Diabetes – An Expert Teacher – Part 4; not a cautionary tale

Let me explain.

Diabetes, Law of Attraction, ho'oponopono, Carl Jung, IndividuationAnyone reading the first three segments of “Diabetes – An Expert Teacher” might start to think this is a story of what can go wrong if Diabetes isn’t managed well.  Understandably.  However, this story is about so much more.

Carl Jung defines the primary drive of living as a process called Individuation.  He describes the human experience as one of continual expansion and inclusion of the aspects in our nature that are both sub-conscious and super-conscious, merging and evolving into more and more wholeness of Being.  Individuation.  He says, further, that the experiences that challenge us most offer us the greatest opportunity to embrace and integrate the shadow-aspect of Self; the parts of us most unconscious and/or denied.

Law of Attraction, per Abraham (www.abraham-hicks.com), states with a slightly different twist:  If you get an inkling of a personality pattern that isn’t serving you and you don’t feel like dealing with it..  don’t worry; it will just keep getting bigger in your Life until you do feel inspired to work it out.

Ho’oponopono concept would say:  If you are reading these articles and they evoke any kind of feeling for you, then there is a pattern within you calling to be ‘made right’.

In other words, while this is my story on the path of my personal individuation, it is a tale meant to inspire – not caution.  The experience of embracing even the choices that reflect a lack of awareness or clarity is an opportunity to engage and bring more consciousness and wholeness into the Being that is All I Am.

Diabetes, Individuation, ho'oponopono, Carl Jung, law of attractionWhether anyone reading this lives with Diabetes is, for the most part, irrelevant.  There may be specific tips and points of shared experience for those who walk a similar path with me; that is a very good thing. 

AND for anyone who has ever wanted to expand beyond the limitations of a pattern that doesn’t serve overall Well-being..  This is a story about how Life will always guide us to be the best we can be if we are willing.  Diabetes is my expert teacher.  What is yours?

Stay tuned…  part 5 continues the saga

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2 Replies to “Diabetes – An Expert Teacher – Part 4; not a cautionary tale”

  1. I’m having lots of teachers popping up lately! I so much appreciate the inspiration I receive from reading your blog – I do feel inspired to “listen” and learn from my body issues.

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