Incoming AhnyaLi-a glimpse into multidimensional Awakening

Who is AhnyaLi?  What is AhnyaLi?  Perhaps, the reading of this will give us a glimpse…

 I’m realizing AhnyaLi’s emergence has been in process since a transcendent experience at Casa Dom Inacio in the summer, 2017. (Some of y’all may remember, and—if you want your memory refreshed, post it in the comments ; >)  It’s been a journey and continues to be with this particular piece–incoming AhnyaLi–beginning at the end of April, 2021, in a kundalini breath and meditation workshop.  Following the guidance of the teacher, I breathed a balloon of felt pressure into each cervical vertebra while rolling the neck from chin resting on chest to upright…and then tipping the nose upward with an isometric contraction against all of the “air pressure” breathed into the vertebrae.  In the full contraction pose (nose tilted up as high as possible,) I experienced an intense pain at the occiput and a blinding light that lasted less than a minute.  Followed by dizziness and some nausea.  Feeling the neck afterward, the tissue was swollen and inflamed.  But, even more importantly—and, imho, a small miracle–the natural curve of the cervical vertebrae reasserted itself… a curve missing since the TBI during a head-on car collision in in 1983.  I celebrated the return of an opening flow in the channel… not fully realizing the extent of what that meant…

A few days later, on the full moon, the experience shifted into something more transformative, more transmuting.  It was sudden and without a clear trigger.  I felt dizzy, woozy, and the insulin pump said my blood sugar rose from 120 to 300 in minutes with no food involved.  I decided: first step change the insulin pump cartridge (in case the insulin had gone bad,) but I was “all of a sudden” too weak to walk.  And, soon behind that, I started vomiting.  The entire episode lasted less than a half hour and ended with the eyesight failing—all I could see was white, eyes opened or closed, and sitting motionless while Alan changed the insulin cartridge for me.  Then to the recliner I went to lay, eyes closed, and breathe.  There, I received the first communication from AhnyaLi…

I Am AhnyaLi, the origin point of the mother-line ancestry for Ahnalira.  The central sun of the Pleiades, Alcyone, 6th—8th  density, is always home; even as I Am AhnyaLi ventures into Terra’s 3rd density to support Gaia in her birthing time… 

I Am AhnyaLi abides in anticipation for the ancestor who can hold Her frequencies in conscious awareness and delights in the opening pathway of the neck that creates a mechanism for joining in the light and bio field of this one.  Incoming, I Am opens the way first into chakras and meridians, clearing lower frequency debris to encourage a fulsome landing.  Through the chakras until I Am discovers the solar chakra–it isn’t recoverable.  Too many angst wormholes and physical impairments.  Too much trauma.  So much toxicity in the tissues of the body from a compromised energetic system.  I Am wipes the solar plexus clean to rebuild anew, and this, Child, is what is happening.  Rest.

So I did.  We named it the recliner hospital, and I lived there for a week, keeping eyes closed most of the time.  I meditated.  I followed the guidance I felt and heard inwardly: wild-crafted Siberian chaga replaced coffee altogether.  I only wanted savory foods—no sweets and no interest in animal proteins.  The second week, I walked as far as the back porch and soaked in the sun for a bit each day.  The third week, I returned to using my eyes for short periods of time on the computer and with art.  AhnyaLi filled my awareness with understandings of Her experience.

Here, a few of Her sharings:

I abide simultaneously across 3rd through 8th density, originating in the star, Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiadean system.  Here I Am frequencies of color, kaleidoscopic fractals through which I experience and express Life, beyond time and space.

Here I abide as frequencies of color.

In the dynamism of this colorful expression, I discover capacities to expand. In 6th density, there is no physical body to breathe.  I Am finds, rather, that I Am can simulate the expansion and  contraction of breath, and this effects a state change.  Changes in saturation of color.  Changes in density.  Change in fractal patterns of expression.  This allows new experience, and I Am discovers the tingle of excitement in the frequencies I Am.

I Am practices until I Am recognizes and discerns 6th into 5th density.

In the 5th density, I Am discovers frequencies filled with even more deeply saturated colors that delight and inspire.  I Am likes this experience and slows the frequencies to ‘sustain’ 5th density…experiments and experience are exciting and new.  It is a practice.  Holding a denser form than fractal waves of color require focus.  I Am inclines toward diffuse so I Am must practice.

