John of God – Psychic Surgery Experience

John of God, psychic surgery, diabetesI came, dressed all in white, and joined the hundreds of people for the afternoon session.  We were led in prayer; each of us speaking our language of choice, creating a hum of voices.  Then a lovely woman sang “What a Beautiful World” in English to the group.  I was excited and eager, but I was also calm and content to follow whatever pattern was set by the Casa staff for me. Continue reading “John of God – Psychic Surgery Experience”

John of God – Morning of Psychic Surgery Day

My time for psychic surgery was in the afternoon session so I had choices for the morning.  I could join the first Current Room again; I could schedule more Crystal Baths; or I could approach John John of God, The Casa, ho'oponopono, meditation, psychic surgeryof God with another set of questions. 

Because my blood sugar dropped to the low 40’s during the night, I eliminated the Current Room because I didn’t want to potentially further stress my body before psychic surgery.  As I reflected between the Crystal Bed and visiting John of God again, I realized I did have a couple of strong and specific desires with which I would welcome help: Continue reading “John of God – Morning of Psychic Surgery Day”

John of God – Afternoon of the First Day in the Casa

I scheduled the three Crystal Baths around the afternoon session so that I could sit in the Current Room during my friends’ surgeries.  I did two back to back before, and I came into the Current Room feeling refreshed, relaxed, and eager to experience.  I’d read many articles on the internet and watched video clips on Google that talked about the Current Room and how powerful it can be in its own right; that not only did the group focus create an energetic support system for the psychic surgeries, but that the Entities also worked with people during meditation there…  Like I said, I was eager!

John of God, meditation, psychic surgery, spine injury, diabetesAs soon as I closed my eyes, I felt waves of energy passing through my body.  In my mind’s eye, I saw patterns of light: spirals, orbs that radiated like a ripple, beams passing through my awareness, morphing colors.  Truly, a visual cornucopia…  which for me is somewhat unusual as my more typical mode in these types of experiences is auditory and kinesthetic.  Continue reading “John of God – Afternoon of the First Day in the Casa”

John of God – First Morning in the Casa Process

John of God, psychic surgery, meditation, diabetes, hepatitus C, spine injurySo, I made my Prayer Lists…  I made several; discovering how good it felt to free-associate both my desires and the acknowledgement of patterns in my choices that impacted the fruition of them.  I placed all of my Prayers for help in the fulfillment of my desires and the release of contradicting patterns into the Prayer Basket.  Immanuel assured me that the Entities are integrating everything in the Prayer Basket with the questions we bring directly to the Entity present through John of God.  I believed him.  From those lists, I clarified these three concrete questions oriented towards physical concerns: Continue reading “John of God – First Morning in the Casa Process”

John of God – Meeting Our Guide

John of God, healing, health and wellbeing, AbadianiaWhen we decided to make the trek to Brazil and visit John of God’s Casa, I considered the possibility of using a guide.  But not for very long.  Having led meditation groups around the world, I felt downright confident in my ability to navigate the process.  My friend felt differently, though, and she set us up with Immanuel ( who lives in Abadiania.

We met for dinner on our first day.  First, he described his story – how he came to John of God six years ago suffering from a seizure disorder that doctors prescribed anti-pyschotic drugs to treat. Continue reading “John of God – Meeting Our Guide”

When I Died – A Story of Awakening

Have you heard the saying, “Nobody gets out of here alive.”?  As far as I can tell, that’s the truth.  It’s the door at the end of every hallway, the final step of the dance; Death takes a bow right before every curtain comes down.

I “died” once.  I recall watching in slow motion as my car sped towards the freeway wall and then….  I floated, like a feather in the breeze.  I felt relief, like I’d just removed a shoe that was too tight, and I drifted, as though a gentle current held me lightly in its buoyant caress.  I saw millions of lights, like fireflies, dancing on what seemed like a night sky.  The voices sang a harmony that made one Voice, and the Voice soothed and comforted and reassured.  I abided in peace and bliss for a timeless moment (or just under one minute if you count the seconds when the medics couldn’t find any vital signs). Continue reading “When I Died – A Story of Awakening”

A Satisfied Mind – In the Flow of Law of Attraction

It’s all happening at the zoo. That’s what Simon and Garfunkel sang. Those were the words anyway. It seems to me, though, that where it’s all happening is in the mind.

Lately, I’ve pondered the qualities of a Satisfied Mind – how does it think differently than a mind that is dissatisfied? I came to this conclusion: A dissatisfied mind struggles. A satsified mind flows.

A Satisfied Mind sharing the same experience with a dissatisfied mind will find more humor and reason to enjoy whatever the circumstance is. A dissatisfied mind will find reasons to want the experience to be different.

At first glance, it may seem that a Satisfied Mind is always preferable to a dissatisfied mind.. that it is always better to relax and let whatever is happening be as much fun as possible. I always thought so..
Continue reading “A Satisfied Mind – In the Flow of Law of Attraction”

Sanctuary for the Divine – Physical Well-being Re-defiined

self esteem, physical well being, law of attraction, ho'oponoponoOur bodies are sanctuaries for the Divine. I read that yesterday, and it stopped my mind in its tracks.
 That’s a good thing.

I’ve tended to think of my body and other peoples’ bodies, as I believe most of us do, in terms of function and size and shape; measuring always how it could do better, look better, feel better. For most of my Life experience, how I measured myself to this criteria determined my sense of esteem and confidence on this playground called Earth.

My body is a sanctuary for the Divine. Continue reading “Sanctuary for the Divine – Physical Well-being Re-defiined”

Living On The Brink of Perpetual Awakening

law of attraction, ho'oponopono, diabetes, spiritual awakeningIn December 1983, I was in a high speed/head on automobile collision that changed my Life to such an extent that I didn’t know what or how or who I would be after I recovered; people who knew me before the accident thought I must be a Walk-In (a popular concept back then). As I healed from the head injury and came to terms with type 1 Diabetes that emerged as a result of the accident… as I floated in the space between what was and what was becoming, I wrote this poem:

When the bottom dropped out,
I was scared.
Silly me.
For did these feet grow wings. Continue reading “Living On The Brink of Perpetual Awakening”