Settling into Abadiania – John of God December 2011

Before the day was half way over, I knew this: all plans are subject to change.  As much as I wanted to visit the Sacred Waterfall and be bathed in the magical waters there, neither the weather nor my body were conspiring to make it so.  As the clouds rolled and the thunder boomed and my body felt much more like sitting still than hiking, I realized (again) that every experience is unique, and the power of the experience has to come from the willingness to listen and follow the quiet, inner voice of Guidance.  Long story short – I spent the afternoon meditating instead of going to the Sacred Waterfall.  It is what it is, and it will be what it will be.  I trust the layers of this new mantra to unfurl and blossom for me through the trip as I discover the uniqueness of “this” journey.

John of God, spiritual healing, Abadiania, spiritual surgeryTonight, we’ll attend the Orientation.  While it will be my third, I’ve learned not to expect the same experience; >)  And I’m “learning” to be open to the fresh moment.  Tomorrow, we greet John of God – however that happens.  Stay tuned…

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