John of God Trip 5 – Second Spiritual Surgery

Spiritual awakening, John of GodI arrived to the meeting room at the Casa with my questions for John of God in hand, quiet in my mind and prepared to relax into the Casa flow until my line was called.  The first Casa day in 2013.  The first surprise came when the Casa volunteer called for people scheduled for spiritual surgery…  and no one came.

Then there was a long wait — for about an hour — before another line was called.  The people continued to meditate in the current rooms, and one of the volunteers continued to give his inspirational talk.  Just no lines called…

Then, the volunteer announced that anyone in the Second Time line (that’s me) who has already received herbs can come for an operation if they want one.  I’ve seen “volunteer” spiritual surgeries happen before, but I’ve always wanted to go before the medium, Joao, and hear his directive based on a ‘read of my energy.  This time, though, the voice within me resounded a strong, “Yes!”  And I got in line.

The spiritual surgery lasted about a minute.  Seriously, no sooner did I follow the directions to close my eyes, put my hand on my heart, and focus (for me that meant opening to receive and welcoming the Entities in to my “world”), than the volunteer said, “Surgery done.  Open your eyes.”

A few people were disoriented by how quickly it happened, and the volunteers reassured them it was perfect as it was.  My intuition… all the time the people in the current rooms spent meditating while no lines were called built the support energies in a way that allowed such a timeless result.

Back to the room in my pousada, and I immediately felt the trance-like state (I so love ; >) commence.  Almost immediately, I heard a voice say, “You came forth to live as Soul in collaboration with body (as an avatar) – but always in conscious awareness of Soul.  You were taken down by the experiences of your childhood and lost your bearings and connection with this intention.  Now you are re-oriented and ready:  Be who you came here to be.”

This message came through again and again as I meandered through thoughts and relationships from my life.  Sometimes, other messages like:

“You can let this go now.  Shed it like the dead skin it is, and be who you came here to be.”


“See this situation through the perspective of Soul.  Feel this person through the mind of Love.”


“Love your body — who has been a loyal and willing steed for you in this domain.  Care for her and listen to her the way you love and care for your horses.  Always appreciate what she offers to you and for you.  There was never anything wrong with her — always she  was and is a gift worthy of treasuring.  Give her the due of gratitude.”

soul awakening, spiritual consciousnessWith each message, another layer seemed to dissolve between me and my memory of who I came here to be.  All I Am always.

The lyrics from Amazing Grace: “I was lost and now am found”…  I understand them now.

I came to be a living prayer, and I Am.  Blessed Be!

Trip 5, spiritual surgery 10.

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7 Replies to “John of God Trip 5 – Second Spiritual Surgery”

  1. I’m seeing more and more that the challenge of our lives is to get beyond the ways in which we were “taken down” in our early lives, and to find our soul’s work, our soul’s perspective – and to live in accordance.

  2. Mesmerizingly intimate. I think I’ll need to read and absorb a few more times.

    Awareness, when it comes, is sometimes less and “aha moment” and more one of “I knew it all along, but I just didn’t KNOW it.”

    1. I agree, David. There was a visceral and emotional component to this experience that the article doesn’t quite capture (It might just take an entire book :P)

      When you read the final article, it all comes together… at least it did for me 😉

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