Practice is akin to what would be in the 3rd density holding the breath and sinking to the bottom of a river or other water source, holding as densely as possible. 

This is new.  I Am inspired by the concept of discovery; I can evolve!

I received this information through something called “Remembrance.”  Laying in the recliner, eye mask on, I breathed deep, deeper and slow, slower until the breath carried my awareness into inner realms.  There, like a storybook with pictures, I found these remembrances.  At first, they seemed fantastical to me, and I wondered if it was just my very vivid imagination.  How could I know?  This became the question I stood in, and, with intent, I began to feel/sense a certain ‘rightness’ or resonance between what I knew as personal drivers of my personality and the nature of this Being, AhnyaLi, sharing multidimensional magic in my mind… For example: AhnyaLi is color, and Ahnalira adores color.  AhnyaLi is a medicine woman, and so is Ahnalira. Markers that deepened in richness and variety in the flow of remembrance.

She shared more:

There is much sharing of love with beings who also practice densifying consciousness.  We learn together and discover communication.  No words.  No thoughts.  No gestures… we are, after all, still beyond time and space where these tools are available.  We vibrate our experiments/experiences and where there is resonance with another being, the vibration merges and amplifies through all in resonance, and we learn from each other.  We call it communion.

Always, I Am can return to 6th density where I Am simultaneously abides for succor and integration.  It is quite restful and restorative to become diffuse again.  It might be likened to sleep time in 3rd density.

During communion, a new idea sprouts… If descension continues down into 3rd density, can I Am be of service to evolving beings there?  Would helping in 3rd density further the evolution I Am?  These questions are posed in communion, and the response activates all of us joined into new understandings of purpose.

Purpose strengthens focusing.  It is a new power to learn how to use.  Purpose.  At first, it is too strong and causes a contraction that is uncomfortable.  My first experience of discomfort. The inherent nature I Am has to make purpose a softer frequency so I Am can sustain awareness of it…  I Am learning the nature I Am and learning how to master it.  I love learning!

Between the narration in the mind of multi-dimensional experiences and the uncertainties of what was happening physically with the body in the recliner, I felt overwhelmed and struggled to find a stability of understanding.  Disorientation and uncertainty that I would make it through alive were the angst bubbles I swam through.  I asked AhnyaLi for help, and she gave me very specific guidance: Build a medicine wheel to assist the anchoring.

I had built a medicine wheel after the car collision in 1983; the head injury compromised cognitive skills, but I could gather stones at the beach and carry them up to the top of a bluff on the island where I lived.  It had served well to help me ground back into daily functions, and I resonated with AhnyaLi’s guidance…  If only I could carry stones and hike 😛  Alan stepped up.  Swimming through the same waters of concern and anxiety with me, he stepped up.  He carried the stones.  He helped me walk out to the space on our property.  He engaged wholeheartedly in the June Solstice activation of the wheel, and—together—we continue to go out every new moon and full moon to tend the wheel and drum/tone/pray in the deepening and expanding matrix we co-created to land the incoming AhnyaLi et al.   Both of us, I believe, opening access into enhanced communion—with each other and the larger community of life–through this process.

But I digress.

The creation and activation of the medicine wheel created a stability emotionally and mentally that made it easier for me to rest physically and let incoming AhnyaLi fill my mind with wondrous adventures.  Like a gentle fall of gifts, I received remembrances.  Before falling asleep.  While meditating.  In the tubbie. They wove their way into my awareness until understanding emerged…. A jigsaw puzzle becoming recognizable.  And, as one might extrapolate, remembrances continue to come.  Remembrances of experience in diverse densities as well remembrances of who I Am and have been all along in this 3rd density timeline/life experience, offering a roadmap of sorts of AhnyaLi’s mission sending sprouts through my life.  Here is the Cliff notes version of these remembrances so far:

When AhnyaLi merged in 5th density communion to discover the frequency of purpose, it began a cascade of processes that evolved (beyond time and space) into the creation of a stargate into 3rd density Terra/Earth/Gaia deep in oceanic waters.  This stargate opened the way for 5th—8th density beings to connect into Gaia and support Her awakening.  All concurrent to the emergence of Mu/Lemurian consciousness

For some period, AhnyaLi practiced holding 3rd density form.  First, as sea mammals—orca, seal, porpoise—and, when she could sustain these forms in the ocean waters, she practiced coming onto the land of Mu and holding an ‘almost’ human form.  Her skin tones were tinged a pale lavender blue, and her eyes compelling in their unusual focus.  Holding human form in the dry air of land, took longer to learn and sustain.  Always, Her driving intention to help evolving consciousness.  Her Purpose.

