John of God Trip 5 – Days 4 and 5

ArrivingAbadiania 026Hotel San Raphael seems to be the social hotspot during the holiday season…  when Frutti’s is closed.  Last night, there was a wedding party for the group that did their ceremony at the Casa Dom Inacio Thursday morning.  We had live music in the courtyard and lots joyful sounds.  Every meal, in fact, is raucous with laughter, and people come from all over town to eat at the only open “restaurant” available.

I’m not exactly sure how all these fun times fit into the idea of spiritual comtemplation, but nobody seems to concerned about it.  For myself, I do prefer the quiet…  but if you know me — and many of you do — I am a person more drawn to the inner world than the outer, social world.  So, for me, the opportunity/challenge these past two days is to maintain a sense of inner quiet in the midst of rambunctious activity.

Indeed, the past two days of post-spiritual surgery are not all that different from a post- physical surgery experience for me.  My back at the fracture and herniated disc sites is sore, and yesterday I pretty much stayed put.  Today, I am walking – slowly.  To the Casa to make prayers and through town in the afternoon just for the exercise 😛  Certainly, I feel the shifting energies moving through me, opening new perspectives in my thinking and stretching me into deeper currents.  Perhaps that is why I seek the quiet moments where there is no distracting conversation.

Ahnalira, diabetes, Spiritual surgery, John of GodI am happy to sit in stillness and weave color into artful patterns.  I am happy to engage heart to heart – beyond words – and touch souls with people around me.  I am happy to dream about the future and our iminent move across the country.  I am happy to sit outside the circle of social activity and let it’s energy wash through me – like leaves are washed by the passing breeze, then settling again into the calm harmony of being tree.

It is enough.  It is plenty.

This is a twist in the pattern of my experiences with John of God. This is how endings become beginnings 😀

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4 Replies to “John of God Trip 5 – Days 4 and 5”

  1. Your words make me feel so at home – again, I am finding myself in the description of your experience. How to stay still, yet still be moving through life. Always a challenge for me – I can spend days and days inside myself, and never get bored or lonely. And I so love people, but have yet to find a way to stay within, when the richness of others tempts me to burst out into their wonderful world. It’s a balancing challenge – perhaps that is something you are being asked to confront this trip. Or perhaps it is just circumstance. But isn’t it wonderful to have such loud clear voices inside guiding us? I love myself best when I listen.
    Wishing you well 🙂

  2. I remember ‘You’, Annalira, Your essence. I don’t remember particulars from back in the day when we circled around each other. I appreciate your words and the heart within them. I’d love to connect with you sometime when you are back in Wa.
    All blessings of love.

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