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ho oponopono, law of attraction, forgiveness, John of GodIt was a month ago, today, that the psychic stitches were removed from my spiritual surgery (see John of God Vlog – Day 10).  I am 5 days from the completion of the 40 day post surgery process; it takes 40 days for the results of the spiritual intervention to fully ‘land’.  And this is my update…

The experience in February, as I mentioned before, was very energetic; and the post 40 day process more an emotional process than a physical one.  I did, though, experience a reduction of insulin requirements while I was in Abadiania and felt a significant relief from back pain.  In this more recent journey – June, 2011 – my integration of the energies and the assistance from the Entities is far more physical in nature.

About 2 weeks ago, I began having a ‘digestive tract’ experience; very tender and sensitive.  At the same time, blood sugars tested lower and lower so that I had to incrementally drop insulin amounts to stay above hypoglycemic ranges.  On average, I am taking 50% less insulin today than I was before I went to see John of God in June and – on this reduced amount – maintaining blood sugars in the ‘almost’ normal range.  And nerve pain from spinal cord injuries is virtually non-existent and has been for about a month:)

The emotional/Spiritual process continues.  It is clear to me that this is where the ‘real work’ is done.  I am in a daily practice of meditating, reflecting, and clearing the residue from past associations to allow more and more Love and Light to integrate within me.

I heard back from almost all of the people I made prayers for.  A few experienced no difference, and most experienced the continuum from small shifts in their awareness to guidance of next steps to immediate gratification of their requests.  Who got what results and why is part of the mystery.  I believe, though, that all of the prayers are heard.

I have such amazing appreciation in my Being for this process and the way it enhances my ability to love and be loved!  The tangible results are delicious side to the main course: Awakening into Love and more Love.

I feel a deep sense of invitation and welcoming community from the Entities who assist me for all who have interest in participating in the John of God journey.  Within me, a new meditation series is developing to assist with the 40 day post process.  I am headed back to Abadiania on December 4th, 2011 for another 12 days.  I am available to make prayers and/or to guide anyone who wants to come, too.

I love you.  Thank you.

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5 Replies to “John of God Update”

  1. I do have a route for developing CDs now, Marion 🙂 It’s just a matter of finding the the time to set it up 😛

    I might have the new meditations (s) done by December; for sure, though, the current meditations will be on CD by then… they are what I am using now, and I am finding them quite effective 🙂

  2. I was JUST THINKING “I wonder how A is feeling a month after John of God..” and the next time I logged on, here is your blog. I was of course one of those who felt your prayer for me was answered, and I’m SO excited about your next trip to Brazil. December is a bit too soon for me but I have a strong feeling I’ll be using your guiding services at some point in the future for my own J of G experience… Meanwhile, I’m just watching it all unfold with fascination and joy!

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