Teach By Example–Awakening

awakening, teaching, teacher, teach by exampleIt’s a natural impulse to share what we learn.  The inspired excitement of a new insight expands to connect–to reach out and teach. Like the effervescence of boiling water, new understanding bubbles and rises and pops and transforms.  If we could see the energy that comes through us in the moment of a new realization, I believe we would see the shifts like steam rising from the roiling water, mingling with the steam of each other’s new awareness.

If we could see this, would it impact how we communicate?  Would we be less focused on the sharing of our own wisdom and more interested in absorbing the wisdom of those around us?  Would our focus shift more to experiencing the resonance between our insights and less on the wisdom of our personal insight? Continue reading “Teach By Example–Awakening”

The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening

dreams and wishes, awakeningA dream is a wish your heart makes.


Everyone I know has dreams and wishes their dreams would be fulfilled.  No exceptions in my experience.  Even followers of Buddha and other spiritual teachings that propose detachment is the definition of enlightenment have dreams – they wish for detachment from desire.  Desire is the driving force of Life.  The very breath all life takes is fueled by the desire to live.

I have a dream!

Martin Luther King

That’s as “meta” as it gets — almost. Let’s take it one step further:  What if all of us have a core dream — a desire so deeply embedded in the essence of who we are that it accompanies us from the nonphysical realm through birth and into physical reality?  What if the purpose of this life-long desire has a purpose — the purpose of awakening us from the dream that the physical world is all there is? Continue reading “The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening”

Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar

vibrate, vibration, avatar, awakeningWhen you look across a field to a stand of trees, do you see a shimmer in the air around their edges?  When you touch a living thing, do you feel a tingle in the space between where your ‘skins’ meet?  When you are listening to music, does the sound move through your body in a way that makes your body move?  This is the law of resonance in action. The law of resonance says that all vibration includes the  quality of evoking response.

But, wait…let’s go back.  Back to where it begins: vibrating.

If we start to consider what vibrates — and, therefore, has the capacity to evoke resonance — we would find the list infinitely huge.  It might be easier, rather, to ask: “What doesn’t vibrate?”  The answer is far more simple: nothing.  Everything vibrates. Continue reading “Vibrating the Vibration Into The Awakening Avatar”