John of God Trip 5 – Arrival and First Day

John of GodThunder is roiling through the sky…  Late December, and it’s summer in Abadiania, Brazil.  Time for the rainy season interspersed with bright sunshine.  Life is verdant green here right now.  We arrived December 25th, 2012 to a quiet town.  Most everything – except for The Casa and our pousada – is closed.  Still, there seem to be quite a few people here…  we watched several other groups arrive on our plane.

A moment here to establish context…

As you may recall, our last visit was shortly after a horse riding accident where I shattered a vertebra, fractured four ribs, and herniated two discs.  I was wheelchair bound and taking some kind of pain medication most days.  This trip, I am walking on my own about 50% of the time (so far) and — while not totally pain free yet — I am pain medication free (so far :P)

In addition to the past six months of healing, we also sold our property in central Florida, purchased property on Camano Island in Washington State, and Alan interviewed for and started a new job.  In other words, we’ve been living through a lot of changes.  But even more relevant is that all of these “outer” changes are a direct reflection of the “inner shifts” we experienced in the four previous visits to John of God at the Casa Dom Inacio.  This fifth trip is the culminating trip in the cycle of five I was guided to make during our first experience with John of God.  Two weeks after we return to the states, we’ll move from Florida to Washington.  John of God Trip 5 is our final opportunity to re-calibrate, if you will, to the paradigm we are becoming in all of these changes. 

It’s also our last interlude for reflection and contemplation before we shift into “moving” gear.

So, here we are.  And the first day, we went to The Casa to get blessed water, did a Crystal Bed session, took a long nap, and ate healthy Abadiania food.  Today, was the first of the three-day Casa cycle.  I went through the Revision line (I had a spiritual surgery right before we came home in July so revision line — to assess if any further action is needed for last spiritual surgery– is required before I ask another question), and I was directed to meditate in Medium Joao’s current for the day — the remainder of the morning session and the afternoon session.  Alan went into the line to greet John of God and make his requests for help.  While Alan doesn’t ever volunteer for spiritual surgery, sometimes John of God sends him anyway.  Like this time.  Alan is scheduled for tomorrow morning’s session.

Casa Dom Inacio, John of God, spiritual awakeningSpiritual surgery is really fun to me.  I love the visceral experience of tingling and gyroscopic internal motion and colors and vivid dreams and insights that the 24 hour period after the spiritual intervention often brings.. but Alan would rather be able to leave the room and do “stuff.”  It’s just one of the differences in how we roll.  He knows the value from previous times, though, so he’s going to put on his man pants and do it.

Oops, the electricity just went off…  third world country.  The journey has officially begun!  Stay tuned because who knows what will happen next ; >)

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6 Replies to “John of God Trip 5 – Arrival and First Day”

    1. I “feel” you, Marion 😀 The meditation in Medium Joao’s current room is always strong and potent. I felt the entities “come in” for the spiritual surgery… it was like a miniature lift-off with lots of swirling gyroscopic motion that ended with a gentle landing. Best ride in town! The remaining two hours of meditation, I prayed, welcomed the support and healing, and periodically twitched 😛 I did a really good job of keeping my eyes closed, though 😀

      Alan is quietly resting. We haven’t chatted yet.

  1. Ahnalira, I enjoy reading of your adventures in Abadania. Thanks for sharing your stories.
    On a light note, if you can, post a picture of Alan in his man pants… I don’t know why that struck me as funny. Maybe instead I would like to see a picture of him in his non-man pants – lol!
    I’ve been home alone too long! Moving on to catch up on your next few days. Sending wishes for this trip to put you just where you need to be to float right into that Faery Forest that awaits you.

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