Insights–John of God

John of God, Dr Augusto, Casa de Dom Inacio, spiritual healingToday is the seventh day since the spiritual surgery I experienced last Wednesday.  It has been a profoundly deep week into the exploration of healing for me.  For the first time in all of the spiritual surgeries I’ve undergone, I felt “post-surgical.”  I was reminded of the days right after spinal surgery when my one goal was to be able to get up and walk the halls of the hospital.  I was not as weak this week as I was right after the spinal surgery, but I did ask Alan to wheel me in the wheel chair often, walking for very short periods then resting when I felt my vitality deflate.

During the daily crystal bed, Dr. Augusto came available for interaction. Continue reading “Insights–John of God”

Friday in Frutti’s–John of God

John of God, Abadiania, Casa Dom Ignacio, spiritual healingI went before John of God this morning, request in hand.  Trusting the entities to still be working with the requests I made for my physical health on Wednesday (and the resulting spiritual surgery), today I made a different type of request:

Please infuse my personality with Love’s light and my Soul’s purpose.

Again, the Casa volunteers invited anyone who was assigned the second time or revision line to join the spiritual surgery group if they desired.  Again, I chose to wait and go before the entity.  Understanding more fully this morning how the entities are using the front waiting and meeting hall to begin their “work, ” I was intentionally silent and maintained a meditative state until my line was called.  I felt the entity’s touch in my being, confirming the connection had begun and movement through the current rooms was even more uplifting and palpably vibratory as a result. Continue reading “Friday in Frutti’s–John of God”

Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God

soul awakening, spiritual consciousnessI underwent my first spiritual surgery of this  trip yesterday afternoon.  One would think (Well, at least I would) that I could expect a certain pattern to the spiritual surgeries after ten of them.  It wasn’t a surprise when the Casa volunteer invited people from the 2nd time line to volunteer for a spiritual surgery.  Certainly, we’ve seen that happen a few times before this.  Alan and I considered and decided that, since it was our first day back to see John of God after a year’s absence, we wanted to go before Medium Joao and the entity to received a more specific direction.  What was unusual for me was that–right after we opted to wait–I felt the presence of an entity touch my mind.

“What does that feel like?” you may wonder.  It feels like love.  Conscious and aware and gentle like a soft breeze.  Some say they can tell which entity is which and know who is engaging them.  Not me.  I don’t mind, though.  Love is love is love, right?

I felt the touch, and I heard, “Would you like my support?  I can help you.”

“Yes!” My response was immediate and whole-hearted.

And then it began.  In retrospect, my spiritual surgery experience started right there and then in the front hall/meeting room. Continue reading “Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God”

HERE! — John of God

John of God, meditation, spiritual healing We did it again–this time a full-on 24 journey through time and space and many emotional places in between to arrive at Casa de Dom Inacio.  We knew a lot had happened in our lives during the past year; we didn’t realize that life in Brazil was evolving as well.  The Brasilia airport is undergoing a huge expansion.  New billboards and shops and gas stations have sprouted all along the highway to Abadiania–not to mention the new Premium Outlet Mall with its own McDonalds 😛  There are many infra-structure projects, and I can say with certainty now that the dirt in central Brazil is red.  More activity in all the small towns along the highway as well with freshly painted storefronts and people walking along the sidewalks.

But all that is just the backdrop, of course. Continue reading “HERE! — John of God”

John of God Trip 5 – Final Day

law of attraction, visualization, creative power, memoryIt is mid afternoon, and we have Frutti’s all to ourselves.  The music is serene.  The chai is tasty, and the activity on the street outside is quiet as the occasional person strolls by in the lazy, summer heat.  Soon, a parade of people in white will flow from the Casa — another week complete — and Frutti’s will fill with social activity, people sharing their experiences and stories.  It is everything about Abadiania that I love.

For now, though, it is me with the quiet to reflect upon our experience this trip.

Alan had another spontaneous healing (of course; >)  A chronic shoulder issue since a mountain bike riding accident about a decade ago – healed.  Better than ever.  He has a reputation to live up to, he reminded me…  a man who “does the work.”

For me, this time with John of God and the entities is profound. Continue reading “John of God Trip 5 – Final Day”

John of God Trip 5 – Second Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual awakening, John of GodI arrived to the meeting room at the Casa with my questions for John of God in hand, quiet in my mind and prepared to relax into the Casa flow until my line was called.  The first Casa day in 2013.  The first surprise came when the Casa volunteer called for people scheduled for spiritual surgery…  and no one came.

Then there was a long wait — for about an hour — before another line was called.  The people continued to meditate in the current rooms, and one of the volunteers continued to give his inspirational talk.  Just no lines called… Continue reading “John of God Trip 5 – Second Spiritual Surgery”

John of God Trip 5 – Days 4 and 5

ArrivingAbadiania 026Hotel San Raphael seems to be the social hotspot during the holiday season…  when Frutti’s is closed.  Last night, there was a wedding party for the group that did their ceremony at the Casa Dom Inacio Thursday morning.  We had live music in the courtyard and lots joyful sounds.  Every meal, in fact, is raucous with laughter, and people come from all over town to eat at the only open “restaurant” available.

I’m not exactly sure how all these fun times fit into the idea of spiritual comtemplation, but nobody seems to concerned about it. Continue reading “John of God Trip 5 – Days 4 and 5”

John of God Trip 5 – Arrival and First Day

John of GodThunder is roiling through the sky…  Late December, and it’s summer in Abadiania, Brazil.  Time for the rainy season interspersed with bright sunshine.  Life is verdant green here right now.  We arrived December 25th, 2012 to a quiet town.  Most everything – except for The Casa and our pousada – is closed.  Still, there seem to be quite a few people here…  we watched several other groups arrive on our plane.

A moment here to establish context… Continue reading “John of God Trip 5 – Arrival and First Day”

Abadiania On The Horizon – John of God

Crystal Bed, John of God, Casa Dom InacioThe culmination of a long adventure is on the horizon. During my first visit to Casa Dom Inacio and John of God in February, 2011, I felt a strong sense that I would experience a series of five visits before the end of 2012 to complete the process I was beginning during that trip.  Now, it’s four trips later as the energies build for the final visit in this series at the end of December, 2012.

I look back over the last two years, and I stand in wonder at the all the ways my life changed.  Continue reading “Abadiania On The Horizon – John of God”

John of God – Abadiania Adventure June 2012, day 10

John of God, spiritual healing, AbadianiaWe had a plan for our last day with John of God.  Revision line in the morning (Remember, this is the line for one week after spiritual surgery to see if any further intervention is required), and we intended to spend our last afternoon in the Current room meditating.  That was the plan — dependent upon the entity passing us through the revision line with no additional directions (other than, perhaps, sit in the Entity’s Current Room.)  And, even though that may be how the revision line goes 99% of the time…  Not this time for us.

I was told to do another Crystal Bath.  Alan started wheeling me out, thinking, “OK, ” when the entity, through John of God, pointed at him and said, “2 o’clock line.” (This means that the current entity embodying Medium Joao isn’t the expert to deal with Alan’s situation, and he needs to return for the next session and go before the afternoon’s entity.)

Alan’s surprise — again — touched my funny bone:  “You mean,” he asked me later, “I might have to get another surgery?!  …I’m funny now!  Really, I am.” Continue reading “John of God – Abadiania Adventure June 2012, day 10”