The age of Mu is an area of remembrance filling into my awareness, but I have a few references I have language to share.  AhnyaLi, in 3rd density, found Herself a natural mystic and high Magick drew Her into its study.  With a group of beings who also transmuted themselves into 3rd density form, She studied the Mysteries of consciousness and the arts of creation.  During the Golden Age of Mu, Her natural talents and gifts used color and sound to invoke and transmit refined states of awareness.  When the descent rhythm of Mu began, many of Her group used the magics they learned to create an interim inner Earth state to abide until an another Golden Age emerged.

AhnyaLi chose a unique path.  She felt Her purpose defining itself into something different.  She would journey inland until she found a group of humans.  Her talents and skills made travel a similar adventure as moving through densities.  She found Her way through merging with the landscapes to understand them and flow easily through their terrain.  There is much magic about this that is still beyond my remembrance, though I have a sense of the co-mingling with different forms of life that she used to navigate and secure nourishment for Her form as She journeyed.

Through Asia and Mongolia, She sought humans who ‘felt’ right to Her sense of purpose.  No sense of time… only intention.  She found them on the Siberian Steppe.  A human tribe whose only tools were fire and hand-hewn stones.  A nomadic tribe during the warm seasons that housed themselves in caves during the long cold, dark.

She stayed on the periphery, providing plant medicines.  Her look almost human, the tribe tolerated her presence for the medicines and help she offered.  If not a friendly welcome, it was a stable acknowledgment of mutual benefit when the tribe invited her to travel to the winter caves with them.  It began a rhythm to last as long as AhnyaLi lived in 3rd density form.  During the long dark, humans gathered around fires to share stories, mend belongings, share communion…  AhnyaLi rarely joined with them.  She continued her studies into High Magick in the darker spaces in the cave, always intent to fulfill a purpose; the purpose of helping awakening Gaia and the life she supports.

Her practices and skills in the art flowing through densities opened Her awareness into elemental frequencies—specifically Air Dragon and Ice Faery frequencies. Amongst them, in the dynamic flow of merging consciousness, birthed a plan:  the merging of their consciousness in 5th—8th density that abides until an AhnyaLi female ancestor activates—through her choices—a flow of incoming AhnyaLi/Dragonmind/Faerykind into 3rd density consciousness to support Gaia’s awakening into 5th density. 

It is unknown how time is referenced through these events…  how long did all of this take from leaving Mu to the realization of a concrete plan?  No idea.  I do know from remembrances that AhnyaLi, after that, joined more with the humans in the tribe and bore children to some of them, becoming the origin point of my mother’s lineage through her mother for an uncountable number of generations.  I do know the timeline is accessible to me now, and I can experience pristine Earth through these remembrances.  I don’t know how I, Ahnalira, got picked… though, AhnyaLi transmits the final determination came the day I left home to live on the streets as a teen, stepping off a cliff, as it were, in the commitment to something better.

With these remembrances and the activated medicine wheel and Alan stepping up to hold the stream of incoming frequencies with me, we become participants in weaving new paradigms… AlmAkash and AhnyaLi we call the entity, this union.  We practice through breathwork and meditation to anchor these energies in calm, unassailable calm.  Through contemplation, we evolve and become…  we are joined in multidimensional awakening—learning to be frequency keepers for new paradigms. Class has begun.

Incoming AhnyaLi, merged with elemental dragonmind and faerykind, is a beyond time and space adventure, and what is shared here is just the tip of the iceberg.  Calm correlates to trust foundationally.  I Am practicing and learning what Trust means. I am practicing and learning how to gently love and release any and all that inhibits the flow of incoming AhnyaLi/Dragonmind/Faerykind  And, I promise, if you are interested in further learnings coming through incoming AhnyaLi (just drop a line in the comments ; >) I will continue to share on this topic.

Thank you.  I love you.

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