am now disease free and on my way to recovery. Interestingly, my little dog developed cancer as I was recovering. I am now prescribing her the same methods of detoxing and healing. She is nearly 15 and I am unsure how strong her immune response will be, though she is looking pretty good! A lovely John of God crystal sits by her bed!


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