Qualities of an Awakened Mind – Awakening

meditation, awakening, ho'oponoponoWhat is the background “music” your mind plays?  Have you ever noticed the commentary?  Even more importantly, can you set consciously a mantra for the mind to repeat?  These are questions for the awakening Being to ponder.

Because, it’s true — whether you realize it or not — the mind continually chats.  And the topics upon which the mind dwells can be quite illuminating in terms of where our psyche tends to focus and what our beliefs are.  Indeed, once we know the pattern of the chatter, we are well on the way to understanding the seemingly “unconscious” choices we make… which is only a few steps short of expanded consciousness.

See how that is?

So.  Pay attention to:

  • What thoughts engage the mind upon waking?  For example, thoughts about the past may indicate unresolved feelings.  Thoughts about concerns and problems may indicate an undertone of generalized anxiety.  A sense of eagerness for the day probably reflects a happy heart.
  • What thoughts linger in the mind while waiting to fall asleep?  Replaying conversations and what “should” have happened or been said, again, could reflect unresolved feelings.  A sense of accomplishment and wellbeing reflects satisfaction and esteem.
  • What particular thoughts occur repeatedly within a variety of circumstances and relationships?  Is frustration or annoyance a common theme?  Do most days bring a sense of satisfaction or sense of dissatisfaction?  Do the people around you seem generally happy or do you join together in distress or complaint?

The point is: What’s the recurring pattern?  And, beyond that — if it’s not apparent already — the pattern is our own making, determined by the undercurrent chatter we maintain about ourselves and the world around us.  Once we see the pattern, and once we accept it’s a pattern created from within ourselves, the path toward shifting the tone of our internal commentary takes on new possibilities.

I’m not saying that, by changing the background chatter, we can change the events in the world around us…  it’s an interesting theory, but — beyond unprovable — its premise thwarts the awakening process by keeping the mind in a loop of attachment to controlling events.  No.  I’m not saying that.

What I am saying is that our ability to respond actively and effectively to any experience is inherently influenced by the tone we set with our unconscious internal commentary.  What I am saying is it is part of the awakening process to acknowledge these patterns of thought and open them to an evolving expansion.  In this way do we free ourselves from the shackles of reaction patterns and empower ourselves to respond with fresh, new options.

Of course, no one — not me — says the path of awakening is necessarily the easiest route.  Certainly, it isn’t the most commonly trod direction to take.  Rather, it might be said, the way of awakening is to set an intention of expanding conscious awareness and then practice living in alignment with it.  Practice being the operative term.

meditation, awakening, Sedona, ho'oponoponoFor me, the practices include meditation and ho’oponopono. (see: Make It Right.  Then Make It Better)  For me, it is the process of clearing the attachments within myself that makes the background chatter more malleable for me to shift as I choose.  As well, time in Nature (see: Nature — The Infallible Teacher) always offers expanded perspectives to me.  The more perspectives I am able to understand, the easier it is to see where my own perspective gets stuck in repetitive reactions.  These aren’t the only techniques to open awareness and awakening — for each individual, the best processes are determined uniquely to the nature of the person.  And every person knows what works best for them by the sense of ease and grace with the world around them any practice brings.  Always, though, the key to successful evolution of thought is to bring forth a freshness of Being, a presence that is both alert to nuance and receptive to input.  These are the qualities inherent in an awakened mind.

What is the mantra you’d like your awakened mind to play in the background of your experience?  Ask.  Listen, and it will come to you.  (My mantra came to me while meditating in Sedona: Joy in my heart.  Peace in my mind.  Love flows through my blood.)  You will recognize it when it comes.  Use the techniques that work for you to access your mind’s programming, and replace the background commentary with your mantra.  Become an Awakened Mind.  May our mantras make beautiful harmony together.

Thank you.  I love you.


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6 Responses to Qualities of an Awakened Mind – Awakening

  1. Lazar says:

    Great reminder! My internal chatter is constant… Might as well try to point it in a positive direction.

  2. alex says:

    Yes, this was written specifically for me today and you know it always is miraculous how the Universe works….tons of love and feelings of peace in my own heart as I shift out of long changed repetitive patterns that reared their ancient little heads today to bite my butt….You as always are spot on and wonderful! Loving you right back!

  3. alyanm says:

    I wonder if having no chatter is as good as having happy chatter, because sometimes I do hit spots where there really isn’t any chatter going on. Usually I’m focused on my work or a project when that happens, I guess that’s why I like working all the time!
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