Abadiania, Day 3 of Trip 7–John of God

John of God, spirtual awakeningDay two disappeared into post-spiritual intervention seclusion.  Let me tell you about it, shall I?

The Casa was overflowing yesterday (Wednesday) morning, all of us eager and excited in the already very warm October day.  John of God invites people who feel the call to come in for a spiritual intervention now without having to stand before him and receive a directive…though, of course, this is still an option.  It’s all about following the inner voice of guidance. I was in the revision line, and when they called for people in my line to volunteer for a spiritual intervention, I felt the call 😀

My requests for this spiritual intervention were:

  • to embody love and live the miracle
  • to heal damages done to spine and spinal cord through injuries and surgeries
  • to heal autoimmune conditions, type 1 diabetes and hashimoto’s

As soon as I closed my eyes and put my hand on my heart, I felt a very gentle and deep presence enter my being.  It was like being cradled in the hand of God.  The moment was timeless for me, but I think that people who weren’t sharing the experience would say about a half hour went by before we were sent out of the room.

Unlike most spiritual interventions (this is number 13 in total for me,) I did not fall into a sleep-like trance.  Rather, I felt floating and light and soft…and awake.  It was not long before I was greeted by an entity–a vast well of love is how I would describe this being–who gave me this message:

All that stands between you and fully embodying love is ill will: ill will you hold for others, ill will others project toward you that you take on, ill will toward yourself in the form of regrets or shame, ill will in the form of jealousy…

The Being of Love wrapped in well-being and compassion, then raked through my psyche letting the circumstances and instances where these attachments abided–past and present–come into my conscious awareness.  Together, we watched scenarios play and, at each point where the attachment became evident, we would bathe it in love until love dissolved it.  At a certain point, the entity sang into my mind: Peace in my mind, joy in my heart, love flows through my blood  And I joined in.

Over and over throughout the day and into the evening and night.  In the early morning hours, it seemed we were done.  I started feeling physical discomfort in my heart chakra area that developed into a sharp pain in my sternum and rib cage.  I breathed.  Inevitably, it subsided.

I slept, perhaps, two or three hours total during the night, and my dreams were filled with visitations of deceased family and friends.  Each of them shared their predominant desire to engage with me, and to each of them I gave love.

And here we are…into today.  I went for a short walk and met the horses that live in the pasture behind our pousada.  Sweet.  This afternoon I will go for a crystal bed and weave the energies of this experience into my current art project.  Alan is in seclusion now.  He did go before John of God with his requests and was sent for spiritual intervention this morning.  Perhaps, he will have something to share about it tomorrow 😉

Until then, much love.

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