Still Alive and Kicking — Awake in the Awakening

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, vortex of creation, diabetesMy body is alive sixty one years today…well, most of it is.  A few weeks ago, I discovered–through the serendipity of following the guidance I received while in Abadiania, Brazil with John of God to get a full spectrum of lab tests when I got home (see: Final Day of Trip Six)–that my thyroid was dead.  That’s right.  Post-mortem.  Apparently, ever since the emergency surgery to repair the shattered vertebra in a horse riding accident in May, 2012, (see: Abadiania, Here I Come ) my body has done the best She could to function without a thyroid and the hormones it produces.  Masked by the variables of recovery from a shattered vertebra, four fractured ribs, and two ruptured discs…the symptoms went un-noticed.  Until I got the lab results and all of the dots came together in a crystal clear awareness that my body–without the support of a thyroid for almost two years–was starting to fail.

Why didn’t the entity just heal my thyroid?  That’s the natural question to ask, right?  It’s certainly the question I asked myself as I wondered, “Why make a direct connection with me to tell me to get to a doctor rather than just bring the thyroid back to life?”  I don’t know the answer.  I am called, once again, to trust the Will to Good to know–better than me–that reasoning. Continue reading “Still Alive and Kicking — Awake in the Awakening”

Solstice Renewal–Awakening

awakening, evolutionFor many, this day goes by in a flurry of shopping lists and gift wrapping.  For many, this day means nothing more than a marker for a how many days are left before the more celebrated holiday of Christmas arrives.

For me, Solstice is the main event.

Please don’t misunderstand–I honor and respect the traditions of all religions.  I do my best to understand the underpinnings of their meanings and ceremonies.  I do my best to open myself to the gifts of all spiritual practices…  My heart, though, belongs to Solstice because–for me–I find the renewal of Spirit most evident in nature.

When I want to hear the whisper of wisdom from the Source of all life, I go into nature and listen.  Continue reading “Solstice Renewal–Awakening”

Friday in Frutti’s–John of God

John of God, Abadiania, Casa Dom Ignacio, spiritual healingI went before John of God this morning, request in hand.  Trusting the entities to still be working with the requests I made for my physical health on Wednesday (and the resulting spiritual surgery), today I made a different type of request:

Please infuse my personality with Love’s light and my Soul’s purpose.

Again, the Casa volunteers invited anyone who was assigned the second time or revision line to join the spiritual surgery group if they desired.  Again, I chose to wait and go before the entity.  Understanding more fully this morning how the entities are using the front waiting and meeting hall to begin their “work, ” I was intentionally silent and maintained a meditative state until my line was called.  I felt the entity’s touch in my being, confirming the connection had begun and movement through the current rooms was even more uplifting and palpably vibratory as a result. Continue reading “Friday in Frutti’s–John of God”

HERE! — John of God

John of God, meditation, spiritual healing We did it again–this time a full-on 24 journey through time and space and many emotional places in between to arrive at Casa de Dom Inacio.  We knew a lot had happened in our lives during the past year; we didn’t realize that life in Brazil was evolving as well.  The Brasilia airport is undergoing a huge expansion.  New billboards and shops and gas stations have sprouted all along the highway to Abadiania–not to mention the new Premium Outlet Mall with its own McDonalds 😛  There are many infra-structure projects, and I can say with certainty now that the dirt in central Brazil is red.  More activity in all the small towns along the highway as well with freshly painted storefronts and people walking along the sidewalks.

But all that is just the backdrop, of course. Continue reading “HERE! — John of God”

Transforming Loss–John of God

awakening, surrender, law of attractionThere is a commonly held belief among those who participate with John of God at Casa de Dom Inacio that the entities begin working with a person as soon as they make a commitment (like purchasing airfare) to experience the healing currents of the Casa.  Mostly, the reference is about the emergence of physical symptoms that might indicate a healing release.  In May of 2012, I experienced this phenomenon to the extreme when I was in the horse-riding accident two weeks before my scheduled visit (see: Abadiania, Here I Come)  Surely, that experience transformed my life and opened me into a whole new level of experience when I arrived in Abadiania.

