What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?

Spiritual healing, Abadiania, John of GodA couple of months ago, my husband was stung by multiple bees at the base of his brain and on his arms and feet.  He passed out and couldn’t move for several moments, then got himself into the house… his entire head looking like a giant hive (no pun intended :P).  I went to my pantry and pulled out my cannabinoid-acid tincture (anti-inflammatory), vitamin C (anti-oxidant), and proteolytic enzymes (to break down the venom in his blood.)  I dosed several grams of C, multiple handfuls of enzymes, and a full ounce of tincture over the course of an hour or so…. and watched as the his body returned to normal before my eyes.  What might have been even more relevant is that he had been doing a detox protocol that included negative ion foot baths and ozone therapy for six months before this incident occurred, lending him increased resilience to deal with an event that literally took his body down.

Without a pantry chock full of quality supplements and a protocol that supports his body’s resilience, this would have been a life/death emergency room experience.  I count my lucky stars.  Right? Continue reading “What’s In Your Healthcare Pantry?”

Waving From The Wilderness

spiritual healing, medical intuitiveHere I am!  Been out in the wilderness finding my way back to Life for five months now.  Many indigenous cultures send their people out into the wild to survive or die as a spiritual practice.  The win, if they survive, is often a shift into a more expanded consciousness.  My tribe–composed of many multi-dimensional and elemental forms of life like dragons and faeries–follows the same practice, apparently…

The path into this wilderness quest was determined twenty five years ago in Egypt when I chose to drink the “local” water offered to me by our taxi driver.  Water infected with a parasite called schistosoma mansoni.  One might say, indeed, I actually walked out into the quest that day… and just didn’t recognize the path I chose until twenty five years later 😛 Continue reading “Waving From The Wilderness”

The Role of Cannabinoids in Health and Happiness

Did you know that every cell has 15,000 biochemical interactions every second?  And, did you know that there are, on average, 38 billion cells in a human body?  38 billion cells, each processing 15,000 chemical interactions per second.  That’s a lot of processes per second! And how does the body keep it all working effectively?  Cannabinoids.

Yep.  Every cell has cannabinoid receptors–both on the exterior and interior of the cell.  The cannabinoids connect to the cell’s physiology via receptor sites and modulate the 15,000 biochemical interactions to make sure they are in harmony with each other and maintain the homeostasis of a healthy body and balanced (ie happy) mental and emotional attitude.  In fact, the current hypothesis amongst scientists studying the Endocannabinoid System is that a deficiency of cannabinoids is the very first indicator of declining health.  Eventually disease follows if not restored. Continue reading “The Role of Cannabinoids in Health and Happiness”

Assess The Health Of Your Endocannabinoid System

medical cannabisThe discovery of the endocannabinoid system (ECS) in the late 1960’s was nothing short of revolutionary in the field of health and medicine.  Purely by chance, the stories say, researchers discovered a subtle, signaling system within the body that maintains a “homogenous” state–or harmony–between all of the various  biochemical actions in the body.  Human bodies make endocannabinoids that click into receptor sites on and within every cell membrane, to “down-regulate” any bodily system’s activity and restore or maintain balance.

For example, the immune system is down-regulated by the endocannabinoid system to stop attacking its own tissues… as happens in the case of autoimmune conditions.  Neurotransmitters that agitate and cause anxious feelings can be down-regulated to assist the mind to a calmer state.  Over stimulated nerve centers–the source of pain and seizures–can be down-regulated to slow/stop the 0ver-firing and result in relief.  These are just a few examples.  The list covers every biochemical action in the body–that’s how pervasive the endocannabinoid system is. Continue reading “Assess The Health Of Your Endocannabinoid System”

Terpenes: Leading Edge of Medical Cannabis

cannabisYou may have never heard the term “terpene” before, but I promise you that you have experienced a terpene or two in your life…  because terpenes give scent to everything.  That’s right.  If you can smell it, there is at least one type of terpene molecule meeting up with your olfactory senses.

The aroma of an excellent meal cooking….  terpenes. Those essential oils that uplift or relax or cleanse… terpenes.  The fragrance in your shampoo and hygiene products… terpenes.  Terpenes are already well known, used, and appreciated in our culture so what makes them the leading edge of medical cannabis? Continue reading “Terpenes: Leading Edge of Medical Cannabis”

Pain Asks the Question. Cannabis Offers an Answer

conscious awareness, openness, spiritual awakeningNothing demands our attention like pain.  Whether it is physical or emotional or mental or spiritual, chronic or acute–pain alters our experience until we respond to its demands.

