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John of God, meditation, spiritual healing We did it again–this time a full-on 24 journey through time and space and many emotional places in between to arrive at Casa de Dom Inacio.  We knew a lot had happened in our lives during the past year; we didn’t realize that life in Brazil was evolving as well.  The Brasilia airport is undergoing a huge expansion.  New billboards and shops and gas stations have sprouted all along the highway to Abadiania–not to mention the new Premium Outlet Mall with its own McDonalds 😛  There are many infra-structure projects, and I can say with certainty now that the dirt in central Brazil is red.  More activity in all the small towns along the highway as well with freshly painted storefronts and people walking along the sidewalks.

But all that is just the backdrop, of course.  Once we turned off the highway into the town of Abadiania, the clarity of intention is still spiritual in nature.  Oh, yes, there are more shops in Abadiania, too–more crystal and spiritual art shops.  And the town is FULL!  For the first time in six visits, I was unable to walk into the bookstore at the Casa and reserve a “same day” Crystal Bed.  Seven Crystal Bed rooms, and all them were fully booked through the day by noon when we arrived.

So, we will see how the amplified activity effects the healing/spiritual experience.  We will see.  In the meantime, there are prayers to be made, thanks to be given, and blessings to count as I prepare for tomorrow morning with John of God and the Entities.  More soon.

Thank you.  I love you.

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