I am sitting in the airport in transit to Abadiania right now, reflecting on the month’s events that prepare me for this visit.  I thought I’d covered this reflection in my previous post: Abadiania On the Horizon, but I was mistaken. Continue reading “Transforming Loss–John of God”

Abadiania on the Horizon – John of God

John of God, spiritual awakening
10 spiritual surgeries in two years–an exploration into the John of God experience

It’s been a year since our last pilgrimage to Abadiania, Brazil, to visit Medium Joao and the entities…and a very full year at that!  We moved across the United States, from central Florida to an island just off the Washington State coast.  My second book, Consumed by the Dragon–Recipes for Transformation, was published.  My beloved four-legged friend and companion through many lifetimes, Baby, passed through veil between life and death.

All of these events are part and parcel of Life.  Many would say they are, in metaphoric terms, the grist that keeps the mill of Life turning.  For me, though, they are significant outcomes for the personal transformation set in motion by my experiences in Abadiania with John of God.  For me, each of these events tracks back to a specific request made to the entities during our visits.  Continue reading “Abadiania on the Horizon – John of God”

Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar

awakeing, avatar, spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningWrite your epitaph now – it’s how you will be remembered.

Think about it.  When asked what mantra shapes our lives most of us will pick a pithy phrase that depicts our conscious perception of who we aim to be.  “It’s all good.”  “Let go and let God.”  “One day at a time.”  “I have faith.”  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  “Love is the answer.” I could list a page of them and wouldn’t even scratch the surface – I didn’t come near the breadth and scope of possible attitudes toward which most of us aspire.

Truth be told, though, it isn’t the conscious mantra that shapes us.  It is the habitual practice of thoughts and feeling that run like a river through our minds in response to the circumstances and events of our lives that makes a lasting imprint on how we evolve.  I wish I could say my response to Life was always optimistic.  I wish I could say I didn’t get irritated or anxious or dwell on situations and relationships that evoke irritation or anxiety.  I wish the feelings and thoughts that shaped the weft and weave of who I am would always match the mantra toward which I aim.  I can’t.  But I can say that it is always my choice which color thread I use to thread the needle. Continue reading “Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar”

If My Body Is The Temple – Awakening the Avatar

awakening, avatar, worshipIf my body is the temple, then what/who am “I”?

For all of my childhood, and much of my adulthood, I believed my body and “me” were one and the same thing.  My self esteem relied heavily on the feedback I got from people around me about how attractive I looked.  My feelings of success depended upon what I could “do” through the actions of my body.  I engaged with everyone I met as discrete units, separated from me by the fact that we had different bodies.  And, in turn, I judged the value of others by how I perceived their bodies.

Sound familiar?  I believe it was the favored perspective of most everyone I knew. Continue reading “If My Body Is The Temple – Awakening the Avatar”

Awakening to the Call of the Soul

spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningI confess… I still ponder at times what (or who) the soul is.  It’s one of those terms I’ve heard all my life (like God), and — depending upon who is making the reference — the meaning changes.  For example, some ideologies speak of all creatures upon our world — including the Earth — sharing a soul.  Some say only humans have souls and, therefore, dominion over all other types of life forms.  I extrapolate from all the ways I’ve heard the term used and described a fundamental definition that soul means spiritual consciousness.

And then, I wonder where does my personality fit within the parameters of spiritual consciousness.  And how do I recognize the difference between the voice of personality and the call of spiritual consciousness? Continue reading “Awakening to the Call of the Soul”

Awakening From The Dream… Which One?

awakening from the dreamIt’s confusing sometimes — this awakening process.  The term means…  what?  Which part of my life is asleep?  I know.  I’m one of the many who bandy the term like I know of what I speak.

And sometimes I do.  Sometimes, it’s clear to me that a fresh insight just opened my mind into an understanding that shifts the paradigm of my beliefs.  It happened when I went to visit John of God for the first time in February of 2011 (see John of God – The Process Continues); within months the insights I gleaned from the experience evoked life-altering changes.  Clearly, I “awakened” through the experience to patterns within myself that were functioning on “sleep-walking cycles”. I asked myself: Why was I drifting through choices and patterns of behavior that were unconscious?  Was there any kind of benefit other than avoiding change?  Continue reading “Awakening From The Dream… Which One?”