Dimensional Metaphors in Energy Healing


A deep, still pond.

One knows there are currents and engagements below the still surface, creating dynamic patterns of flow.


The surface is quiet.


Dropping a pebble into the pond.

Ripples engage the surface, spreading…

And One knows the pebble continues to ripple and interact as it falls into the depths.

The ripples evoke interactions and currents that cause change in the patterns of flow underneath as well as on the surface of the pond.

Inevitably, if nothing new is dropped into the pond, the surface will become still again….

Yet, the dynamic patterns of flow below the surface are forever changed by the ripples that were.


Now envision…

The 3 dimension representation of the pond blossoms into its 5 dimension expression.

Now a holograph.

No molecules in 5-D.

No water, silt, plants, etc… only light.

Light carries the frequencies that were part of the particles aka molecules when they were in the pond before the unfolding.

Light oscillates and flows in its own frequency dynamic and in relationship with all light frequencies in the holographic field.

The holographic field of the pond in 5-D holds everything that’s every happened to the pond or been in the pond as well as everything that might occur in the pond future tense.

In addition, pebbles are gone now, too ?

No time and space…. no traveling through space to reach a destination.


Yep. It’s all gone.

Now is all there is, and intention aka focus aka thought is the mode of travel.

The pebble is also now a frequency, activating the field of the holographic pond through resonance with frequencies in the holograph, vibrating those frequencies in the holographic field that match the frequency vibration of what was a pebble.

3-D to 5-D. See how that is.

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