Law of Attraction Clarified – Introducing Law of Intention

The concept of ‘like attracts like’ isn’t new.  As far as I can tell, it’s as old as time.  Like gravity.

Perhaps, it wasn’t called The Law of Attraction in times past.  It might have been considered plain, common sense.  Just as with gravity – where we learn quickly what falling means and how consistently it occurs – law of attraction describes a simple and straightforward dynamic: Energy follows focus.  What we expect is what we attract.  The world view we hold is what shapes the interpretation of our experience.  As far as I can tell, it’s as consistent as gravity.

Why then, I wonder, are there so many books on the subject these days?  What makes law of attraction a movement now instead of – say – The Law of Gravity movement?  What is there to learn from this concept that requires years and years of study?

I ask this question from the perspective of one who just spent 14 years immersed in the ‘teachings’ of law of attraction.  This is the question foremost on my mind for the past month or so, and last night – just as I was falling into slumber – I got this answer:

Shift the focus.  Perceiving the law of attraction as an external condition that shapes reality misses the mark.  Reality occurs Within.  Clarify intention.  Focus on the law of intention for the law of attraction to integrate fully.

Clarify Intention.  The Law of Intention (maybe I should get that trademarked; >).

Intention is an internal event.  At the core of every thought and action, there is intention.  Perception, as well, shapes itself from the essence of intention.  If, instead of asking myself, “Why am I attracting this?” or “How do I attract what I want?”…  both questions, by the way that fueled years and years of study into the law of attraction…  What if I ask myself, “What do I intend in this experience?” or “How do I intend in alignment with the fulfillment of my desires?

law of attraction, law of intention, meditateIt is a subtle shift, but I feel the difference.  Clarifying intention is a path of empowerment; a choice to claim full responsibility for the point of consciousness that attracts.  It is an invitation to integrate desires and sense of purpose and nature as an individual into an evolving awareness of All I Am.  While law of attraction says “Find the happy thought and stay in it to attract fulfillment.”, law of intention states, “Be congruent in the integrity of what powers you at the core of Being to clarify the intention that shapes your attractive vibration.”

Both ‘laws’ work in collaboration for our evolution as creative masters of our reality.  My clarified understanding now is that law is attraction, like gravity, simply is.  Law of intention is where I mold the clay, as it were, to shape my world.

What do you think about this idea?

I love you.  Thank you.

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13 Replies to “Law of Attraction Clarified – Introducing Law of Intention”

  1. So: the law of attraction is always in effect, and of course it helps us to be aware of that. Intention, though, is a personal action, which can be conscious or unconscious. I think that to focus on an intention, or to clarify an intention, might or might not help to achieve that intention…. it all depends on how the intention is stated, and on what one’s vibrational state is when stating or focusing on the intention. Those are all the things we spent so long studying in law of attraction workshops! It does seem to me that focus and clarity are enhanced by thinking about intention, and that must be a benefit.

    1. Exactly, Marion! And I would add realizing the full potential of intention requires bringing into awareness all of the aspects of intention we hold and then aligning congruently with them.

  2. Hahaha Ahnalira! I have a post-it on my monitor that says, “Be Still OR Move With Intention” It came out of a recording of Theo’s some time ago and resurfaced in my awareness just a few days ago… so our frequencies must be in sync!

    I LOVE what you wrote and agree… LOA just IS… LOI™ (hee hee) takes awareness. And isn’t that what all the studying has been about? Being aware of your emotions, your thoughts, your actions. Awareness has completely shifted my life over the past 6 months… so Intention goes hand in hand… Being aware of your intention, gaining the clarity of it, fuels the Law of Attraction… the gas in our tank, huh?

    1. Awareness, YES! I’ve been listening to the Meditations of Awakening Apps since they came out (What can I say? I adore the sound of my own voice :P) – and they are really opening and awakening my awareness into aspects of myself that I haven’t been so consicous of – especially Clarify and Integrate And what I am coming to understand is that my intentions are connected to All I Am – even the parts that function ‘behind’ my awareness. So, the more aware I am, the more conscious my intentions. Just like you say: From awareness comes clarity, and that is the fuel. ZOOM, Baby!

  3. So intentions are something you have, whether you are aware of them or not, is that it? Then the practice is to have more conscious awareness of what your underlying intentions are? I’m still trying to understand how intention fits into who I am spiritually so this is a very interesting concept for me.

    1. Exactly, Alan! Here’s what I am realizing: the more conscious awareness our intentions hold, the clearer the insights and inspiration we receive that guide us on the action path. The more our actions come from inspiration, the easier we align with the fullness of our Being. It’s not so much finding the ‘higest’ intention as it is being the most integrated intention of our various aspects. Make sense?

  4. Very cool article & site Ahnalira! I found this site from Kyra’s (I also dove into the AH material and then began questioning everything).

    This concept is so crucial and I don’t believe that many authors, or the ones I have read at least, have really emphasized the importance of intention before any action. AH spoke about ‘segment intending’ which was cool, but that’s all the ‘attention’ they really gave it to in their book Ask & It is Given– just a cool game to play.

    Intention is so much more, so powerful & important. Thanks for bringing it to our ‘attention’


    1. Thanks for your comment, Eblaine 🙂
      As I continue to explore this concept, I am finding more and more in my experience to support the importance of bringing intention fully conscious and congruent to values and beliefs. Their is great power, indeed, in the willingness to be, first, authentic and, then intentionally aligned with that authenticity.

      For me, it was a missing piece that turns the “game” into an evolution of All I Am.

  5. Ahnalira,
    Can you please give us an anecdotal example of being “congruent in the integrity of what powers you at the core of Being to clarify the intention that shapes your attractive vibration.” Thanks, MJ

    1. Happy day, Mary Jo
      Let me see if I can “unpack” it in a descriptive way that adds clarity to the statement 😛 When I say “what powers me at the core of my Being”, I am talking about the aspects of my personal nature that drive my desires and choices. For example, I can think of two qualities right away that shape me at my core: I am an introvert. I also have a compelling desire to teach. So, back in the day when I was a meditation teacher speaking to fairly large groups of people up and down the west coast, I experienced the incongruence of my quiet, reflective nature with the high level of interaction of “being in the spotlight” created. It was an inner discomfort caused my decision that one aspect of myself needed to be ignored in order to engage the attractive force of my teaching desire. Ultimately, the internal discord caused me to stop teaching and reach deeper within to find the harmony that included both aspects. Once accomplished, my intention to honor both components of my nature brought me into a convergence with the Internet and other technologies that allow me to both share/teach the current of learning that flows through me AND maintain a quiet lifestyle surrounded by nature and four-leggeds.

      Make sense?

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