John of God – The Process Continues

John of God, healing, health and wellbeing, AbadianiaWhen I went to Abadiania, Brazil to experience John of God in early February, 2011, it was my first visit.  I was prepared for the culture shock of being in another country.  I was ‘abstractly’ prepared for the idea of what psychic surgery is.  I was even relatively prepared to let whatever happened change me in positive ways.

I had no construct for how the journey would continue 40 days past the day of psychic surgery.  I understood that I was to abstain from certain foods, alcohol, and sexuality for 40 days in order that the healing could ‘settle in’ and integrate.  I accepted the instructions that I was to wait 40 days before evaluating results…

I am 24 days days into what I now realize is a process, and I am realizing just how small my understanding was. 

As close as I can come to describing this experience is to say the surgery was like being dropped into ocean of Light and instructed to let Light’s current bring me to shore…  I’ve been in the Deep Blue to swim with dolphins; there is a certain amount of trust in a beneficient Universe required for land-dwellers to swim where there is no evidence of land…  but there is a boat within sight always… 

After the surgery – in this sea of Light – there is no land.  There is no boat.  There is only Faith in the power of a Loving Universe.

The process evokes the awareness of patterns that bind me to feelings and past experiences that evade the Love and Light that can gently guide me to shore.  The process requires me to untangle and soften and release those binding patterns, allowing the Light of Wellness and Well-being to engage fully through my mind, feelings, and body to guide me ‘home’.

In other words, I feel as though I am floating in the Light and Love bestowed by John of God and only the fears and attachments of perceptual limitation prevent this Love and Light from fully absorbing and integrating through All I Am. Creating fully realized health and Well-being.  It is all up to me to let it.

John of God process, ho'oponopono, law of attractionI am 24 days marinated in Light, and layers continue to sluff away as I welcome Light into forgotten corners of my Being.  This, I am discovering, is a process that takes emotional courage.  However, it is also a treasure hunt, and the gems I am discovering are priceless! Self acceptance.  Self love. An enhanced ability to feel Grace in each moment. An easy flow of appreciation for every experience. A sense of freedom in Being.

I am scheduled to return to Abadiania to visit John of God in 3 months time.  I ‘see’ the possibility of living clear and free and fully present in Love within this process, and I am filled with deLight in this thought.

Thank you.  I love you.

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