Just Love – The Space Ho’oponopono Opens

law of attraction, vortex of attraction, vibrational alignment, ho'oponoponoThat’s all I Am.  If you see anything else…  If I seem grouchy or bossy or sad or withdrawn…  don’t believe it.  It’s a perceptual illusion.  I’m just love.

Try it on for size. Being just love.

It’s possible that you might experience the same relief and rejuvenation and rejoicing that I feel when I realize that nothing else is True.  Nothing else matters.

Think about it.  If every observation – good or bad, positive or negative – is a facet of a desire or fulfillment of Love, then the context for every dynamic and interaction shifts (for me) to a more gentle and graceful plane.  Imagine that!  We can misunderstand each other; it’s still Love.  We can refuse each other; that’s ok.  It’s Love, too.  We can ignore, judge, criticize…  it doesn’t matter except for the opportunity to find Love within it.

law of attraction, diabetes, medical intuitive, Jungian analyst, meditation teacherAll I Am is Love.  Perceive me how you will; it’s irrelevant to the Wellbeing that courses through All I Am.  And the same goes for you.

Love it!

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