John of God Vlog – Day 6; Abadiania Dining Review

Life is simple here in Abadiania, and the longer we stay the easier it is to understand how simplicity enhances a peaceful demeanor.  It’s interesting to me because Alan and I bring our work with us where ever we travel; we have our computers and our projects and we always find a way to incorporate them into our daily activity…  yet, here in Abadiania there is a noted ease – and absence of ‘edge’, if you will.

Is it the simple, slow moving lifestyle in Abadiania?  Is it the radiant well-being that emanates from The Casa whether John of God is in residence or not?  Is the change happening in us from our time with the Entities?

Diabetes, Individuation, ho'oponopono, Carl Jung, law of attractionIf I stand in the fullness of awareness, then I know all perception and experience springs from Within…  so it must be the change within us.  Still, I like the simplicity of Abadiania.  I like seeing familiar faces everywhere and knowing that all of us are intent upon the same journey in our unique individual paths.  Being in Abadiania is like being in Happiness for me.

We are halfway through our visit, and Life is very good Within and without (in Abadiania:)

I love you.  Thank you.

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