Arriving in Abadiania – John of God December 2011

It feels like coming home.  The land is verdant green along the highway; it is late spring in Brazil.  As we drive, I recognize the markers along the highway as we draw near.  But, even more, I feel the energies shift a half hour away.  It feels like coming home.

I started feeling a “little funny” a half hour out, and – by the time we neared Abadiania proper – I realized I’d better test my blood sugar.  It was 49. Continue reading “Arriving in Abadiania – John of God December 2011”

John of God Vlog – Day 9; Full Moon Day

We were up with the sun again today and over to The Casa for the first day of the 3 day cycle with John of God.  Today, we sat in the Current Room for the first session.  The Current Room is for meditating and holding the vibrational frequency steady to assist John of God and the Entities.  As well, everyone in the lines passes through the Current Room before engaging with the Entities through John of God so it is a space for cleansing the energetic debris we take on in our day to day lives.  The meditation lasts for between 3 and 4 hours.  It is a service to The Casa to join the Current room.

It is also a great blessing.  Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Day 9; Full Moon Day”

John of God Vlog – Day 8; The Energies Build

Today at dinner, I heard people speaking German at one table and French at another.  A person went by on a bicycle speaking with an English accent.  Abadiania became an international hub overnight it seems.  Buses are bringing in groups of people as the moon builds to full, and the hum that is always in the air in Abadiania plays as a backdrop now to the voices that fill the town.

John of God, Abadiania, Casa Dom Ignacio, psychic healingTomorrow begins another cycle in The Casa with John of God.  We will sit in the Current room and meditate through the first session.  I’ve done this once before and experienced a series of unusual sensations along my spine.  I read and hear from others that the Entities are present and often do healings during the meditation.  I am willing.  I am also willing to support the healing of others as they engage with John of God and the Entities.  I am willing.

I love you.  Thank you.

John of God Vlog – Day 5; Morning at ‘Home’

The John of God cycle at The Casa (Wednesday – Friday) is done, and we are into a new rhythm; Abadiania becomes ‘another’ place Saturday – Tuesday.  Everything slows to sleepy pace as the visitors to The Casa leave for home, and those of us remaining relax into the easy-going lifestyle of a small town.  It’s fun to watch the interactions of people who stay here for extended periods show up in the town after the ‘crowds’ leave to mingle and socialize.

The high point upon which our day revolves is our trip to the Waterfall. Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Day 5; Morning at ‘Home’”

John of God Vlog – Day 3 Scenes from The Casa

The Casa was open today, and I was there for both sessions.  Alan came to the first session where we joined the Revision line to see if we any further action since our last psychic surgery was required.  Alan zipped through with a blessing from the Entity; I was sent to get two more Crystal Baths.  Fine with me; >)

In the afternoon, I went alone… and it was a very interesting session. Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Day 3 Scenes from The Casa”

John of God Vlog – 2nd Day Settling In

The energies are having their way with us already.  I awakened in the middle of the night with a pulsing pressure in my right ankle and shin (a location where I am prone to experience nerve pain).  I wriggled and wiggled, but the pressure continued to grow…  until I lifted my whole leg and moved from my hip for a few minutes…  then I slept like a baby.  These types of things just seem to happen in Abadiania 😛  For Alan, the experiences are more emotionally insightful as bebops along, moving from one Chai latte to the next at Frutti’s.

Tomorrow, we begin the three day cycle with John of God at The Casa.  This is our first visit since our psychic surgeries; we go into the Revision line for the Entitites to determine if anything further need be done related to that intervention.  Alan is pretty sure they will send him to psychic surgery right away; he’s convinced that is his lot with John of God:P

Tonight, I will open my heart to receive anything and everything the Entities wish to bestow:)

John of God Vlog – Arrival in Abadiania

9000+ miles in in just under 17 hours; It’s a miracle of modern technology. We’re here! The 1.5 drive from the airport in Brasilia to Abadiania is a quiet time. Neither Alan or I have much to say after our red-eye flight so watch the Brazilian world go by in silence. Alan, I think, is sleeping with his eyes open. I am reflecting on the last time we drove this route and eagerly anticipating each marker along the road that I remember.

12 days we are here, and I am excited on so many levels: Continue reading “John of God Vlog – Arrival in Abadiania”