40 Days Done – John of God

John of God, Medium Joao, Casa Dom IgnacioAccording to the protocols at Casa Dom Ignacio, today marks the end of the 40 day post-spiritual surgery phase.  Now, it is time to take stock and assess my John of God experience.

The first question I asked myself:  Have I ever witnessed anyone having a “miraculous” physical healing experience in Abadiania? (I pondered this question because, for me, the process has proven incremental and more like the peeling away of layers than anything that could be considered instantaneous).  I asked myself this question, expecting the answer to be no.  But I surprised myself – I did witness one on this last trip in December.  My partner, Alan, was prescribed the energetically charged herbs the one time he went before Medium Joao at the beginning of our experience.  He spent the rest of his Casa days meditating in the Current room – no spiritual surgery for him at all.  After the first day of meditation, he mentioned that he felt a lot of pain in his neck through the experience.  He pointed to where the pain had been and I immediately noted that a bump (fairly large) he’d had in his spinal column at the base of his neck for as long as I’d known him – and probably since he’d had spinal meningitis as a young child – was gone.  His spine was totally smooth and aligned… and has been that way since.

I think that qualifies as an instantaneous (aka miraculous) result.

John of God, Medium Joao, spiritual healingBut, like I said, for me it’s been different.  Perhaps because in the almost 59 years I’ve been blessed with this body, I’ve adventured mightily and let Life take its toll – Hepatitus C found me while I was a street-kid, type 1 Diabetes in the aftermath of a high speed head-on automobile accident, Hashimoto’s thyroiditis came on the heels of a diabetic coma, two fractured vertebrae in a horse riding accident, and the multiple physical complications from all of the above just to mention the highlights.  Some might say I’ve managed to stay alive this long on will and spiritual intervention (see:  When I Died – A Story of Awakening).

And, as they say at Casa Dom Ignacio, the physical conditions are the “low hanging fruits”.  The emotional traumas of childhood and an adolescence lived on the streets left their markers as well.  I am an empath – a being who connects with the flow of feelings in all Life.  It is my spiritual intention to live connected in the healing – and well being – of the Earth, Herself.  So, it comes as no surprise to me that my healing process with the Entities takes a more circuitous and winding path.

Still, when I chose to undergo three spiritual surgeries in 12 days on this past trip, some part of me hoped for a physical miracle.  Hope springs eternal.  For example,  I hoped to walk away with a back “pain-free” forever more.  What I got was an ‘unwinding’ and ‘recalibration’ of my ribs and sternum – an emotional trip down memory lane, if you will, of damages done in the high-speed, head-on automobile accident of December, 1983.  At first, I didn’t understand the pain in my ribs or the itchy, burning feeling around the sternum… until I remembered my body hit the steering wheel with full impact when my head shattered the windshield glass (no airbags back in 1983 and I wasn’t wearing a seat belt).  At the time, I didn’t feel much pain.  I don’t even think I realized just how amazing it was that not a single bone in my body was broken – just torn soft tissue everywhere and every rib dislocated.  At the time, I must have been living between worlds, buffered from the intensity of the physical experience because all I recall is the absence of sensation and the lack of ability to command movement from muscles.  But I felt it this past 40 days.  And I felt the subtle realignments all along my ribcage as well as in my emotional understandings of the experience that – at the time – I swam through like a survivor from a sinking ship swims to shore, oblivious to to everything but the shoreline.

If you add to this example the other evidences of “clearing layers” described in Reflections into a New Paradigm, it becomes apparent that 3 spiritual surgeries in 12 days made for an intense integration of the energies into my physical being this past month.

John of God, Medium Joao, spiritual awakeningFor me, the “miracles” were in the more subtle bodies of emotion and thought – an expansion in consciousness.  Every time I experienced a subtle shift in perception, I felt refreshed into a new paradigm of thought.  Every time, I recognized an emotional pattern and opened it to the healing frequencies, I was uplifted and delighted by the ease of Grace restored throughout my feeling body.

This is a different type of miracle, and I’ll take it.

The journey continues.  I am taking my prescribed herbs faithfully and am only part way through the first set with two more to come (energetically infused herbs are prescribed with each spiritual surgery).  I am 5 months out from my next visit to Abadiania and John of God in June, 2012, and I will use all of this time, I believe, to integrate in fullness.  Integration time, I have come to understand, is a very important component of the process.

Will I ever immerse myself to the extent of 3 spiritual surgeries in one visit again? There were times in this post 40-day process, where I was absolutely certain I would not.  But the truth is – I might.  If the Entities “see” me as capable of the integration, I am always willing to give myself whole-heartedly to Light and Love.

Thank you.  I love you.

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8 Replies to “40 Days Done – John of God”

  1. Thanks for sharing. I am praying for your physical health as well 🙂 You’re doing a great job of caring for your body through alternative routes when the mainstream medicine paradigm failed you.

  2. Thank you for your prayers, Lazar. I will gladly take all of the help I can get:)

    It’s only been in the past decade or so (one of the benefits of growing older, I guess) that I’ve realized what a gift my body is – she does me proud. So, it is my honor to do the best I can by her. We have a lifelong commitment to each other; >)
    ahnalira recently posted..Creativity as Prayer – Law of Attraction

  3. I’m at about the same place as you in the healing process, Ahnalira – past the 40 days “post-op” with a few months more herbs to go. For me the process is all emotional. I’ve gone back to times early in my life where I had not processed all the trauma, and as time goes by I go to times earlier in my life. I have a little altar set up with my blessed triangle from John of God, plus the crystals I got in Abadiania. One day when I felt “stuck” I put a note to the entities there, asking for help in remembering any trauma to my left leg. Two nights later I had a vivid dream with strong symbolic pointers to some events when I was about two. It is quite a challenge to work with the emotions and to clear the old attachments, and I often ask the entities for help. The physical healing I requested has not happened yet, but I trust that it will, in time.

    1. “Asking for help” That’s a really good one to remember! Step by incremental step, this is a path of renewal and restoration. I find I measure success more by the enhanced feelings of calm and well-being than by physical results at this point. Though, I do experience small shifts physically as well as emotionally and perceptually on a daily basis. Would you say that is true for you, too, Marion?

      I hope the Align Within meditations are helping with the clearing process.
      ahnalira recently posted..Creative Process and Perfection?

  4. It’s been fascinating to learn of your adventures in Abadiania. I’m sure the healing will continue for you. Love and peace!

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