Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar

awakeing, avatar, spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningWrite your epitaph now – it’s how you will be remembered.

Think about it.  When asked what mantra shapes our lives most of us will pick a pithy phrase that depicts our conscious perception of who we aim to be.  “It’s all good.”  “Let go and let God.”  “One day at a time.”  “I have faith.”  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  “Love is the answer.” I could list a page of them and wouldn’t even scratch the surface – I didn’t come near the breadth and scope of possible attitudes toward which most of us aspire.

Truth be told, though, it isn’t the conscious mantra that shapes us.  It is the habitual practice of thoughts and feeling that run like a river through our minds in response to the circumstances and events of our lives that makes a lasting imprint on how we evolve.  I wish I could say my response to Life was always optimistic.  I wish I could say I didn’t get irritated or anxious or dwell on situations and relationships that evoke irritation or anxiety.  I wish the feelings and thoughts that shaped the weft and weave of who I am would always match the mantra toward which I aim.  I can’t.  But I can say that it is always my choice which color thread I use to thread the needle. Continue reading “Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar”

Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar

vibrate, vibration, avatar, awakeningWhen you look across a field to a stand of trees, do you see a shimmer in the air around their edges?  When you touch a living thing, do you feel a tingle in the space between where your ‘skins’ meet?  When you are listening to music, does the sound move through your body in a way that makes your body move?  This is the law of resonance in action. The law of resonance says that all vibration includes the  quality of evoking response.

But, wait…let’s go back.  Back to where it begins: vibrating.

If we start to consider what vibrates — and, therefore, has the capacity to evoke resonance — we would find the list infinitely huge.  It might be easier, rather, to ask: “What doesn’t vibrate?”  The answer is far more simple: nothing.  Everything vibrates. Continue reading “Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar”

If My Body Is The Temple – Awakening the Avatar

awakening, avatar, worshipIf my body is the temple, then what/who am “I”?

For all of my childhood, and much of my adulthood, I believed my body and “me” were one and the same thing.  My self esteem relied heavily on the feedback I got from people around me about how attractive I looked.  My feelings of success depended upon what I could “do” through the actions of my body.  I engaged with everyone I met as discrete units, separated from me by the fact that we had different bodies.  And, in turn, I judged the value of others by how I perceived their bodies.

Sound familiar?  I believe it was the favored perspective of most everyone I knew. Continue reading “If My Body Is The Temple – Awakening the Avatar”