Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar

vibrate, vibration, avatar, awakeningWhen you look across a field to a stand of trees, do you see a shimmer in the air around their edges?  When you touch a living thing, do you feel a tingle in the space between where your ‘skins’ meet?  When you are listening to music, does the sound move through your body in a way that makes your body move?  This is the law of resonance in action. The law of resonance says that all vibration includes the  quality of evoking response.

But, wait…let’s go back.  Back to where it begins: vibrating.

If we start to consider what vibrates — and, therefore, has the capacity to evoke resonance — we would find the list infinitely huge.  It might be easier, rather, to ask: “What doesn’t vibrate?”  The answer is far more simple: nothing.  Everything vibrates.

In the physical world everything vibrates because the building blocks of all matter, atoms, vibrate through motion… slower as ice than as water, faster as gas than in a solid form… but always, nonetheless, in motion and vibrating.  Non-physical form vibrates as well.  Whether we refer to light waves or electromagnetic frequencies or energy fields, we are still describing a phenomena of vibration.  If God is everything, then She shows herself through vibration.  Ponder that for a moment.

Everything vibrates.  The law of resonance declares that all vibration evokes response —  and that response between two or more frequencies of vibration creates a dynamic interplay between the engaged vibrations. It is a form of communication, a form of music, a form of alchemy that creates something more in the co-mingling — a form of Consciousness evolving.  Here is the point of connection where the magic of an awakening ignites.

So, for example, when I see the shimmering light around the edges of a tree in the distance the vibration that is All I Am connects with the vibration of tree.  We merge and mingle, influencing each other through the law of resonance.  This connection births within me thoughts and emotions that ripple in the vibration of All I Am, awakening new awareness.  New frequencies of vibration.

Each moment of conscious awareness in the connection of resonance ignites the Avatar within to an expansion of awakening. 

That seemed so simple to type yet so complex to comprehend.  Let me attempt to break it down:  I see a tree.  The tree sees me.  In our mutual gaze, we recognize God vibrating and resonate to that vibration.  This ignites awareness of God Within, and the consciousness of Avatar (God within form) awakens deeper into expansion.

awakening, meditation, lightIn other words, the law of resonance is another way of saying “The God in me sees the God in you.  Namaste.”  And when we stand in conscious awareness of this point of connection, we expand our capacity to be the God Within.

Thank you.  I love you.  Namaste.

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  1. This is really a great article and a great read for me. It’s my first visit to your blog and I have found it so useful and informative. Thank you

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