John of God – Abadiania Adventure June 2012, day 7

John of God, spiritual awakeningThe breeze is crisp, and the moon is full.  People are arriving today as the Casa sessions with John of God begin tomorrow.  There is anticipation in the air.

We began our day with Crystal Baths.  For Alan, it was a gentle experience as he relaxed and floated and felt pressures periodically in his head and temples… opening further that already giant mind.  For me, again, the Crystal Bath was mildly uncomfortable — this time in my solar plexus and thymus center.  Afterward, my digestive tract felt very tender and sensitive, and I’ve eaten only fruit and juices for most of the day.  Clearing is part of the healing/awakening process.  I remind myself as I move slowly and softly through the day 😛  I am willing.

Tomorrow, I will go before Medium Joao with requests.  How the entity will respond is the mystery.  So far, every time I’ve been directed to a spiritual surgery, but anything from “Sit in my current room.” to “Take these herbs.” to “Go to the Sacred Waterfall.” to “Do  a series of Crystal Baths.” to sequences I don’t even imagine are possible.

This I know: there is no end point where enlightenment is accomplished.  The pathway to being Love on all levels goes on into forever.  Refinement from the denser to the more subtle, and more subtle still, is the process of expansion that is All We Are.

I also know that the physical body re-calibrates continually to the vibration of the thoughts we think and the emotions we feel.  In this re-calibration is the inevitable realization of healing in the body.  Watching the white bump on Alan’s eyelid dissolve overnight and witnessing the relocation of his vertebral alignment shows me how easily and gracefully it  can happen as he clarifies his thoughts and feelings.  For me, perhaps, the shifts are as remarkable as my sweet, tender body makes adjustments through each clearing process.

John of God, spirtual awakeningEach time I go through a series of sessions at the Casa Dom Inacio with John of God, I come with deeper understanding and awareness that expands beyond what my understandings were the time before.  Each time I surrender to the mystery of the energies transmitted by the entities, I vibrate into a new frequency.  Each time, I find mySelf more available and accessible — Love imbues radiance through me and into all Life.

The clearing process is so worth it!

Thank you.  Loving you.

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