Emerging Awakened

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All I Am embodies love and lives the multi-dimensional experience.

Deep and quiet.  That’s what I am.  While the world around me shops and bakes and prepares to celebrate, I go deep and quiet.  Solstice approaches, and I abide.

I am coming to an end.  The “me” that you’ve known for as long as you’ve known me… is coming to an end. This isn’t the first time I’ve changed characters in a movie.  Not the first time my orientation from one moment to the next blinked into a new paradigm and transformed my “being” in the world.  I spent two years living on the streets of Chicago and Toronto as a teen and returned to society reshaped.  I lived through death in a head-on car collision and found myself back in this world reconfigured.  I’ve survived more than a few health crises…and been transformed through them

It is the first time, though, that I am doing it softly–consciously–as one in the awakening process who chooses to claim “awakened.”

I am stepping out of old roles like old clothes.  Feeling the loss of each memory in every well-worn item, yet recognizing the need to let go.  Indeed, it’s been a year-long purge of my closet–layer by layer, my most recent identity stripped away.  If I am to walk naked for awhile, so be it.

The shift so many of us anticipated in 2013 is coming for me now.  I feel it.  It is only days or breaths away.  And I go deep and quiet in preparation.

I have no answers.  Only willingness.  I have no declarations, no statements of fact.  Only a rhythm beating through me like my soul’s call.  And to this compelling thrum, I come.  Emerging.

Solstice is my celebration of faith.  In Nature, I flow with the rhythm that is my Source, my God.  In the stillness of the dance between Earth and Sun–in that moment when the pattern shifts and dark becomes the lightening sky…in that moment, I surrender all the roles you’ve ever known me to be, and I let myself emerge awakened into who I Am, emerging awakened.

ho'oponopono, law of attraction, awakeningSunday, December 21st.  When you see me online or in real time afterward–if I can even be seen–I may be naked.  Don’t be alarmed.  I am simply newly born and configured, learning a new system from a new platform.  May we clothe each other in love and light. Shall we?

Until then, deep and quiet I am.

Thank you.  I love you.

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