Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar

awakeing, avatar, spiritual consciousness, soul, awakeningWrite your epitaph now – it’s how you will be remembered.

Think about it.  When asked what mantra shapes our lives most of us will pick a pithy phrase that depicts our conscious perception of who we aim to be.  “It’s all good.”  “Let go and let God.”  “One day at a time.”  “I have faith.”  “Where there is a will, there is a way.”  “Love is the answer.” I could list a page of them and wouldn’t even scratch the surface – I didn’t come near the breadth and scope of possible attitudes toward which most of us aspire.

Truth be told, though, it isn’t the conscious mantra that shapes us.  It is the habitual practice of thoughts and feeling that run like a river through our minds in response to the circumstances and events of our lives that makes a lasting imprint on how we evolve.  I wish I could say my response to Life was always optimistic.  I wish I could say I didn’t get irritated or anxious or dwell on situations and relationships that evoke irritation or anxiety.  I wish the feelings and thoughts that shaped the weft and weave of who I am would always match the mantra toward which I aim.  I can’t.  But I can say that it is always my choice which color thread I use to thread the needle. Continue reading “Threading The Mantra Needle – Awakening the Avatar”

John of God Vlog – Day 5; Morning at ‘Home’

The John of God cycle at The Casa (Wednesday – Friday) is done, and we are into a new rhythm; Abadiania becomes ‘another’ place Saturday – Tuesday.  Everything slows to sleepy pace as the visitors to The Casa leave for home, and those of us remaining relax into the easy-going lifestyle of a small town.  It’s fun to watch the interactions of people who stay here for extended periods show up in the town after the ‘crowds’ leave to mingle and socialize.

The high point upon which our day revolves is our trip to the Waterfall. Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Day 5; Morning at ‘Home’”

Beyond Law of Attraction

law of attraction, ho oponopono, awakening, happinessLong before the term Law of Attraction made its way into Google searches, the idea of using positive focus to influence outcomes was gaining interest.  I wrote my thesis (so many years ago it seems like another life time) on the influence of perceptual bias as it relates to the results of a person’s goals.  I found study after study after study that proved visualizing success had as much impact – if not more – than practicing for success in sports.  I found reported ‘medical miracles’ that had in common with each other one significant factor – a positive faith/knowing on the part of the miracle’s recipient.

Long before the term Law of Attraction came into play, the law itself was evidenced and documented. Continue reading “Beyond Law of Attraction”

John of God – First Morning in the Casa Process

John of God, psychic surgery, meditation, diabetes, hepatitus C, spine injurySo, I made my Prayer Lists…  I made several; discovering how good it felt to free-associate both my desires and the acknowledgement of patterns in my choices that impacted the fruition of them.  I placed all of my Prayers for help in the fulfillment of my desires and the release of contradicting patterns into the Prayer Basket.  Immanuel assured me that the Entities are integrating everything in the Prayer Basket with the questions we bring directly to the Entity present through John of God.  I believed him.  From those lists, I clarified these three concrete questions oriented towards physical concerns: Continue reading “John of God – First Morning in the Casa Process”

John of God, Here I Come

John of God, vortex of attraction, law of attraction, healing, diabetesIt’s only recently that I come to know of John of God; a friend saw him on Oprah and invited me to come with her to experience the healing vibe at his Casa in Brazil.  I googled him..  and watched a dozen videos.

Fascinating!  I couldn’t quite wrap my mind around the ‘physical’ surgeries, but – in theory – the nonphysical interventions all made sense to me.  Having no experience in this medium (pun intended; >), I was drawn to the adventure of it all.  I was willing to experience my own small miracle in however it showed up.  I accepted the invitation.

I read more articles on the Internet and became even more fascinated.  I took the steps of securing visas and flights and a place to stay; each step increasing my commitment.  Each step a declaration of both intention and hope.

I pondered what I would bring to the table for John of God and the Entities to clarify and restore to Well-being.  If you have read any of the articles from the Ahnalira’s Story category in this Blog, you know the options were endless – better to stay general and allow for an open-ended possibility than be specific and limit options.  So, here it is.  For the first time, expressed in writing as a request and an intention: Continue reading “John of God, Here I Come”

Today, I Got It – How Law of Attraction Works

Today, I got it!

law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignmentEveryday, we live the day-to-day habits of our lives; making decisions, experiencing contrasts, and sending out rockets of desire to help refine our future decisions. It almost seems to happen in the background – evaluation, judgement, preference, desire for more or different experiences – as we focus on the daily activities that define our personalities. Almost un-noticeable like chatter in a restaurant.

This continual flow of desires gather together, attracted to each other. Connected with each other, they abide in a vibrational state of fulfillment; attaching to each other through resonant feelings like elements attach to become molecules. Growing.  Building in a vortex of energies…  Until the feeling of the fulfilled desires hits a critical mass and coalesces like hydrogen and oxygen coalesce to become water… a new state of being.  The accumulated feelings of desires fulfilled changes us into expanded versions of ourselves. Continue reading “Today, I Got It – How Law of Attraction Works”

When Love Flows – Law of Attraction in Action

Love is an intangible.  Elusive to define.  Is Love the cloud passing through the sky, at the whim of winds and moisture and other circumstance?  Or is love the sky?

law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignmentThe effects of love are more concrete.  Optimism and hopefulness attend the presence of love.  Love evokes appreciation… and, perhaps, appreciation evokes love.  Where there is love, it is easier to laugh and relax and enjoy the moment just as it is.

 Can you imagine a moment when you felt love flowing through you for someone or something? Imagine feeling like that about everyone and everything. When love flows, appreciation and wellbeing are always present. Imagine living a Life of love…. Continue reading “When Love Flows – Law of Attraction in Action”

Strongest of the Strong – Awakening

There is a shift in the air.  Can you feel it?  I do. 

Many religions and cultures have a story about this time and the changes that are imminent.  I don’t know which ones are true.  I only know what I feel – with my senses and my Soul.  I see it like law of attraction, ho'oponopono, vortex of attractiona shimmer in the air around me; the trees vibrate with aliveness.  I hear the Voice within with more clarity and depth.  I touch from a distance now…  before my skin makes contact, I am “in” contact.  My Soul rejoices, calling me in jubilant tones to continue..  continue.

The stories I hear tell me of Earth changes and hard times and many deaths for ‘unbelievers’.  The stories attempt to describe the undescribe-able:  a world changed beyond what has ever been before.  The stories say to prepare; to gather resources and be ready to live without modern convenience.

The stories evoke fear.

But all that I experience evokes vitality and awakening. Continue reading “Strongest of the Strong – Awakening”

It’s a Paradox – Law of Attraction

Sedona, meditation, vortex“On the brink”.  I’ve used that phrase before to describe the experience of being so close to a manifestation I can smell and taste it. It’s a feeling of eagerness and anticipation that excites me to the core of my Being, and I continually find new desires to flow my focus towards so that I can feel it again and again. It’s like the feeling of planning an adventure, and beginning the plans for a new adventure on the plane ride home from the last one. That’s how I roll.

Sometimes, I realize I’m juggling so many eager anticipations that I start to feel a little overwhelmed or anxious that one may fall short. Continue reading “It’s a Paradox – Law of Attraction”