Medical Cannabis For Pets? Yep.

medical cannabis“Every mammal has an endocannabinoid system.”  When I first started looking into using medical cannabis for myself, that’s what the research said.  It wasn’t until I’d achieved such remarkable results using medical cannabis for my intractable pain that I started to notice my four-legged family members in their own discomfort and wanted to bring them relief, too.  This article is their story.

I started with my 17 year old hound, Jebadiah.  In 2012, when Jebbie was 12 years old (and had already lived what most would call a full dog’s life,) he got in a fight with a brown bear…and lost.  He dragged himself home, and it took several months before he could stand on his hind end–and, even then, it was both back legs working as one.  It was no wonder to us that, as he aged, his back end was a source of pain and decreasing mobility for him.  He had also developed glaucoma–his eyes were clouded over, and he moved like he couldn’t see very well, if at all.  When I started to give him an infused-oil medical cannabis tincture, it was primarily–I thought–to give him relief in his last days…

Happy smile after a week on an oil-infused cannabis tincture

The results were far better than I had even hoped.  On 5mg twice per day, he began to stand on all four legs, even putting weight on his hind end to lift his front legs and play with the other dogs.  He became more sociable and affectionate and alert.  He started gaining back some of the weight he lost in the bear fight.  The most astonishing result:  I watched over the course of a week as his eyes leaked a cloudy liquid through his tear ducts… until his eyes were clear.  He can see again!  He’s still 17 years old with all of the associations that carries, but he’s living a life he enjoys.  For as long as he’s living, that’s gold.

Princess Boochosky (Boochie for short) is our 12 year old labradoodle.  Many years ago, she started getting fungus in her ears. (It’s a labradoodle thing :P)  Over the years, it got into her bloodstream and causing fungal infections on her skin.  I’d tried all sorts of remedies that worked from “not at all” to “somewhat” so it seemed that what was miracle for Jebadiah might also do some good for Boochie.  It took longer to see results with Boochie, and she ended up on dose of 7mg twice per per day as I slowly titrated up to find a result… it took about three weeks, and then her skin started to heal.  Now, she has a full coat of fur again, and her ears are slowly improving as well.  She also got a lot more affectionate and less grouchy growling at the other dogs.

medical cannabis
Moving again like his younger self.

Brother Manna is my 27 year old Arabian horse.  Like Jebbie, he’s winning longevity records.  I noticed he was walking stiffly–like an old man–so I figured why not…as long as I kept the dose really low so as not to stimulate an action he didn’t like and couldn’t tell me about, right?  So, I put my 1000 lb horse on the same dose as my 55 lb dog–5mg twice per day.  Within days, he was reaching further when he walked and more likely to break into trot or canter.  For Manna, though, the most startling result was how affectionate he’s become.  Manna has–for the twenty some years he’s lived with us–been a fellow who preferred “air hugs” to touching.  Now, though, he’s the first in for a scratch…and the last to leave.

hooponopono, awakening, law of attractionMy testament to the importance of keeping our endocannabinoid systems healthy–and supporting that health with phyto-cannabinoids from medical cannabis–is further strengthened by the happy and relaxed expressions of my beloved, elderly four-leggeds.  From my own experience, I know it works for serious nerve pain caused by a spinal cord injury.  I know it works like magic for anxiety and/or depression.  I know it will stop an incoming headache in its tracks.  I know it relieves joint pain and modulates the immune system.  And now, I can say with the same conviction that it brings relief for dogs and horses, too.  I guess I’ll have to chat with my kitty and see if he wants some next ; >)

Questions?  Comments?  I’d love to read them in the comments section below.


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10 Replies to “Medical Cannabis For Pets? Yep.”

  1. Fantastic Ahnalira! Wonderful to hear! Thank you for sharing, for your impressive explorations and for being the inspiring warrior/medicine woman you are. All blessings to you and your kids as the journey continues.

  2. I’m having good results with my dog Paisley too. She’s about 12, and has been becoming stiff in her movements; will trot still but wouldn’t run. When she went for a walk she looked depressed – her tail was usually down between her legs. And she would sometimes do a Greta Garbo thing: “I vant to be alone!” and go off by herself, where earlier she had always hung out with everyone. So: 5mg cannabis tincture, twice a day. Her tail is usually up now, she breaks into a run once or twice in the morning walks, and she stays with us more often than not. It’s wonderful!

    1. Like with humans, cats have no receptor sites in the brain stem… which means, essentially, there is no lethal dose. In that regard, it has been tested numerous times and is absolutely safe.

      And, for animals, I recommend a ratio of CBD that is at least 4 cbd:1 thc…that’s just enough thc to synergise the CBD and not enough to cause psycho-active side effects.

      The next stage of safety is about micro-dosing. You want to start with a dose that is probably too small to have much noticeable effect–like 1mg, twice per day. That gives Misu enough to start recalibrating his endocannabinoid system in a comfortable increment. After a few days, raise to 3 times per day… or 2 mg twice per day. It’s a more gentle titration to increase the number of times given per day rather than just increasing the dose… again, it’s all about acclimation. It’s probable that will be enough… but keep titrating up until you notice he moves more easily ; >)

      PS: My kitty is named SiuSiu (they are probably related 😛 ) He has kitty herpes, and I give him 2mg twice per day… reduces respiratory congestion for him remarkably well.
      ahnalira recently posted..The Role of Cannabinoids in Health and Happiness

  3. I am still dealing with Sonny and his chronic COPD. I am wondering if you think cbds would help heal his lung tissue. The medical world seems to not have any answers that are very positive about it. And Opal is slowing down a lot, with arthritis and probably some tumors in her .

    1. Sweet Sonny. I am so sorry to hear that. Here’s what I know about how specific cannabinoids and terpene blends might help them.

      First, CBD and cannabinoid acids are powerful anti-inflammatory agents. It seems that both of them are dealing with inflammation so I would guarantee relief from the symptoms caused by inflammation.

      In the 1800s and 1900s, cannabis that was high in the terpene Pinene was used as asthma medication. Pinene has the unique ability to clear respiratory pathways so you want that terpene, especially for Sonny.

      For Opal, along with inflammation related symptoms from arthritis, she also has the possible tumors. In mice and petri dishes, both CBD and THC cause cell death in tumors. Opal might need a somewhat higher dosage to do that, but it’s important to do it very slowly and make sure there is 4 times as much CBD as THC to prevent any psychoactive side effects.

      If nothing else, both of them will get pain relief. If it’s possible that either or both of them could begin to heal as the cannabinoids re-instate balance in their bodies…. well, that would be like Jebbie being able to see again. And I sure do wish it for you!
      ahnalira recently posted..Medical Cannabis For Pets? Yep.

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