The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening

dreams and wishes, awakeningA dream is a wish your heart makes.


Everyone I know has dreams and wishes their dreams would be fulfilled.  No exceptions in my experience.  Even followers of Buddha and other spiritual teachings that propose detachment is the definition of enlightenment have dreams – they wish for detachment from desire.  Desire is the driving force of Life.  The very breath all life takes is fueled by the desire to live.

I have a dream!

Martin Luther King

That’s as “meta” as it gets — almost. Let’s take it one step further:  What if all of us have a core dream — a desire so deeply embedded in the essence of who we are that it accompanies us from the nonphysical realm through birth and into physical reality?  What if the purpose of this life-long desire has a purpose — the purpose of awakening us from the dream that the physical world is all there is? Continue reading “The Art of Fulfillment – A Principle of Awakening”

This Awakening Project… This Little Light of Mine

awakening, meditation, lightTulsa, Oklahoma is where I was born and raised, and — back in those days — every summer brought evangelical tent Revivals to town.  My parents were not only ‘not religious’ people, they were non religious Jewish people.  They were also open-minded liberals, though, so if I wanted to go with neighbors to the Revivals, they let me.  And I did.  I didn’t understand the premise of sermons or much of what was said, but  I loved the passionate singing and dancing and bursts of “Hallelujahs!” (though I shouted ‘hallelulu’ :P)  My two favorite songs from those days are still two of my favorite songs:  This Little Light of Mine, I’m Going To Let It Shine and Amazing Grace (I once was lost and now am found.  Was bound and now am free.)

Back then, while I loved singing the songs, I didn’t understand the meaning of those lyrics.  Not like I do, today.  First, I had to live through some “lost” times.  I had to experience my light “hidden” and feel my way through darkness. Continue reading “This Awakening Project… This Little Light of Mine”

Qualities of an Awakened Mind – Awakening

meditation, awakening, ho'oponoponoWhat is the background “music” your mind plays?  Have you ever noticed the commentary?  Even more importantly, can you set consciously a mantra for the mind to repeat?  These are questions for the awakening Being to ponder.

Because, it’s true — whether you realize it or not — the mind continually chats.  And the topics upon which the mind dwells can be quite illuminating in terms of where our psyche tends to focus and what our beliefs are.  Indeed, once we know the pattern of the chatter, we are well on the way to understanding the seemingly “unconscious” choices we make… which is only a few steps short of expanded consciousness.

See how that is? Continue reading “Qualities of an Awakened Mind – Awakening”

Shamanism – Another Word for Creative Process?

shaman, awakening, shamanism, creativityShamans intrigue me.  Even as a child, if a book’s description mentioned a shaman or shamanism, that was enough to get me to read it.  The words used to describe the practice of shamanism include mystical and magical and wisdom and invocation.  All words to which I gravitate.  As I grew older – and my studies and research into shamanism more developed – I studied the philosophies of different cultures that venerate shamans and, whenever I could, found current-age shamans with whom to study and practice.  I engaged the shamanic principles and learned the art of traveling between the seen and unseen worlds – a fundamental in the art of shamanism.  I explored the experience of communicating in unseen worlds and transforming my consciousness through it.  And still, I wonder:  Is Shamanism a mystical, mysterious allegory or a technique for accessing the Creative process of the Divine? Continue reading “Shamanism – Another Word for Creative Process?”

Diabetes – An Expert Teacher – Part 4; not a cautionary tale

Let me explain.

Diabetes, Law of Attraction, ho'oponopono, Carl Jung, IndividuationAnyone reading the first three segments of “Diabetes – An Expert Teacher” might start to think this is a story of what can go wrong if Diabetes isn’t managed well.  Understandably.  However, this story is about so much more.

Carl Jung defines the primary drive of living as a process called Individuation.  He describes the human experience as one of continual expansion and inclusion of the aspects in our nature that are both sub-conscious and super-conscious, merging and evolving into more and more wholeness of Being.  Individuation.  He says, further, that the experiences that challenge us most offer us the greatest opportunity to embrace and integrate the shadow-aspect of Self; the parts of us most unconscious and/or denied. Continue reading “Diabetes – An Expert Teacher – Part 4; not a cautionary tale”