Sometimes we think we have successfully compartmentalized the dull nerve ache or breaking heart ache or the mental anguish ache well enough to hide from others the distress of pain.  But we are only fooling ourselves–the pain is evident in our facial expression, our body posture, the undertone of our comments…  pain impacts all activity and every relationship until we listen to its demands.

I’ve looked at pain from many sides now… living the emotional pain of a traumatic childhood, enduring the chronic pain of spinal cord injury, assisting others to deal with the various pains in their lives as a psychotherapist… just to name a few.  In all instances, whether the pain was mental, emotional, spiritual, or physical, it demanded the same result:  relief. Continue reading “Pain Asks the Question. Cannabis Offers an Answer”

Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe

awakening, teaching, teacher, teach by exampleLet’s talk science for a moment.  Proven fact: every emotion solicits hormones and neurotransmitters to evoke a host of chemical actions.  The blood fills with these “chemical feelings” and every cell in the body “reads” the chemical message to determine their course of action.

Of course, the cells cannot extrapolate one kind of fear from another.  The chemicals don’t tell them whether a predatory animal is attacking or whether there isn’t enough money in the bank to cover the mortgage payment.  The message is the same.  On the level of biochemical interaction, so is the response in the body.

And it’s a good response.  It’s kept our species alive through the ages.  It’s an appropriate response to a life-threatening situation.  However, when anxiety/fear becomes an emotional norm–when angst of one form or another is the steady stream of chemicals flowing through our blood to direct cellular activity–then our bodies never get the opportunity to restore and regenerate.  Never feel safe to take care of their needs.  Inevitably, dis-ease results. Continue reading “Loving Our Bodies Means Feeling Safe”

Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing

loving our bodies, healing, leadership, creative process, awakeningMy new theme for all the writing here is: Come live in the rainbow with me, friends, and become the full spectrum light you are.  And, as usual, it’s through my personal journey of becoming that I gather these words to share.

To catch everyone up:

I traveled to Casa de Dom Inacio seven times over the course of four years. When I made my prayer requests for the healing of physical conditions (type 1 diabetes, spinal injuries, and hepatitis C) before every spiritual intervention, I didn’t fully understand that what I would receive from the entities there would be emotional and spiritual healings (see: Reflections from John of God) rather than the immediate release from physical imbalances.  OK…so that’s not exactly true–hepatitis C went into remission after the second visit, and my insulin requirements went down by half over the course of all the visits.  It was, however, during the next to last visit to the Casa, when the entity, Dr. Augusto, told me to get lab work done (see: Final Day of Trip 6) that I began my journey of healing the physical body. Continue reading “Loving Our Bodies–The Lessons of Healing”

Insights–John of God

John of God, Dr Augusto, Casa de Dom Inacio, spiritual healingToday is the seventh day since the spiritual surgery I experienced last Wednesday.  It has been a profoundly deep week into the exploration of healing for me.  For the first time in all of the spiritual surgeries I’ve undergone, I felt “post-surgical.”  I was reminded of the days right after spinal surgery when my one goal was to be able to get up and walk the halls of the hospital.  I was not as weak this week as I was right after the spinal surgery, but I did ask Alan to wheel me in the wheel chair often, walking for very short periods then resting when I felt my vitality deflate.

During the daily crystal bed, Dr. Augusto came available for interaction. Continue reading “Insights–John of God”

Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar

vibrate, vibration, avatar, awakeningWhen you look across a field to a stand of trees, do you see a shimmer in the air around their edges?  When you touch a living thing, do you feel a tingle in the space between where your ‘skins’ meet?  When you are listening to music, does the sound move through your body in a way that makes your body move?  This is the law of resonance in action. The law of resonance says that all vibration includes the  quality of evoking response.

But, wait…let’s go back.  Back to where it begins: vibrating.

If we start to consider what vibrates — and, therefore, has the capacity to evoke resonance — we would find the list infinitely huge.  It might be easier, rather, to ask: “What doesn’t vibrate?”  The answer is far more simple: nothing.  Everything vibrates. Continue reading “Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar”