Creativity as Prayer – Law of Attraction

prayer, creative nature, creativityIn our culture, people comment, “He’s a creative type”.  As though it’s an attribute like intellectual or witty.  I have come to the conclusion that to be alive is to be creative.  From the moment conscious awareness begins, we are translating the world around us, interpreting experience and birthing ideas to explore through our senses.  To live, in other words, is to create.  Instead of classifying a person as a type who is creative, I am more inclined to say, “This is a person who is in touch with their creative nature.”

Creative nature.  What is that?

I envision the creative nature as the conduit between Source and personality.  Creative nature facilitates the communion and flow of Source’s inspired awareness.  Creative nature opens the mind and heart to new possibilities and nurtures receptivity.  When the conduit of creative nature flourishes, the personality basks in the joy of each moment as each moment brings insight and curiosity and interest and delight to the experience at hand.  Creative nature encourages us to reach and explore and discover.  When the conduit is connected and open to the flow of Source.

The conduit of creative nature flows in both directions.  From Source to personality it is the inspired impulse.  From personality to Source, creative nature is a type of prayer.  Expressed through as many mediums as there are art forms, creative nature is the offering to Source of a gift.  When the inspired impulse evokes an action that creates beauty or a new technology or an answer to a medical dilemma or a realized goal or a thought-provoking perspective, the result flows through the conduit of the creative nature and honors Source—like a prayer of appreciation—in the evolving expansion.

creativity, prayer, creative natureA prayer of appreciation is as nurturing to Source as the inspired impulse is to personality, and the relationship between the two becomes the magnetically powerful law of attraction in the course of our lives.  We receive.  We appreciate.  In the appreciation, we attract another inspiration that moves us to an action that embodies appreciation.  In the prayer of appreciation, our creative natures expand in the capacity to receive inspiration from Source just as the tree grows from a sapling to a mighty eco-system of Life—always toward its source, the light.

To be connected to one’s creative nature, then, is to keep the pathways for inspiration and appreciation open and clear for the flow to travel unhindered.  Resentments, fears, grudges—these are debris that clutter and inhibit the creative nature conduit.  Thoughts and feelings focusing on blame or shame or mistrust—these are the obstacles to receiving Source’s inspiration.  These are impediments to sending prayers of appreciation through the conduit of the creative nature.

Fortunately, these obstructions are subject to the “law of intention” in their permeability to the love and light of Source.  These thoughts and feelings can be erased or melted or dissolved just as a pipe can be cleared of clogged matter…through the intention to open the pathway and let the love and light flow through them until they are moved and released in the current of love and light. (for more on specific techniques see:Ho’oponopono Made Simple)

The more we connect with our creative natures, the more we are inspired; the more we appreciate.  We become the prayer called Life, and our lives are the art form.  However  we live is the devotion.

I love you.  Thank you.


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