Day Two, A Blessing Shared–John of God

soul awakening, spiritual consciousnessI underwent my first spiritual surgery of this  trip yesterday afternoon.  One would think (Well, at least I would) that I could expect a certain pattern to the spiritual surgeries after ten of them.  It wasn’t a surprise when the Casa volunteer invited people from the 2nd time line to volunteer for a spiritual surgery.  Certainly, we’ve seen that happen a few times before this.  Alan and I considered and decided that, since it was our first day back to see John of God after a year’s absence, we wanted to go before Medium Joao and the entity to received a more specific direction.  What was unusual for me was that–right after we opted to wait–I felt the presence of an entity touch my mind.

“What does that feel like?” you may wonder.  It feels like love.  Conscious and aware and gentle like a soft breeze.  Some say they can tell which entity is which and know who is engaging them.  Not me.  I don’t mind, though.  Love is love is love, right?

I felt the touch, and I heard, “Would you like my support?  I can help you.”

“Yes!” My response was immediate and whole-hearted.

And then it began.  In retrospect, my spiritual surgery experience started right there and then in the front hall/meeting room.  I felt my digestive tract heating up.  My awareness turned deeply inward; I no longer wanted to engage with my environment to talk with anyone.  It was a preparation–like road workers closing off the road for “roadwork ahead.”  I didn’t fully understand that so I ate lunch after going before John of God to be told, “Operation this afternoon.” (which, of course, was no surprise.)  My body didn’t want that lunch.  It sat like a car in a long line, waiting for permission to pass…if you follow the analogy 😉

The surgery itself was a quiet continuation of digestive tract heat with the added experience of slowed breathing and a gentle blanket of awareness wrapped around me.  Not a great deal more or less than I was already experiencing…and I realized then that surgery had started in the meeting hall during the morning.  That was a surprise!

I went into seclusion feeling disoriented and discomfited by the sensations of heat in my belly and a rib cage that required very intentional effort on my part to draw a full breath.

It took an hour or so for me to fully relax into a trance state.  Always a welcome space for one like me who loves all that is multi-dimensional.  And then the entities came.  More than one, though one at a time.  Each with a teaching for me.  Some, a deepening into the practice of ho’oponopono…and, yes, there was ho’oponopono to be done regarding a few situations in my life.  Another teaching about the schooling that entities go through to reach the level where they can assist us in physical form.  That was fascinating and appealed to the “teacher/student” in me.  My favorite, though, was the blessing I received in understanding death.  The entity said:

Life is a mansion filled with many, many rooms.  Because Life is eternal, there is an infinite number of rooms to explore.  Death is the doorway between rooms.  No more, no less.  A transition space.  Some choose to travel forward into different rooms for new experiences.  Some, usually because of a connection felt with someone in the room just left, choose to return. 

The door of death opens in both directions.  Some come into newborn bodies to be the conscious awareness of that baby.  Some choose to join with an already existing consciousness in a body; this is what happens with mediums and many animals.  Some choose to return and remain non-physical, communicating through the vibration of love with the soul of others in physical form.

There are myriad options for returning just as there are myriad rooms to explore.  Beings who live in harmony with Nature and their instinctual natures understand this more easily than those who are locked into consciousness through their personality and mental facilities.  The second group tends to view the room they are in as the only “Life” there is.  Connect with Nature and instinct to expand awareness of the mansion and its workings.

In the middle of the night, I awakened.  Blood sugar–46, and all of the discomfort in my digestive tract gone.  Sleep after I ate a snack was blessedly sweet.  As were the many other blessings I received.

Tomorrow, I go back into the Casa with a new set of prayerful requests.

Thank you.  I love you.


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